Eat at Home 3!


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Nov 24, 2008
Cleared out the upstairs freezer that is on top of our fridge. Threw out some freezer burned items. Going to use the items in the top freezer until it is gone and then continue work on the back freezer somemore.

tonight we are having hamburger helper and frozen broccoli.
homemade chicken pot Pie
pasta Bolognese and salad, I am.having zoodles with the sauce
baked tilapia green beans and rice for him
Grilled London broil baked potato for him frozen veggies
chicken fried rice
Breakfast for dinner


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Aug 10, 2013
I had planned an extra meal last week just because we were grilling, and one night I felt sick still from a migraine I'd had so DH had leftovers. We have some extra grilled meats so I didn't need too much from the store this week which was nice. Here's this week's menu:

Jamaican chicken with pineapple and couscous
plum glazed pork chops with green beans and rolls
turkey saltimbocca with steamed lemon broccoli
sausage with red beans & rice
grilled chicken melts with watermelon
taco salad


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Feb 21, 2002
Got beautiful yellowtail from Hmart today...had them filet it and then took the head and bones home, too. I made baked yellowtail with lemon, margarine, garlic, and dill with strawberries and blueberries and handheld cherry almond pies for dinner. I also have a yellowtail bone broth with lime and ginger on my stove to put away for lunches this week (it will go with some microwave rice, any leftover fish, and whatever veg I feel like adding).

Tomorrow, since my garden gave me 8 big tomatoes this weekend, I'm making dairy-free stuffed tomatoes with Italian sausage, Japanese eggplant, tomato, bell pepper, garlic, onion, basil, s&p, and breadcrumb (those who can have dairy will get a mozza sprinkle on top). I'll serve it with fresh peaches and plums.

I bought my girls fresh lychees and cherries and coconut milk, and asked them to try a dairy-free rice pudding with asian-style fruit and ingredients...we'll see if they take my bait:)...

I'll have Tues to Sat plans when my spouse hits Aldi's tomorrow night, but I know one meal will be burgers (since my daughter said we had a "ton" in the freezer)...after that, we'll see:)...
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    Aug 20, 2006
    Man . . . I wish we had an HMart closer! Love yellowtail. Love fresh lychee, too! Your dinner sounds amazing. You sound like me. After a halibut fishing charter, I was the only person on the boat who wanted my head and bones and not just the fillets.

    Our next few days:

    Sunday: Chicken katsu curry over rice with roasted broccoli
    Monday: Pasta, potatoes, and green beans with pesto, roasted purple cauliflower, bbq'd salmon
    Tuesday: Sara Udon (seafood and veggies in a light gravy over crispy thin noodles--it's a Nagasaki regional dish that I haven't had in 30 years, but loved when I was an exchange student. I was so excited to find the noodles for it at Uwajimaya in Beaverton.)


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    Dec 2, 2010
    This weekend is DS's 13th birthday. We have a family tradition of taking the B-day kiddo and a friend for a weekend away on the 13th. DS knows it is coming, but he does not know where we are going or who the friend will be. This is alway such a fun traditiion. But, alas, he is the baby. This will be our last time doing this. :sad: We will be leaving Friday morning to take he and a friend to Cave City, KY for the weekend for Mammoth Cave and Dino World. We got a hotel with a swimming pool, too. Looking forward to a good time!

    Wednesday: (Church event a local mall)
    Mall Pizza :crazy2:

    Thursday: (carryover from last week)
    Chili in Spud Bowls
    Carrots and Dip

    Out of town

    Out of town

    Sunday: (DS's acutal birthday, so this is his dinner request)
    Indian Butter Chicken
    Basmati Rice
    Garlic and Herb Naan

    Spicy Shrimp Pasta
    Garlic Toast

    Taco Tuesday:
    Fish Tacos
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    Aug 9, 2015
    Yesterday we had meatballs, Pearl couscous and broccoli. Leftovers for lunches at work today
    Tonight we are having chicken breast marinated in Italian dressing, carrots and ranch
    Tomorrow -scrambled Eggs, raspberries and waffles
    Thursday -we were invited to a pre-opening at a new restaurant in town (we know the owner)
    Friday-homemade pizza (TJoes pizza dough is so good :lovestruc:lovestruc)
    Saturday-homemade mac and cheese (going to freeze half) and salad
    Sunday-braised spare ribs with tomatoes and potatoes, leftover salad if any


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    Apr 15, 2005
    We are back from a wonderful vacation to South Dakota. Long drive but so worth it. While we were gone our garden exploded so we will be eating a lot of zucchini, green beans, and tomatoes.

