Eat and drink till we drop! An Adults Only Trip! - Updated 12/30 & Completed

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    I feel you on the Shnickelnoodlen thing at Germany: good, but too hot on a hot day. Hope you were able to get a good rest back at the hotel!
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    Day Two: Finishing up the Evening!

    We left EPCOT and headed to the bus depot. I think we only waited 10 minutes maybe. I don't think it was super long. We made it back to the room and collapsed on the bed. We changed into our swim suits and took a quick dip in the Quiet pool. The Main Pool was closed for refurbishment, which was a bummer. I was kind of looking forward to sitting in the hot tub but oh well. The quiet pool was right outside our room, so at least that it was nice a close. We took a quick dip and cooled off but didn't hang out too long. It was pretty busy, as it was super hot and the main pool was closed.

    After our dip in the pool, we went back to the room to rest. But I was so very thirsty. So, I made the very bad decision to make the walk over to the Pepper Market to get a drink and grab some popcorn. Andy said in the room.

    I made the walk over, and checked out the gift shop. I of course over shot, and went in a door closer to the restaurant. And there was a TON of people waiting to get seated. I assume a whole convention worth of people. I was not a fan of this resort with all of the convention people walking around. It just kind of took me out of the Disney Bubble a little. They weren't rude or loud or anything, they just weren't there for the Mouse and you could tell.

    Once I found the gift shop, I discovered that it was half closed off. It was pretty bare bones, which I was a little disappointed about. But I grabbed a couple bags of popcorn, 2 sodas and a Disney Shampoo. I had bought the shower Gel Last trip and have been buying the refills from H20 directly for a 1/3rd of the cost. But I put it IN the Disney bottle. (makes it more special) No? Well it is for me, and i wanted to do the same with the shampoo!

    I also peeked into the quick service place, to see if they had the Halloween mugs. Nope! :(

    I decided to get a drink from the Laguna Bar... You know for the long walk back.

    [​IMG]Blueberry Mojito

    Mojito Frambuesa
    Raspberry Rum, Sweet & Sour, Sprite, Guava, Simple Syrup, Lime, Muddled Blackberries & Mint

    I got this totally on a whim, and I have to say it was REALLY good! The bartender actually muttled the mint and everything. I was pleased with my drink.

    I headed back to the room and got a good hour in just chillin in air conditioning.

    We headed back to EPCOT around 8:00 for dinner and to see Illuminations. We had never seen it, and with the announcement of it closing we really wanted to try and see it. Plus we figured we could see if we liked it enough to have the girls see it on our Feb. Trip.

    We were back in EPCOT in no time, thanks to the app telling us the time the bus was arriving!

    [​IMG]Rats Dancing
    We got there to find this! Cause nothing says good food more than dancing Rats!

    We decided to head clockwise this evening and started at the New Zealand Booth.

    I am pretty sure I knew I wanted to try the Lamb Meatball and when we were in line, Andy said that the Venison Sausage sounded good as well. So, we ordered both!

    [​IMG]Venison on Sweet Potato Puree
    Seared Venison Sausage with Kumara Purée and Wild Mushroom Marsala Sauce
    Andy really liked this! The Venison for me was just ok. But the Kumara Puree and the Mushroom sauce was AMAZING!!!! What is Kumara you ask? According to my Vegan sister, it's just a sweet potato grown in New Zealand. It was delish!

    [​IMG]Lamb Meatball
    Lamb Meatball with Spicy Tomato Chutney
    And then the lamb meatball...... OMG!!! Def one of my favorites from the trip! The meatball was nice and moist with lots of flavor, the spicy tomato chutney was excellent and the bread, was well bread but it was perfect amount.

    New Zealand was a hit and we def wanted to hit it again tomorrow. It was def more crowded now, but the booths themselves didn't seem to have too long of lines. It was more just conjestion of everyone walking around.

    We moved up just a bit, and stopped in Canada. I knew I wanted to try the Filet.
    [​IMG]Le Cellier Beef
    Le Cellier Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon with Truffle-Butter Sauce
    I really liked this as well! Pretty sure it was mostly the Truffle Butter that made it so good. But good non the less. I can see how a whole piece would be even better. Easier to cook to the right level of pink-ness.

    Andy also ordered the Moosehead Radler, it was ok.
    Moosehead Radler: Lager infused with Grapefruit, Grape and Lemon Juices, New Brunswick
    He said it was a fancy way of saying Shandy. Ha.

    We slowly made our way around the world showcase. Kind of checking out our food options as we went. I knew I wanted to try something in Morocco. So, we just slowly made our way that way.

