Disney with Bipolar Disorder


Apr 9, 2014
I have bipolar II with extreme anxiety but I am also increadbly stable. I am sure I will be fine at Disney, I have been many times, I just make a plan before hand so I can just relax and enjoy my time there but this year is different. I am going with three of my friends and we have never been away together before. They have never seen me 24 hours a day and they don't understand bipolar at all and they are kind of uncomfortable discussing it. Does anyone have experience with dealing with this? There are times when I will need a break or a few deep breaths and I am not sure how to explain it in a way they will understand.
Thanks for the help!! :)



DIS Veteran
Sep 3, 2012
I would kind of be light about it...Since they already know you're bipolar, tell them that you are usually totally fine but you're worried that going on a trip could bring on some stress or anxiety, and while you look forward to having a good time, you want them to know that you may need to take a little break from time to time to get out of the crowds and chill for a while.
Ask them if they mind you heading off on your own to a quiet place (like the first aid station) and you can meet up with them later, or,mif you need them to go with you just ask them if they mind taking a break with you. That may be all they need. If they don't seem to get that or act like it's an issue, I'll think more about what else you could say..
I would post this on the main disability forum, not the community disability forum, if I were you, I think you'll get more responses probably. The community disability forum is just life stuff, while the main disability forum is for questions about going to disney with a disability.


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