Disney hats??


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Jan 28, 2008
I am not sure which forum to post this in. I have noticed that girls wear headbands now. When we went before, you could make your own Mickey/Minnie ears hat and have your name put on it. So if girls wear the headbands, what do the boys wear? Can my son still make his own hat again? I am not seeing many choices at all.


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Oct 16, 2017
They still sell ear hats and I think you can still personalize them.

There are still people who wear ear hats, but the bands are definitely more "insta friendly"

My almost 3 year old daughter has both ear hats and a baseball hat with ears. She doesn't like the headbands.

Also he can wear headbands if he wants to, it's not like there's a rule....


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Jul 24, 2011
We all have the hat versions with our names on it but we also have a bunch of the head band style. We bought these awesome light up star wars ones a few years ago and hubby wears them all the time.


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May 1, 2019
I got my boys headbands. I bought myself a mouse ear headband with a Mary Poppins theme and they wanted the same kind of ears as me. I let them pick and they chose sparkly ones. There are all kinds of headbands with "boy" themes like Star Wars and Marvel characters.


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