    Saturday: Chicken Sausage, Roasted Green Beans, Mashed potatoes
    Sunday: Big Salad Bowl (It is so hot no one wanted anything warm)
    Monday: Steak, leftover green beans and mashed potatoes
    Tuesday: Veggie Stir Fry, brown rice
    Wednesday: Zucchini Lasagna
    Thursday: One Pot Mexican Lentil dish
    Friday: Leftovers
  • TwoMisfits

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    Feb 21, 2002
    Finishing the week...and making a change today b/c girls made a mistake cooking vegan snickerdoodle cookies, so they are becoming a crumble for fresh peaches tonight (and fries are getting pushed off - just as well b/c it's hot!)

    Tuesday - Burgers/Cheeseburgers, Sauteed Broccoli, Peaches with Snickerdoodle Crumble
    Wednesday - BLTs, Homemade Bacon Potato Salad (Onion/Bell Pepper/Celery/S&P/Mayo), Strawberries
    Thursday - BBQ Pork Tenderloin, Sauteed Fuzzy Green Squash, Sliced Plums and Lychees, Honey Cornbread Muffins
    Friday - Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (Leftovers for Me - probably potato salad b/c I love it and will make a ton), Caprese Salad, Fruit Smoothies
    Saturday - OUT


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    Mar 1, 2017
    My goodness it is hot. And muggy. It always takes me a little bit to adjust to a summer menu - I do soups and baked stuff so often, and it just won't cut it at the moment. Lots of sandwiches and salads in my house these days.

    Thurs - Beef Burritos
    Fri- Grilled turkey burgers, tater tots
    Sat - Pizza (this may be takeout - not sure I can stand to bake my own in this heat)
    Sun - Grilled beef Satay, Summer Rolls
    Mon- Dumplings, Stir Fried Veg
    Tues- Taco Salad
    Weds- chicken parm sandwiches, crudite
    Thurs- asian noodle soup or maybe asian noodle salad...
    Fri- mac & cheese, hot dogs


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    Feb 21, 2002
    Another week, another weekly plan:)...

    Sun - Cheesesteaks (or non-cheese for me) with sauteed onions and mushrooms, mango/strawberry/grape salad, homemade roasted tomato and tomatillo salsa with chips
    Mon - Buffalo Chicken Salad (Aldi's Buffalo Zingers - trying for 1st time and dairy free!) with sliced celery, grated carrot, spinach and argula mix, and toasted pecans...with a dressing (everyone will have blue cheese...I'm still deciding if I'm gonna make my own buffalo wing/plain so delicious yogurt one), cherries and blueberries - and hot dogs for the kids who won't eat the salad
    Tues (the heat breaks!) - Pre-glazed pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes (gonna try a small dairy free version for me, but do regular for everyone else til I make sure dairy-free isn't bad), caprese salad (no cheese for me), plums
    Wed - Chicken Fajita Tacos, Refried Beans, Rest of salsa with chips, Clementines
    Thurs - Meatloaf (found panko bread crumbs are dairy free, so gonna try for 1st time in awhile), Eggplant Ratatouille, Sliced Mango, Crescent Rolls
    Fri - Frozen and Leftover Night with Smoothies - it looks like Korean Dumplings and Dairy-Free Samosas (with Pizza Bites for the youngest) if we have no leftovers
    Sat - OUT


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    Apr 15, 2005
    Saturday: Chicken Tender Salad
    Sunday: Pizza at inlaws for DH birthday
    Monday: Veggie Stir Fry
    Tuesday: Steak Wraps, cauliflower tots, baked beans
    Wednesday: baked chicken legs, cucumber/tomato salad, sweet potato wedges
    Thursday: Leftovers
    Friday: Breakfast
  • ariel1025

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    Sep 14, 2008
    Mon: Dragon noodles
    Tues: Taco/nacho/burrito bar
    Wed: Grilled hamburgers/hot dogs, corn on the cob, potato salad
    Thurs: Roast
    Fri: Pizza Night
    Sat: Short ribs, veggies, mac & cheese

    Have a great week everyone!


