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    Aug 25, 2017
    Happy Thursday -- let's catch up, shall we?

    It is officially summer break here, which means: no school, lots of pool time, and the kid going away to Grandma's for a week.
    But let's start with Bay's Dance Recital that happened last weekend. She has been in dance all year taking a Hip Hop Class, Tap Class, and Ballet Class. The school she went to has been around for 20 years, but honestly you would never know that based on how much of a sh*t show it was to get any information from them about anything. And recital weekend was a nightmare. But we survived and she danced so well!

    Immediately following her second recital performance, we sent her away to my mom's house for the week. #ByeBay
    Then we packed up our car and headed to California. On the agenda: Dead & Co. show + Disneyland + SWGE!!
    Since we were leaving so late in the day, we got a hotel outside of LA in West Covina. Brad still had to work on Monday and Tuesday, but we made it work. Monday we did some sight seeing around DTLA. We went to some breweries. We went to one of the hotels that inspired the inside lobby of the Tower or Terror. Then we checked into our hotel and got ready for the show. We stopped by a wine bar I have been dying to go to for years and drank some 1995 St. Emilion wine. It was perfect. Then we headed to the Dead and Co. show at the Hollywood Bowl, which was also perfect.

    Tuesday morning, I got up and ran along the Hollywood Stars Walk of Fame. That was fun. But man, Hollywood is gross. Everywhere smelled like pee and was just so dirty. Not all fun and glamorous like you would expect. We had a reservation at SWGE at 2pm, so our plan was to get to Downtown Disney for lunch while Brad finished up work, then head to the parks. We checked out the new Ballast Point location, it was nice. Then Brad went to drop his laptop off at the car and I went to get our tickets. I headed into the park and waited for him and of course got a picture with Goofy!

    Then we had to go to Tomorrowland to get our wrist bands, no issue there. Then we had to book it all the way across the park to SWGE. We got in about an 30-45 minutes into our reservation so there was like NO ONE around it. It was weird. We stopped at the first photo op.

    Then we walked in and decided to go on the Millennium Falcon Smuggler's Run ride because the wait was 30 minutes. It was okay. I think what I am missing is more motion. I wish it felt like the Star Tours ride. We rode it twice while we were there in hopes to get a Pilot seat, but we didn't. Basically you get handed a card that has a role and the CM aren't really looking or caring who they give what position to. Which I guess is fair, I don't know. I had an older mom and a daughter in her 20s as the Pilots the first time and they sucked at it. The second time I had a dad and a 10 year old kid and they were actually pretty good. I was the Gunner and Engineer. Both of those roles would be much better if the ride had more of a motion feel. Literally my only complaint. After that we tried to get into the Cantina but if you didn't get on the list first thing when you got to the land, you didn't get in. The doors were closed so we couldn't even see what it looked like, but it sounded like a dance club. Bummed we didn't get to see it but whatever. Life happens. So we went and tried a Blue Milk instead. If you like Coconut and Starbursts, you will love it. Not too sweet, not too tart, very refreshing. We only tried Blue because they were $8 and I heard Blue was better anyway. We didn't try any food. We walked around the whole place and the stores. We saw Kylo Ren (maybe??) and some Storm Troopers. We also saw Chewy and Rey. We spent about 2 hours in there and then left. I am glad we were able to check it out. I don't necessarily think this is a land I would seek out to go to until the new ride opens. But the Smuggler's Run isn't even enough for me to want to trek out to SWGE unless I was with someone who wanted to go and we had time to kill. Now I will flood my post with pictures.

    After SWGE, we had about 6-7 hours until we *HAD* to on the road to get back home in time for a nap before work. Luckily, the parks weren't too crazy even with Grad Nite going on. Without going into too much detail this is what we accomplished:
    Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Snacks at Bengal BBQ, Soarin' Around California (it was our first time and I know this is a hot take but I like Soarin' Around The World more! BUT the ship I was stationed on in the Navy was in this one and that was AWESOME!), Churro, Drinks at Lamplight Lounge, Walk Around The Pier, Cheese on a Stick, Hyperspace Mountain, Matterhorn, Walk Through The Castle, Guardians of the Galaxy, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad while the Fireworks were happening, Indiana Jones, & Star Tours.
    We hit all of the Star Wars themed things, so check check check.
    It was a super fun and exhausting day. We left at 11pm and got home at 4am. Yesterday was ROUGH. But I feel more alive today!