    [​IMG]Hummus Fries
    Hummus Fries!
    Hummus Fries with Cucumber, Tomato, Onions and Tzatziki Sauce
    These were amazing! I loved them. I will say they were more falafel-ish than hummus but still really good. I ended up eating most of it, as it was dark out and Andy couldn't see where the onions were. We found a bench to sit and eat and rest. It was about 8:45 and I was really wondering if I was going to make it to 10:00. I also have zero pictures for the rest of the night, which tells me I was toast.

    It was about now, that Andy's parent started texting us saying that the girls won't go to sleep. They had them in there room with there iPads and didn't ACTUALLY tell them to go to sleep. Oye. So, we had to tell Andy's parents to take the iPads away and tuck them in and tell them lights out. :confused3

    We continued on, just taking our time enjoying the evening. We passed up a lot of booths as were were getting full already. I swear, I always think we are going to eat more food than we actually do. We made it all the way over to Mexico without picking any other food booths. I suggested going in and seeing if we could get into La Cava. Well, there was a line out the door. So, we decided to ride the best Mexican Small World Ride!

    We took our spin on the ride, and then decided we had to commit one way or another on staying for Illuminations or not. I could tell Andy really wanted to, so I muscled on! We stopped at the outside Pavillion and got a margarita to share and my beloved guac! Then we went and found a spot to sit and wait for the show. People were lined up already, and we probably could have done so earlier, but it worked out ok.

    We found a spot, drank our beverage and ate the yummy guac and chips. Seriously I love that stuff.

    We made it to the show, and it was great! I did get a little bored in the middle. It started to drag a little. But overall it is great! And I do think we will try and see it with the girls in Feb. Before it goes bye bye.

    We made our way out of the park with the masses of people and got a bus back to the hotel. I don't remember much about it, so it must not have been too terrible. I do think we had to wait for a second bus to show up but we got seats because of it.

    When we got back to our room we found this little guy.
    [​IMG]Frog on Window
    Just waiting for us to come home! Wasn't that nice?

    Spoiler Alert: That poor frog met his demise the next day. I found him squished on the ground. Someone probably didn't even see him.

    Our first full day was in the books! And we were EXHAUSTED!!!!

    Up next Day Three: Toy StoryLand!
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    That truffle butter...yum. Super good indeed. :)

    Hummus fries were indeed amazing! I loved them with that salsa stuff. Sorry you were so exhausted though!
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    I think we just thought, we don't have the girls, we can go go go. We were probably a little too ambitious. We should have taken a nap on Tom Sawyer Island!
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    AHHHHH, Disney without kids is so much fun, and it looks like you and Andy are having a blast!!!

    Isn't Melinda the sweetest!!!! I really enjoyed meeting her.
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    Sounds like a great end to your day!! Aww that poor little froggy! :(
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    If you didn't eat food off the top of a garbage can, did you even attend Food & Wine?!!

    Also, would you ever eat off a garbage can anywhere else? LOL

    Aww, poor guy :( At least you have this cute pic to remember him by!
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    Melinda most def is! It was so last minute that we realized we overlapped. It was pretty cool.

    Poor thing is right.... I don't even think house keeping saw him smooshed on the ground.

    Right? It was one of the only times we had to, actually! We lucked out. And most def would we eat off a garbage can anywhere else!
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    Just caught up! Disney without kids, that's the dream. What a fun time :)
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    Just catching've been updating like crazy!

    Nice shot of you two!


    Well, what's wrong with them?

    But...Dole Whip!

    That does sound pretty good. But i don't think I could pass up the Dole Whip.

    Not too shabby.

    Yikes! I don't know how they can stand it!

    :rotfl2::rotfl2: Hey, what's this Cinderella Castle? Is that real?

    Me too. :goodvibes

    People spend a lot of money trying to get rid of that from their homes.

    Is that supposed to be a selling point?

    I didn't have to deal with that during our stay, thankfully.

    :sad2: Better break out the Ny-Quil!
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    Just now jumping in! Looks like you are having a great start at your Adult Only trip! Love all the drinks!
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    Love this! Amazing idea.

    Um, yum!!! This looks and sounds like raspberry perfection! Hope this is something they are rolling out resort wide.

    Wow this sounds so good! Totally something I would be all over.

    Can you stop with the mushrooms already :P

    Looks like you hit the lottery on these. I've seen a few reviews of these and they seem to mess up the execution more often than not. Looks like you got one of the few good batches.

