Don't We Need More Ice Cream? - A F&G Trip Report - The End 9/12


Rope Drop!
Oct 5, 2010
And while we're at it, we picked up a fresh peach pie to take home, but they have many other good options. The place is called Polly's Pies, you know.

Wow those all look delish, I Love pie!

It's a neat idea for sure.

120 yikes!

The theming/colours really are lovely!

We saw these guys at DL- fun!

Dad and I went up to the counter, there was a good size line, but nothing unusual. As we were waiting, he asked, “Why am I just now, on the last day, finding out about this place?”
Umm because there are like a zillion restaurants at WDW lol!

We also had a Macaron with Raspberries and Lime cream,
Ohhh! I love raspberry but I extra love lime things!

This Bacon and cheese roll was for my breakfast.

I was going to ask was it yummy and did you heat it, but I learned later you didn't get a chance :)

I took a few of the indigestion pills that I keep in my “in-purse-pharmacy”
Like the magic golds ( I think they are gold) right ;)

I figured that was the best solution for her crankies and she did end up coming back in a much better mood.
You know her oh so well!

it was a Hawaiian Sea Bass with a Miso Mero sauce and sounded really good, but it was so small a piece so I didn't dare ask for a bite.

That looks oh so good, but oh so tiny!

but he was already on top of it and had her entree ready for her as she sat down.
Nice work Mr. Server 👍

Inside was the beignet and there was raspberry sorbet and some other tasty little morsels inside. Everyone totally loved it!
That looks rather odd, glad it was yummy!

Anyways, I had not had the opportunity to see the after dark bioluminescence at Pandora, so we specifically planned the early dinner to get there after dark.
I really gotta see Pandora!

there was a winery circuit within easy driving distance of their house. On a given afternoon you could visit as many as five different wineries who may pour anywhere from four to eight tastes of various wines, all for free! I would try to explain this concept to my mom and she just never got on board.
Back when wine tasting was free! Here now they waive the tasting fees once you buy a bottle...

Also the vehicles that were hanging from the skyway earlier that day were gone now. Interesting.
How odd!

Mickey bars and walking around the crowds who started trying to form a clump outside the booth and just passing them out like trading cards.
Yum! The "like trading cards" made me giggle- I can totally picture this!

not before Fran got another Mickey bar.
I probably would too! I love ice cream.

think it was about 2AM when my head finally hit the pillow.

Day 10

The alarm went off at 6AM,
That is NOT a lot of sleep!!

one of "the white things" aka little old lady cats passed away over the weekend of the EPIC West coast mini meet.
So very sorry :(

This is such a lovely picture xx


DIS Dad #257
Nov 10, 2008
I turned around a couple times during the ride to take pictures of animals we had passed and I noted them both glued to their phones, and this was at a point where there were giraffes, ankole cattle and all sorts of other animals!

Even the Animatronic lion was in his element.
Good to see he's back up and running. Well, not literally. You know what I mean.

Then it was time for EE. Me and my Dad rode while mom and Fran rested. As we pulled into the station I asked my Dad if he wanted to take Mom and Fran's bands and go again, and he gave me a firm “No”.

Fran wanted to go to WoD, but when we asked my Mom she gave an adamant “No.” so instead the three of us went back to the room. I'm not exactly sure what Fran did, but I plugged in the scooters and went to bed. I was pooped from all that walking!
Sounds like everyone is just about done!

I took the package over to the business center and they printed the label for me, put some Fragile stickers on it and had it on the way.
Fragile, huh? Must be Italian.

Thank goodness we had FP cause this was the standby wait. thanks.

Dad and I went up to the counter, there was a good size line, but nothing unusual. As we were waiting, he asked, “Why am I just now, on the last day, finding out about this place?”
Well, if you make somebody else do the research...

I dunno? You coulda done your own homework...

Fran wanted to do more shopping.
Whoa! You gotta wait till I'm sitting down before you spring something like that on me.

I mean who wants to travel without applying their deodorant first. There are certainly some people

At some point before the bread arrived, she mouthed to me, “Can we have more than one opinion next time?” She had forgotten that we had looked over the menu and at that time, she had found things she could eat. But now she was unhappy. She didn’t say so, but those of you who've been married a long time know what I'm talking about when your spouse is peeved.
There's nothing we enjoy more than Monday Morning Quarterbacking.

I was still nibbling away at my food and forgot to take a picture of her ribs, but she liked them!
Oh, so she likes it now.:rolleyes1

It was cool, and I'm glad that I got to see it, but now I'm good.
Yeah, sounds about right.

While the stuff was new, I wasn't really thrilled to be sitting there looking at stuff when I could be riding.
Amen to that!

The ride experience was surreal, I walked completely through the queue, the preshow room door was open as was the door out to the immediate ride queue. The preshow was running, but there were only two people standing there watching.
Wow. I've never seen it like that!

She really did need more Ice Cream!

:rotfl2: I guess you're not going to miss that one!

I was really sad at the amount of food that we left in the fridge.

Actually I was ready to go home. Not that it wasn't fun, but I was feeling a lot like we were tour guides 24/7 and it was a little tiring.
Yeah, I get that. I wanted to go back with just my family and not any extended family who didn't know how to properly have fun at WDW. :rotfl:

We were served snacks and I think this made up my lunch ffor the day. What a sorry last picture for my Trip Report!
Breakfast of champions!

And so to end this TR on a sad note, but cute pictures, one of "the white things" aka little old lady cats passed away over the weekend of the EPIC West coast mini meet.
Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that, Alison.


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