****Fairy Godmailer List Part II***** (AKA: FGM)


Hidden Mickeys Everywhere!
Oct 27, 2006
Hello everyone
I am cleaning out my desk and have found some Disney postcards. I’d love to sprinkle some pixie dust and send them to anyone in need for their small children. I live in Canada so the postage won’t be from Florida but most kids don’t even notice that. Keep in mind it might be cheaper for me to mail in an envelope if you have more than 2 children. I have a few cartoon postcards of Cinderella (says Orlando on it) Beauty and the beast. As well as photo postcards of some characters. Donald, Mickey, the gang, chip and dale and one Christmas goofy.
PM me your details. Date of trip, names, address preferences for cards. The photo characters I only have one of each character except for Mickey I have multiples.
  • Vienna_Michelle

    Earning My Ears
    Sep 8, 2019
    Dear Tara,

    If you could send a card to Europe this would be the perfect start into the last year in kindergarden for my daughter… We will be there in November.

    I am new to this forum and cannot find the way to PM you :(

    verreth katrien

    Earning My Ears
    Sep 11, 2019
    Hey i'm new here and i have a little boy that has an upcoming birthday november 6th and we don't have any family so he never gets any cards so i was hoping someone would like to write him one. last year he only got 1 card. He's name is Yarne and we live in Belgium


    Grim Grinning Ghost
    Apr 22, 2019
    Verreth, we'd love to send some birthday wishes his way. We have a daughter and I could have her color him a picture or something and send a happy hello from the USA. Send me a private message or something and we can figure it out.

    Also, we're taking a trip to WDW in just under three weeks, and it will be my daughter's first time going. If anyone is there this week or next and could send a card to my daughter about being excited to see us that would be amazing!

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