    I hate waiting for all the night time stuff too and usually don't, but if you are gonna do a margarita and guac would certainly help pass the time :drinking1

    R.I.P Mr. Frog :sad:
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    This is me more often than not, but hey, gets the job done, right? :laughing:

    This would do the same thing for me - part of the reason for going to Disney is to be inside the bubble at all times.::yes::


    I'm glad you got to see Illuminations. It's such a pretty show, but not one I've stopped deliberately to watch in many trips. My favorite memory of it was on my first solo trip in 2006 and I got a hot chocolate from the bakery in France and watched the whole thing from the bridge. Maybe it's just that I don't think I can top that memory so I don't bother :laughing:
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    Happy Saturday Everyone! I am hoping to get another post in after I do the replies here!

    It was a great time, but I think I did feel a little guilty the whole time. I think if and when we go again, I won't feel quiet as bad.

    I am relying on my photos and memories for this, so I don't want to wait too long to get it all in! Plus I have a Disneyland trip report that I keep abandoning and our Feb trip coming up. My goal is to have both trip reports done before then.


    There is a lot wrong with them... really...

    We have a ice cream place here that we go to all summer. It's near the girls camp, and they have the dole whip and they started doing floats! The fits summer I resisted and said, NO, only in Disney. And then this summer I caved and had it. And it was amazing, It transported me back to Disney for just a tiny bit! But I feel I can share the soft serve float love around a bit since I can get a dole whip here in Jersey.


    Catus is good. Goat..... not so much.

    Welcome!!!! It was def a drink-full trip!

    Since we were at Coronado, there was mouthwash bottles. I dumped those out as well, and filled the big bottles into those to take home.

    I feel like they are making different versions around at the hotel bars... Not necissarily in the parks.

    I can see how they could make them dry. It's kind of like the tiny slider burgers... I am glad I didn't get another batch the next day, who knows what they would have been like!


    For this trip, I was just glad to be on property and that we got something cheap. But if we were there with the girls, I totally would have been disapointed.

    That is a good idea. I might try that for our Feb trip. We love all the goodies in France.
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    Day Three: Hollywood Studios

    Today we planned to go to Hollywood Studios in the morning. The girls have refused to ride Tower of Terror, so that was one of our goals for the day! The girls also, told us we were allowed to go and see Toy Storyland but we were under strict orders to NOT RIDE ANYTHING without them. As there was pretty much no way we were getting fastpasses, we said OK. ;)

    Much like yesterday, we wanted to get up and go but also not kill ourselves. We got ready and headed out a little before 9, I think. We hoped on a Hollywood Studios bus and were there in no time. And then we came up to the bus depot area..... It is a temporary area and I had heard about how far it was from the entrance. So I was prepared for that. What I wasn't prepared for, was how SLOW the bus was driving through the area AND the fact that it went ALLLLLLL the way around the area to drop us off at the FARTHEST parking bay in the area. ALL of the spots were open but for some reason we needed to go all the way around. No joke, we probably took 10 minutes to drive around the area. Everyone on the bus just kind of looked at each other, like what is happening?

    But we made it! And headed into the park right at 9:30.

    We headed back towards Tower of Terror, our fast pass window was already open and we def wanted to expierence this.

    [​IMG]Day Two: Hollywood Studios
    We were super excitied about this! When we came around the corner, we could see the stand by time as 5 mintues but the line looked kind of long. We had thought about doing standby and then hopping in right after with fast pass. But decided against it.

    [​IMG]Tower of Terror

    [​IMG]ToT Headstone
    I love all of the theming in this area! I have seen so many peoples pictures of the area, but it def something to see in person.

    [​IMG]ToT Ceiling
    I loved this ceiling!

    We got to where you go inside the building and then we just stopped. And I was thinking to myself, if this ride is down and we don't get to ride, that would just be typical. But we waited.

    We inched closer and closer. And they finally made an announcement that some of the elevators were down. They were only running a couple at the moment. Ok, at least it was still working....

    [​IMG]ToT Dusty
    I posted this picture while we waited and Asked "Does Disney dust there cobwebs?" @MissMaryQC - Did respond that they were made out of glue, I think. Which makes sense and would def make me think they dusted them!

    [​IMG]ToT Desk
    I mean they are clearly permanat cob webs? They have to get extra dusty and cob webby...


    We made it into the staging room by 9:45, so we only waited 15 minutes. Fast Pass was def worth it this morning! I am sure the standby folks were going to wait more than that.