    Anyway, that's all. I also started my Marathon Training Plan this week and signed up for the Marathon I am training for yesterday (finally!!). More on that later though. Kbyeeee.


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    Jul 6, 2016
    But man, Hollywood is gross.
    This is so true and so disappointing. Yuck.
    of course got a picture with Goofy!
    I love this picture! So cute!!

    You guys did a TON. I'm impressed! I think seeing fireworks while on Big Thunder would be so cool. I am interested to try Smuggler's Run, but have no idea when we'll be back... did you like it better that Flight of Passage?

    home at 4am.
    This doesn't seem safe....

    Great mini trip report. Happy Marathon Training!


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    Aug 25, 2017
    did you like it better that Flight of Passage?
    So, about that. When I say I want more motion I mean it. But I was terrified on FoP because my fear of heights kicked in and I screamed a lot. Hahaha. So yes, I liked Smuggler's Run more than FoP.

    This doesn't seem safe....
    We broke the drive up and I slept the first half while Brad drove then we swapped. I was totally fine during my bit. I had podcasts and snacks. (I did hit a bunny though, NOT FUN.)


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    Aug 25, 2017
    I guess it is time to start using this Training Journal, for you know... training! I just finished Week 1 of my 19 Week Marathon Plan! Yup, you read that right. I decided to sign up for the Long Beach Marathon that is this fall on October 13th! So let the training begin!

    I have a few goals for this Marathon:
    1. Sub 4:30 -- if I work realllllllly hard I think I can make this happen.
    2. Sub 5:00 -- and if I work a little hard I know I can make this happen.

    I am excited to see what I can do during a Marathon where I am not distracted by Characters, Rides, or booze. (Okay maybe some booze.) Speaking of booze, to help keep me motivated during this training plan, coach made a Margarita wager for me. Basically it's if I do the work, he will buy me however many Margaritas I earned based on his parameters. Works for me! ;)

    Long Beach Marathon Week 1 Training
    LBM W1.JPG

    Monday: I was traveling, so I had to use the hotel treadmill. It was either calibrated wrong or my Garmin can't calculate treadmill runs properly. Either way, I know I got the time spent running correct I just don't know how far or fast. So these numbers were from my Garmin. :confused3
    Plan - 3 mi @ EA (11:27)
    Actual - 3.53 mi @ 9:45

    Tuesday: We were still in California but this hotel didn't have a fitness center, so I had to run outside. We were in Hollywood which is really hilly and I thought it would be "fun" to run up the massive hill our hotel was on. (Runners are in fact absolutely out of their minds.) It sucked but I did it. Then I ran along some of the Hollywood Stars, but cut my run short to meet my husband for breakfast in between his work meetings.
    Plan - 3 mi @ EB (10:41)
    Actual - 1.91 mi @ 11:27

    Wednesday: We got home at 4am, so I knew I was gonna have to move my runs around this week. I just did my #RunStreak miler and called it a day.... or night because it was pretty late when I got it in.
    Run Streak Day 36 - 1.03 mi @ 11:26

    Thursday: Our kid was gone all week so I was about to drag my husband along for this one. He usually runs his own path but came on my route today and then told me that my route was too hilly and it sucked. So I guess he won't be doing that again. Haha.
    Plan - 3 mi @ EA (11:27)
    Actual - 3.01 @ 11:49

    Friday: Today instead of running with me, my husband went out and got us donuts for National Donut Day! YUM! It was windy and warm out so I definitely was happy to have a treat after this run.
    Plan - 3 mi @ EB (10:41)
    Actual - 3.01 @ 10:18

    Saturday: We were in Vegas (yeah, I know, we are never home...) so I ran my usual route around my parents house and found this awesome couch. The first mile of this run felt hard but after that I was actually feeling really good.
    Plan - 3 mi @ LR (10:24)
    Actual - 3.01 @ 10:05

    Sunday: No scheduled run, just my #RunStreak 1 miler. I ran to the grocery store down the street and had the family meet me there to get some shopping done. It was dark and I heard lots of things moving in the bushes on my path, so I was going a little faster than I would have liked.
    Run Streak Day 40 - 1.04 @ 10:29

    There we have it -- week 1 is done! This week I am going to be focusing on my nutrition, hitting my paces better, and waking up earlier. We are traveling again this weekend (I seriously cannot stay put) but luckily Coach worked with me and my needs to make sure that I can travel and stick to my schedule.