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    Dec 2, 2010
    Back home...for a few days. My BFF had surgery last week. Her mom has been helping her during recovery, but I am headed down to visit and help out for three days this week, starting Thursday. So, dinners Thursday and Friday nights will easy for DH to do.

    College Alumni Event at the Nashville Sounds baseball game, dinner will be served

    Mushroom Swiss Burgers
    Tator Tots

    Chicken Patty Sandwiches
    Tator Tots

    Grilled Chicken
    Baked Potatoes
    Steamed Broccoli

    Mongolian Beef
    Jasmine Rice

    Baked Salmon
    Rice Pilaf
    Roasted Asparagus

    Taco Tuesday:
    Taco Pasta
    Peaches and Strawberries


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    Aug 10, 2013
    I ended up having to work my other job Sun. but we had leftovers we ate from going out to eat Sat. I'm grilling right now so here's what's on the menu ofr tonight and the rest of the week:

    cheeseburgers with corn on the cob
    jalapeno chicken soft tacos
    hot dogs with French fries
    Cuban sandwiches with broccoli/carrots and Ranch
    garlic parmesan grilled chicken with spaghetti
    strawberry steak salad


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    Apr 4, 2005
    Tried a new recipe this evening. It was awesome and we have leftovers.
    Half box bow tie pasta
    Can fire roasted tomatoes
    2 tbsp tube tomato paste
    2 clove chopped garlic
    1 C bell peppers ( I used red because it’s what we had)
    1/2 lg Vidalia onion
    Olive oil
    Adobo with cumin
    Chili powder
    Cayenne pepper
    Corn starch 1 tbsp
    Half and half 1 C
    1 C shredded cheddar or Monteray jack ( I used a mix)
    1 C of the starchy water the pasta cooked in
    2 chicken breast cut into strips and cooked in olive oil with the garlic and spices while pasta is cooking
    Set aside the chicken and sauté the peppers and onions in olive oil
    Return the chicken to pan
    Drain pasta reserving a cup of the water
    Add tomatoes, half of the starchy water, corn starch and half and half to pot pasta cooked in and as it thickens return the pasta to the pot
    Fold in the cheese and the chicken snd veggies
    Add additional starchy water to adjust the thickness of the sauce
    I didn’t measure the spices. I just added a few shakes of each and coated the chicken in adobo
    Hubby had seconds


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    Aug 9, 2015
    Hope everyone is having a great week!

    Tonight we are having cheeseburgers, broccoli and (maybe-it’s so hot!) steak fries
    Tomorrow we got invited to a friends house for taco night.
    Thursday: almond crusted chicken, pearl couscous, tomatoes and cucumbers with ranch.
    Friday: leftovers, making some pasta to go with if needed.
    Saturday: grand reopening party at my work all day, have no idea if I’ll be hungry
    Sunday: homemade pizza (we love TJ’s pizza dough so much) and salad


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    Dec 2, 2010


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    Jul 1, 2006
    We are back from our trip and I wanted to plan out the last week of the month. We were going so many different directions in July, a big monthly plan didn’t happen.

    We have tomatoes, 120 pounds so far. So every meal except one will have tomatoes in it.

    1. Stuffed peppers and okra
    2. BLT, heavy on the T
    3. Hamburgers and green beans
    4. Chef salad
    5. Chicken salad on green salad
    6. Thai chicken basil rice
    7. Chili (to use up tomatoes!)

    For lunches I’ll be making spaghetti, messy sushi, egg salad, and bean burritos.

    For these menus I’ll need tortillas, and salad greens.


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