    [​IMG]ToT Ride Photo
    So, what did we think? It was fun for sure! But we have ridden Guardian of the Galaxy ride out in Disneyland, and that one is SOOOOOOOO fun! It kind of took away from this ride, just a little bit. But we still loved it. And I def want to try and drag Gwen on. Morgan says she doesn't like the dropping feeling and I can accept that. It's a valid reason. (you know opposed to the I just don't like it answer)

    We checked out the dump shop on the way out, Andy saw a shirt he was semi intrested in, but he decided to wait.

    Our fast pass for Rock'n rollercoaster was open, we we headed across the way next.
    This was a first for all of us last trip, as Gwen was finally tall enough to ride. We all loved it!

    [​IMG]Apparently what all of Boston looks like?
    Andy and I used to live in Boston, and we were there for the Big Dig... But I just had to laugh at how they are kind of protraying Boston. it seems kind of gross and seedy. And I know it used to be more like that. But not so much any more.

    We took our spin through Boston in no time. And headed out.

    We decided to head over and check out Toy Storyland next! I was texting with @ArielSRL about trying to meet up. She was there with her family and then some. But we wanted to say hello. She was heading that way as well. But we were moving faster than her.

    Up next lots of Toy Storyland pictures!
  17. StarWarsMomofGirls!

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    Oct 16, 2015
    Day Two: Lots and Lots of Toy Story Land Pictures!

    Andy was def looking forward to checking out the area. Toy Story was one of our favorite movies to watch with the girls. And Morgan had this set of figures that her and Andy used to play with all the time. When we put the box in the basement, Andy totally had a Toy story moment, with putting the toys on the shelf...

    [​IMG]Toy Story Land

    We decided we would just try and soak in the land, but save all the fun for when we were back with the girls. And man the girls are going to love the area!


    [​IMG]Christmas Lights
    The rest of HS was fine crowd wise.... but in TSL it was craziness! I know it's expected but it makes it hard to enjoy the land!

    [​IMG]Green Army Men There really are so many things to notice and find. It is great just walking around and seeing all of the "stuff"

    [​IMG]Pixar Ball

    [​IMG]Slinky Dog
    Andy took ALOT of pictures of Slinky dog. And I def think this will be a favorite for the girls.

    [​IMG]Green Army Men
    We got to see the Army men come through. I love that they have more of a thing than just wandering around.

    [​IMG]Toy Story Land Dominos
    I loved the dominos, probably because I used to stack them like this all the time as a kid.

    [​IMG]Scrabble Bathrroms
    I loved the bathrooms as well.

    We got a selfie with Buzz! The Alien Saucers looks fun, too. I think this is about when I told Andy that we def need to get here for EMH's and get all of the goodness done in that first hour! He agreed!

    [​IMG]Star Wars Land
    Andy was VERY intrested in this view. I wonder if they will try and hid it somehow once it is done or not. They can only do soo much to hid it, I guess it "could" be Andy's Star Wars Toys...

    We had suffiently explored the area and I wanted to try a breakfast item from Woody's Lunch Box. But the mobile order wasn't working. So, we walked over and they literally switched the board over to lunch as we walked up! Boo. Mobile order started working a minute later. They must have paused it to make the meal switch.

    I was slightly bummed as I wanted to try the smores sandwich and oddly, it is only on the menu for breakfast?!?! Seems like they could have that all day? right? I passed on lunch items, as I didn't want to fill up on anything.

    So, we headed out to find a light snack. And started to head towards the Launch Bay. I figured we could grab a pastry over by Sweet Spells or whatever it's called now.

    But then I got a text from @ArielSRL that they were over by Star Tours and baseline. So, we headed that way instead. We stopped and watched the Star Wars March.

    Phasma seemed not as shiny as she used to be.

    [​IMG]Phasma Again
    Everytime we watch this, all I can think is 1) SWL is going to be amazing and 2) SWL is going to be kind of scary!

    After the march, we headed over to the dump shop at StarTours. Andy had wanted to check out the merch. Well, we walked in and were SUPER disapointed! There was barely anything in there! It was mostly under construction. But we checked out what was in there, and then headed out.

    I was actually kind of glad we headed this way to find Renee, as I had wanted to try baseline, and I had forgotten all about it. So, I said that was a perfect place to grab something light to tide us over till we got to EPCOT. So, we headed in.

    We ordered our food and headed out to the outdoor patio area to a table to sit and relax. And as we were heading out, I see Renee and her family! So, I walked over and said hello!

    We got to talk only for a tiny bit, as she had extended family with her, who were not intrested in standing around. But we did get to chat. We talked about how they were liking Pop so far.