    Upcoming Training LBM W2:
    Monday - 3 mi @ EA (11:27)
    Tuesday - 3 mi @ EB (10:41) + Strides
    Wednesday - 3 mi @ EA (11:27)
    Thursday - Run Streak 1 mile
    Friday - 8 mi @ LR (10:24)
    Saturday - 3 mi @ EA (11:27)
    Sunday - Run Streak 1 mile
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    Mar 28, 2013
    We are like marathon training twinsies!! I also started my 19 week training plan, my race is also on October 13th, and I, too, am hoping for a sub 4:30 as long as training goes well. I, however, failed to incorporate an alcoholic reward from Coach, but really, who am I kidding? I reward myself with beer all of the time. :drinking1

    Good luck with your training!!


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    Aug 25, 2017
    I would like to know if the margarita parameters involve a spreadsheet or some sort of equation.
    There is most likely a spreadsheet but I am not in charge of it. Hahaha.

    We are like marathon training twinsies!! I also started my 19 week training plan, my race is also on October 13th, and I, too, am hoping for a sub 4:30 as long as training goes well. I, however, failed to incorporate an alcoholic reward from Coach, but really, who am I kidding? I reward myself with beer all of the time. :drinking1

    Good luck with your training!!
    HA! That's super awesome! I am glad we can be on this journey together! <3
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    Aug 25, 2017
    Long Beach Marathon Training Week 2

    Monday: I don't remember why, but I didn't run in the morning so I had to go to the gym during my lunch break and run 3 boring treadmill miles.
    Plan: 3 mi @ EA 11:27
    Actual: 3 mi @ 11:32

    Tuesday: I am *still* trying to get my body up earlier but it doesn't want to usually. It's getting hot out here, so I wore my hydration belt. I felt pretty good and my legs were doing the work. It was a good run. I also decided to start doing some strength training during my lunch break, so today was Kettlebells & Abs.
    Plan: 3 mi @ EB 10:41 + Strides
    Actual: 3.01 mi @ 10:05

    Wednesday: Forever struggling to remind myself that you have to train slow to race fast. Just another morning where I run too fast... Lunch break workout: Booty & Legs.
    Plan: 3 mi @ EA 11:27
    Actual: 3.01 mi @ 10:51

    Thursday: #RunStreak 1 miler but my legs were sore from that strength workout yesterday! Lunch break workout: Arms & Abs.
    Run Streak Day 44: 1.04 @ 11:37

    Friday: This workout was giving me some anxiety all week because it was a long run that I had to get done before work. I had set my alarm and plugged my phone in across the room so ensure that I got out of bed. I got ready and left, then realized I forgot my headphones so I had to go back home and grab them because no way was I running 8 miles without them! Immediately during the first half mile I swallowed two bugs and was feeling really irritated, but no other bugs bothered me after I stopped and yelled some profanities. My legs felt soooo good that I was running too fast and couldn't slow it down. My pace was so consistent for some of the miles that I thought my watch was broken. All in all, an amazing morning run.
    Plan: 8 mi @ LR 10:24
    Actual: 8.01 mi @ 10:02
    Splits: 10:01, 9:48, 9:54, 9:59, 9:49, 10:06, 10:19, 10:20

    We headed down to Phoenix in the afternoon because we were going to see one of our favorite bands perform on their 5 year reunion tour. This is the same band we named our daughter after, so we brought her along. She was able to meet the band and then they called us up on stage for half of the show to watch from up there. It was an amazing experience she will never forget.

    Saturday: We were in Phoenix for the weekend so I ran downtown where I experienced: GPS Problems, Homeless people yelling at me, Cat-calling, and see other runners. You know, just usual big city things.
    Plan: 3 mi @ EA 11:27
    Actual: 3.07 @ 10:46

    We went to one of those indoor trampoline parks and WOW, that really shows you how old and out of shape you are. Haha. It was a ton of fun and I did a million cartwheels and pretended like I was in the Olympics.

    Sunday: I decided it was just easier to do my #RunStreak mile on the treadmill at the hotel, so that's what I did.
    Run Streak Day 47 - 1.10 @ 11:14

    We took Brad out for Father's Day and had a really terrible experience at a brewery we were excited to try. So that was fun. Then we got home and went to my in law's house to go in their pool but it was freezing (despite the 100+ degree weather we are having) so I just enjoyed the heat and chatted with my MIL.

