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Dec 20, 2002
Is there anywhere on Disneyland property where I can get a European SIM card for an iPhone? Or should I try to get one at the airport when we land?

Has anyone bought one from Amazon? If so, do you recall which one you used and if it worked well for you?



Nov 24, 1999
I don't know about Disneyland property, but I do know you can buy an Orange Holiday Card at the airport (CDG) at most Relay shops or at the kiosk at the baggage claim. I bought it at the kiosk and the employee there quickly set it up for me and made sure it was working before I went on my way. It was very simple and done very quickly. Note: The Orange Holiday card is 39.99 euro from any retailer - it doesn't matter if you buy it from a true "Orange" store or a kiosk or a Relay store (Relay stores is the name of the stores in the airport that sells general merchandise, magazines, candy, etc).

Enjoy your trip!


DIS Veteran
Jun 28, 2017
I doubt they sell something like that on property. Not that many people would be interested, especially now the roaming rules have changed in the EU. I think you'd have to go to the mall in Val d'Europe for that


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