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Earning My Ears
Jul 5, 2017
As the stresses of real life careers, family, politics, and adult responsibilities consume most of us throughout the week. I find it more and more necessary to escape all of that and land myself in the, not perfect, but damn well close enough world of Disney. Specifically, my heart park Epcot. There are few things that calm me more than the sound of the Epcot entrance music buffering the sounds of reality as I enter the park while gazing in wonder at Spaceship Earth. Walking under the sphere and smelling the familiar crayon scent of Spaceship Earth and enjoying a momentary breeze created by its unique structure makes me grin. Out in Future World, I divert my eyes from the sad state of Innoventions East and West and instead admire the timeless joy of the Fountain of Nations. My wanderings often lead me next to The Land Pavilion for yet another familiar "scentsation". Sunshine Seasons melody of food scents peppered with a hint of the unique smell of Disney water straight from the boat ride Living with the Land. Seriously is there any more relaxing ride in this park? Leaving the Land (craving a salad of course) it's off to the World Showcase, clockwise obviously! Mexico is home to the most fabulous and expensive Margarita's that ever touch my lips. This really is a requirement, don't skip this. Next up, a rapid jog past the Frozen nonsense (why do they not have a Frozen drink stand here btw) and on to China. Love all the Japanese gifts here lol. Seriously, they have a lot of Japanese specific items here, time for a authenticity check. Anyways, I love the architecture here! Also, the Tipsy Ducks in Love Drink here is the only excuse I need to justify my 90 mile journey from home. Germany, I love your music, and variations on meat found in a bun. Italy, cheese and wine 365, no festival needed! American Adventure, finest bathrooms in all of the Kingdom, turkey legs, and the majestic Voices of Liberty. Japan, so much goodness here, amazing AC, Sake, drums, Sushi, and that super overly energetic pearl lady, love her! Morocco, huge fan of Spice Road Table, the loneliest restaurant in the World Showcase. Bathroom Break. France you sexy thing you, that Orange grey goose, frozen martini thing....wow just wow. Ice cream pressed inside a roll and mixed with alcohol too, game over. United Kingdom, thank you for the memories of drunken tourists mixed with the finest pub music, always a good time. Canada, beer cheese soup and pretzel roll in my face please! So, by this time my stress and memories of the adulty things that often rob my joy are a distant memory. Epcot in its design, and precise detail, and enveloping music pulls me out of my daily reality. This place has my heart because it slaps me back into the person I truly am. It reminds me that life is more than our 9-5 career, it's about experiences that are in harmony with your inner-self. That's why Epcot is my destination, my happy place, my therapy.
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  • trouttigger

    Dec 12, 2008
    Yep! We had a trip to FL for a conference and added a day for Disney, EPCOT. My dream came true to stroll leisurely with DH (not at teen boy speed) and take in the sights, sounds, and a fabulous dinner at Le Cellier.


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    Jun 18, 2015
    Love it!

    At least my wife has it as bad as me, but the people at work look at us like we are insane. I don't even tell them where we are going on vacation any more...
    Truth be told, I think my wife has converted. In fact, we're leaving this evening for a last minute surprise trip to Disneyland. It was her idea.

    But, I agree. Our friends also think we're nuts.


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    May 19, 2016
    Yep, agree. Actually had this happen a few weeks ago during our trip. I don't even remember what it was about, but DW and I were arguing about something or other. We were on our way to SE. As we were walking to it, I was completely :furious::furious:...but I guess between hearing the Epcot theme song (my favorite Disney music I think) and the calming ride that is SE (also one of my favorite in all WDW), DW and I walked out all :hippie: :love: :love2:.


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