    Days Until Long Beach Marathon: 118!

    Upcoming Training LBM W3:

    Monday - 4 mi @ EA (11:27)
    Tuesday - 3 mi @ EB (10:41) + Strides
    Wednesday - 4 mi @ EA (11:27)
    Thursday - Run Streak 1 mile
    Friday - 5 mi @ EB (10:41) + Strides
    Saturday - 5 mi @ LR (10:24)
    Sunday - Run Streak 1 mile


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    Aug 25, 2017
    Long Beach Marathon Training Week 3
    LBM W3.JPG

    I am happy to report that I got all of my runs in this week in the morning before work. I know it is only week three but I have been really happy with this plan so far. Unfortunately, I slept in today (oops) and now have to run after work in the heat. But don't worry, I have a hydration plan in motion for the day. Anyway, here was my week!

    Monday: Like I said, we went to a trampoline park last weekend. Well, my legs were feeling that on this run. Woof.
    Plan - 4 mi @ EA (11:27)
    Actual - 4.03 mi @ 11:35

    Tuesday: Today, however, my legs felt great and I went too fast because of it.
    Plan - 3 mi @ EB (10:41) + Strides
    Actual - 3.01 @ 10:12

    Wednesday: Run Streak Day 50!!! Finished my run with my favorite combo: PB2 & Chocolate Milk. Lunch workout: Legs, Booty, Abs for 25 minutes.
    Plan - 4 mi @ EA (11:27)
    Actual - 4.01 mi @ 11:26

    Thursday: Just a mile, nothing special. #RunStreak Lunch workout: Arms & Abs for 25 minutes.
    Run Streak Day 51 - 1.06 @ 11:13

    Friday: I was not feeling this run. It was windy on the back half which is also uphill. I felt slow. But I was out there and moving and that's all that mattered at that point.
    Plan - 5 mi @ EB (10:41) + Strides
    Actual - 5.01 @ 10:45
    Splits - 10:13, 10:19, 11:15, 11:16, 10:39

    Saturday: Stayed out a little later than I wanted to on Friday night but still got up and got my 5 miles in before our busy day we had planned. It was pretty nice out but I had froze some water in my hydration belt bottles so I had ice cold refreshing water during my run. I definitely unlocked an achievement with that brilliance.
    Plan - 5 mi @ LR (10:24)
    Actual - 5.01 @ 10:03
    Splits - 9:51, 9:59, 9:56, 10:04, 10:22

    Sunday: #RunStreak 1 miler, ran off my hangover. Then we went to see Toy Story 4!
    Run Streak Day 54 - 1.05 @ 10:46

    Days Until Long Beach Marathon: 111

    Upcoming Training LBM W4:
    Monday - 5 mi @ LR (10:24)
    Tuesday - 3 mi @ EA (11:27)
    Wednesday - 5 mi @ LR (10:24)
    Thursday - Run Streak 1 mile
    Friday - 9 mi @ LR (10:24) + Nutrition
    Saturday - 3 mi @ EA (11:27)
    Sunday - Run Streak 1 mile
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    Aug 25, 2017
    June Totals
    Miles Ran - 91.35
    Time Spent - 16:10:45
    Average Pace - 10:40

    Highest monthly mileage of 2019 so far. But I am only 4 weeks into Marathon training! 🙃

    Long Beach Marathon Training Week 4
    LBM W4.JPG

    Another successful week. I stressed about that 9 miler, only because it would have to be done before work on Friday and I am the QUEEN of the snooze button. But I got up and I did it and it was amazing.

    Monday: So, like I said, Queen of the snooze button. I slept in and therefore had to move my run to after work. My legs H A T E running after sitting in an office all day. They just get very stiff and hurt. It is terrible. Plus it was HOT. I had planned accordingly though and made sure I was hydrated and carried water on me. I was happy when this run was over.
    Plan - 5 mi @ LR (10:24)
    Actual - 5.01 @ 10:23
    Splits - 10:02, 10:18, 10:21, 10:31, 10:44

    Tuesday: This morning felt sooo much better than my previous run because it wasn't a bajillion degrees out.
    Plan - 3 mi @ EA (11:27)
    Actual - 3.01 @ 11:24

    Wednesday: When it feels good, you just let your legs do the work, right? Because sometimes slowing down just isn't an option.
    Plan - 5 mi @ LR (10:24)
    Actual - 5.01 mi @ 10:08
    Splits - 10:01, 9:51, 10:09, 10:07, 10:27