    Renee was so nice and her little boys were so cute! They were very talkative. :) Opposed to my girls who would have said 2 words the whole time. Hopefully we will cross paths again and Renee can meet my girls.

    [​IMG]Baseline Beer Flight
    We ordered a beer flight to share.

    From Left to Right:
    • North Coast Cherry Berliner Weisse
    • Golden Road Hefeweizen
    • Sierra Nevada Tropical Torpedo IPA
    • Ace Space Bloody Orange Hard Cider
    These were all really good. Andy really liked the Hard Cider and I really liked the Cherry Berliner. I almost went back in to get us a regular beer to go. But I refrained as it was early.

    [​IMG]Baseline Pretzel
    Bavarian Pretzel
    with Beer Cheese Fondue and Spicy Mustard

    We also ordered a pretzel. And this was surprisingly good! I sometimes wonder how soft they will be when they are that dark on the outside. But this was served warm, nice and soft and the beer cheese was really good! (Also, Andy had taken this picture for me while I was chatting with Renee, I have trained him well!

    I would def come here again with the girls. It was a nice way to rest for a bit. But I can only imagine how crazy this place will be once SWL opens! So, I think I want to def hit it in Feb before that happens!

    After we enjoyed our "snack", we headed over to The Launch Bay, so Andy could check out the merch there. We went a little crazy on getting some stuff for the girls.

    Our Night in Disney Springs, there was a dad and boy about Morgan's age in the Star Wars store there, and they were telling Andy about a book that the boy loved. So, Andy wanted to get that for Morgan for Christmas. And we found some comic books with the girl Rebel characters on it, so we grabbed those as well.

    While checking out, the lady asked if we had an AP and she told us all about getting merch discounts. Andy said, someone (ahem... me) was telling him ALL about the benefits of getting an AP! HA! Thanks CM lady!

    After our purchases, we decided it was time to head out and head to EPCOT. We did shop and check out some more stores on our way out. But nothing worth mentioning.

    We decided to take the friendship boats over to EPCOT. This was a first for us. We did have to wait awhile, and it was hot standing in the sun but I knew it would get us to the back part of the park, so we just decided to wait it out.

    Up next EPCOT and more Food & Wine!
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    Mar 11, 2016
    Glad you enjoyed it! How is Guardians of the Galaxy different? I really want to ride that one, but who knows when I'll ever get out to Anaheim. Also, I admire your restraint in that dump shop--that one always get us!! We buy SO much Tower of Terror stuff.

    yes! I love the Army men, they're so funny, and great to watch now that they can do a bit more.

    Aw, bummer! If it helps, the sandwich is good but nothing mind blowing. But yes, they should definitely have that all day! It's basically dessert, not a breakfast thing.
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    Jan 1, 2014
    It is fun to just walk around TSL, so much to see, so if able to just take it all in without rides the first time is a good idea!

    I liked how they interact with the guests!
    Me too the bathrooms were so cute!

    I have heard so many good reviews on the pretzel and Baseline itself, in January we will try it since my sister will be with and she can have a drink with me!

    It is a long boat ride but a nice time to relax while someone else does the driving!
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  20. Tracy161

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    Apr 4, 2006
    Yes! I could eat everything in there I think :laughing:

    ToT theming is amazing for sure :thumbsup2 The amount of thought behind everything just amazes me.

    Yes, I suppose that's true :laughing:

    I totally agree! Doesn't make sense to me either. :confused3

    Nice! Dismeets are the best, aren't they!? :goodvibes
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  21. ArielSRL

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    Oct 23, 2006
    I’m here! I’m here!

    Reading your report, I can’t wait til May and my first adults only trip (after having kids, of course)!

    I was just checking AP rates for Coronado for our Spring Break and it’s $177 a night. I almost booked a short trip but then I reeled it in bc we have like 6 possible trips on the boards already!

    I completely forgot about checking the app for the buses!

    What???? No girls trip? I’m bummed!

    We loved our drinks from Jock Lindsay’s but we only had time to take them to go. Maybe in May we can stop in for awhile. Reggie’s Revenge sounds good. I think I had a Cool Headed Monkey! Whatever it was, it was delish.

    Moonshine Mash sounds good. We usually drive at Disney but we will definitely be busing it in May! #designateddriver

    Yum on the Coastal Eats! Though I have an issue with the texture of scallops.

    Grapefruit Marg? Yum!

    Oh I definitely had Halloween Hangover! It was my first Halloween with a to-go cup!

    That slushy from France!

    Mojito Frambuesa sounds wonderful!

    Yay for our meet up! Yes, we definitely need to do that again!
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