Disney has a beach resort? Count me in! Update - Day 6

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May 27, 2006
Enjoying your HHI TR.
Was at HHI a few years ago and loved it -
your report makes me want to return !
Beautiful family !

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Jul 17, 2009
I love HHI trip reports! Great start to your trip and I can't wait to read more. This is the "closest" DVC Resort to us and I hope to visit there in the next few years. I really like the renovated rooms too.


Feb 17, 2010
I'd like to say that we stuck to our plan of getting up early, eating a quick breakfast, and getting to the beach ASAP.... but that would be a lie. :lmao:

I don't think I managed to roll out of bed until about 9:30am, and that only happened because Cecil enticed me with coffee. Sweet, glorious, coffee.

The kids managed to sleep in until we woke them up about 10:00am. Everyone grabbed a quick breakfast and we ended up heading out the door about 11:00am.

We got to the beach and decided that by default, Cecil would be the pack mule of the group. We loaded him up with 2 beach umbrellas and 3 folding chairs. The little ladies took turns carrying the bag of beach toys. The Jood had her own giant beach bag (I still haven't figured out what was in there) and I carried mine.

This is where I throw in a small disclaimer. First, I love my mother dearly. She's a joy and a pleasure. However... just because you CAN get something at Big Lots, doesn't mean you SHOULD. The beach umbrellas lasted about 20 minutes before turning inside out and blowing away. The Jood had to hold it while sitting in her chair and she darn near had a Mary Poppins moment with a particularly hefty gust of wind!

Even with a 4G signal, my attempt to stream the live coverage of E3 was futile. The wifi at the beach house was choppy and weak at best. I eventually gave up the fight and ended up with recap videos before bed, which ended up being fine.

We ate lunch at Signals since we had arrived at the beach later then we planned, and I was elated to see they had a tuna salad sandwich on the menu. I LOVED the tuna salad sandwich at Port Orleans Riverside last year and I haven't been able to find a recipe for it anywhere online. It did not disappoint! The kids meals come in a cute little beach bucket with a shovel attached. I noticed a lot of the kids didn't bother keeping them, but not mine. God forbid we even THINK about throwing something like that away. We only brought 6 beach buckets with us. That's completely insufficient, and these are completely necessary!

One of my favorite things about Hilton Head is the little tide pool area that appears when the tide goes down. It's 1 - 2 ft deep and super warm. It was absolutely perfect for the kids to play in. It's like a kiddie pool at the ocean.

The kids really wanted to go back to the pool and use the water slide at the resort, so we left the beach around 2:30pm. The Jood had had about enough umbrella clutching for one day. As we were packing up, this conversation happenned:

Me: I think we should get one of those sports tents like those people have. It'd give us a ton of shade and it's not like we can't use it again at home for soccer games and stuff.

The Jood: I wonder if they have a Big Lots here?

The kids played at the pool for a few hours before we needed to shower, clean up, and grab some dinner. The pool area at the resort is a blast! They play different music - a mix between popular radio songs and Disney songs. There's pool games. The life guards are SO friendly and fun. The kids would have spent every day here over the beach if we let them. Danica has been suggesting that Joey and Rachele become our go to babysitters :rolleyes: She also has decided that she wants to be a lifeguard when she grows up - so they definitely made an impression!

As for our 'sink or swim' idea in regards to teaching them how to swim... we abandoned that notion on day 1 :rotfl2: The resort provides life jackets for the kids at the pool and the beach house that we started using going forward. We'll sign them up for lessons this summer to get them swimming on their own. While it was a nice idea, they were super resistant, and I really just didn't want them hating the pool all vacation. And it's just not fun or enjoyable being terrified that your kid will drown every second their in the water. The positive of using the jackets was that it really let the kids enjoy the pool, and get comfortable with being in the water itself.

Skyler's thrilled. Clearly.

When we were finally ready to go we decided on Guiseppi's for pizza. Their cobb salad sounded really great and I was really looking forward to it.


So we walked into Shelter Cove and made our way past some of the other restaurants and shops. And it was HOT. Sweating through my clothes hot. By the time we got to La Fontana we took a closer look at the website/map on our phones and realized that Guiseppi's isn't actually in that walkable Shelter Cove area. It's not far, but guess who isn't walking there in this heat... this lady.

No one likes a cranky Arielle. No one. So we took a look at La Fontana's menu. They had pizza and air conditioning. Sold.


It felt a little more upscale than what I prefer on vacation. I'm more of a T-shirt, shorts, and flip flops kinda girl... and this place felt more like a sundress and wedges establishment. For what atmosphere, I felt the food wasn't up to snuff. It wasn't bad at all, but definitely didn't match the expectations set. The kids ordered pizza, and I had to laugh at the look they both made when they saw there was a tiny mountain of basil in the center of the pizza.

We actually witnessed a bit of a tiff between the waiters and the hostess for a good 10 minutes which made the whole meal worth it. People watching at it's finest!

We walked back to the resort and checked out a few of the shops on the way. There were several little crabs on the walkway around the resort, and throughout the actual resort courtyard as well. The kids were terrified they'd accidentally step on them since we saw a squished crab earlier in the day.

We walked around the grounds a bit and just took a few pictures and enjoyed the ambiance. The Jood took the kids back to the room to wind down, and Cecil and I went to Walmart to grab a tent for the beach. With our beach umbrellas out of commission, I needed something that would offer a shady resting place during the days on the beach. Melanoma is not a good look for me. And let me tell you, that was the best $50 or so I ever spent. That tent was an absolute godsend in the coming days!