    Thursday: I am pretty sure I have an end date in mind for the Run Streak, but who knows...
    Run Streak Day 58 - 1.05 @ 11:29

    Friday: The dread of this run was real because my time management skills aren't the best. And while I still didn't get running at the exact time I wanted to and I took a few little breaks along the way, I think I absolutely nailed this run. I was supposed to focus on my nutrition for this run, so I ate half a banana with some peanut butter before the run. I also tried some Nuun Endurance before my run. I had two frozen water bottles with me and an Uncrustable and some sports beans. I ate the Uncrustable at about the 5.5 mile mark and that was a life changing experience. I feel SO GREAT the whole time. Definitely highlighted run of the week!
    Plan - 9 mi @ LR (10:24)
    Actual - 9.01 @ 10:07
    Splits - 10:15, 10:09, 10:04, 9:57, 10:03, 10:14, 10:21, 9:50, 10:15

    Saturday: We were headed to San Diego really early this morning, so I saved my run for when I was there and it was worrrrttthhhh it. Gosh, I love San Diego.
    Plan - 3 mi @ EA (11:27)
    Actual - 3.01 @ 11:11

    Sunday: One boring hotel treadmill mile. Check. Then BASEBALL!!!!
    Run Streak Day 61 - 1.20 @ 10:57

    Days Until Long Beach Marathon: 103

    Upcoming Training LBM W5:
    Monday - Run Streak 1 mile
    Tuesday - 4 mi @ EA (11:27)
    Wednesday - 5 mi BLOCK run
    Thursday - 4 mi @ EA (11:27)
    Friday - 3 mi @ EB + Strides (10:41)
    Saturday - 3 mi @ LR (10:24)


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    Aug 25, 2017
    Long Beach Marathon Training Week 5

    I had to move some things around because life but I made it work, got all my workouts in, hit my paces, ANDDDD earned my first Margarita from Coach! Boom!

    Monday: The week didn't start off as planned, so I moved my 4 miler to Tuesday and got in my Run Streak Mile.
    Run Streak Day 62 - 1.04 @ 11:54

    Tuesday: My lower legs were killing me until about mile 3, so this run sucked a lot.
    Plan - 4 mi @ EA (11:27)
    Actual - 4.01 @ 11:27

    Wednesday: First speed workout of Marathon training and I was really nervous! It had been a while since I ran fast but I hit my paces -- definitely the boost I needed!
    Plan - 1 mi @ 12:13 (WU) + 5 min @ 11:27 + 5 min @ 10:41 + 5 min @ 10:24 + 5 min @ 9:32 + 5 min @ 9:09 + 5 min @ 8:49 + 1 min @ 12:13 (CD)
    Actual - 1 mi @ 11:41 (WU) + 5 min @ 11:09 + 5 min @ 10:38 + 5 min @ 10:21 + 5 min @ 9:31 + 5 min @ 9:03 + 5 min @ 8:43 + 1 min @ 11:10 (CD)

    Thursday: Thankful an an easy day after a hard day. Spent some time with friends in the pool. Shot off some fireworks. You know, America things.
    Plan - 4 mi @ EA (11:27)
    Actual - 4.01 @ 11:28

    Friday: This run was warm and windy. No fun.
    Plan - 3 mi @ EB + Strides (10:41)
    Actual - 3.01 @ 10:35

    Saturday: It was humid and it made it hard to breathe. I didn't like it. Also, this was my last day of my run streak! I didn't end on any cool number or anything, but as Marathon training is ramping up I am gonna need these rest days. So farewell #RunStreak! Thank you for the last 67 days!
    Plan - 3 mi @ LR (10:24)
    Actual - 3.01 @ 10:16

    Sunday: REST DAYYY!!!!

    Days Until Long Beach Marathon: 97
    Margaritas earned: 1/5

    Upcoming Training LBM W6:
    Monday - 5.5 mi @ M Tempo (9:32)
    Tuesday - 3 mi @ EA (11:27)
    Wednesday - 5.5 mi @ EB + Strides (10:41)
    Thursday - REST DAY
    Friday - 7.5 mi @ EB + Strides (10:41)
    Saturday - 9 mi @ LR (10:24) + 1 mi @ M Tempo (9:32)
    Sunday - REST DAY
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