We had been to Folly Field Beach when Cecil and I came to HHI a few years ago. At this beach there were was a huge inlet that we explored and that's where we found all of our sand dollars, tons of crabs and fish, birds, hermit crabs... it was just really cool. We decided we would go there on Tuesday, day 2 so the kids could see some wildlife. Once we got back to the room we all went to bed. I caught up on my E3 coverage videos and we all agreed we'd get up earlier then next morning, hit the beach early, and come back to the resort for lunch and pool time.

**Disclaimer** E3 is a giant video game convention where developers show off their upcoming games and make big announcements. Yes, I'm a nerd. No, I don't care.

The game I've been following (for what feels like forever) comes out 2 days after I get back from our WDW trip. Perfect timing? I think yes!

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    Feb 17, 2010
    We just got back from our HHI trip (June1-8) and it was wonderful! Don't forget to rent bicycles from the resort. It was so much fun. We rode them over to the beach pool. We loved going over to the Shelter Cove restaurants for dinner. You can walk and almost all of them have nightly entertainment. Harbour Town was great. I know you will love the trip. Oh - they had a Pirate Party by the pool one night that was lots of fun. Kayak tour was fun too.
    Sad confession time:

    'it's like riding a bike' does not apply to me. I used to ride a bike all the time when I was a kid. And now? I cannot. :sad2: I think if I really got going I'd be okay, but going from a stop to a start...

    It's embarrassing and true. Feel free to silently judge me :wave2:

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    Feb 25, 2014
    Following along! Can't wait to hear about the fun you and your family will have!
    ~DVC Ashley


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    Feb 21, 2007
    I hope you have a picture of the beach tent. We went without last year as the cost of renting chairs and an umbrella made me queazy;)


    Feb 17, 2010
    I hope you have a picture of the beach tent. We went without last year as the cost of renting chairs and an umbrella made me queazy;)
    This is the tent we purchased http://www.walmart.com/ip/Ozark-Trail-9-x-9-Express-Canopy-Blue/22402171

    I *think* ours is actually 12x12 but I'm not positive. It's entirely possible it's not. The 9x9 dimensions would have been absolutely fine for us. We really wanted the straight leg tent but they were out. I just think they look a little nicer. But really, it was an inexpensive way to have an unlimited and large amount of shade on the beach. Money well spent!

    It was also SUPER easy to put up, too. It takes maybe 7 minutes to get the legs extended, toss on the canopy, and stake it into the ground. There was someone next to us with a tent that said 'EZ Up' on the side that allowed them to keep the canopy on when it's packed away. So there's was even easier!

    Here's a video of people putting it up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nRGNx3b3ag

    I think the hardest part was that it was crazy windy, and if we didn't have a good grip on the canopy before we got it secured on it would have been gone!


    Feb 17, 2010
    Tuesday was probably the most fun that we had on the entire trip. It's where we really got to enjoy the lifeguards and it made us decide to spend more time at the pool over the rest of the trip.

    We DID manage to get up early, grab a quick breakfast, and head out to the beach. We went over to Folly Field Beach for the day to show the kids the inlet we had enjoyed so much. Parking is $1 per hour and it's SUPER limited around the beach area. We tossed in $5 and walked down a crazy long walkway to get to the water.

    After setting up our glorious tent and letting the kids get settled with their toys, Cecil and I took off to see if the inlet was still there and if it was as fun as we had experienced before. The walk felt like it lasted forever. The only kind of direction I can give is that you walk to the right, past the first row of houses. You'll see a cliff looking area with more houses in the distance. Keep going towards these and you'll hit the inlet right about the time that you feel it's a hopeless endeavor. After your excitement dies from making it there, you realize you have to walk all the way back, get your kids, and do it all over again :faint: In reality, it's probably 1 mile, one way. In the heat/direct sunlight it feels like you're tap dancing on the surface of the sun.

    This little guy greeted us as we approached

    And yes, Cecil is lobster red. He just haaaaaaaad to 'get his base' without sunscreen the first/second day :headache: He regretted that decision. A decision he also repeats every time we go to the beach. Wear sunscreen, folks.

    The inlet did not disappoint. We found tons of hermit crabs, blue crabs, and there is a section of the inlet towards the back that has literally hundreds of crabs like the one above that move in waves. It's disgusting and hilarious.

    They really DO put their little pinchers up to fight when you approach like the crabs in 'Finding Nemo' - hey, heeey, hey

    The herons were out and about - it's really just a great area for wildlife.

    There was a teenage boy using a GoPro in the water to record all the different stuff under the rocks and following crabs around, etc. Cecil has wanted one for awhile, and unfortunately being a saltwater fish enthusiast he immediately looked at me and said 'I'm getting a GoPro today.' Well, great. I love spending hundreds of dollars on a whim for a toy for a grown man.

    We walked back, packed up our stuff, and went back to the resort to spend the rest of the day at the pool before the Pirate party. We were only at Folly Field for around 3.5 - 4 hours, but it was enough. We decided that the rest of our beach days would be spent at Disney's beach where we could get cold beverages, food, swim in the pool to cool off, and we didn't have to pay to park. The inlet was fun, but the beach itself was essentially the same.

    Now, for the Pirate Party. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend attending this. It was an absolute blast for everyone. I did, however, completely misunderstand what it was. The Pirate Party at the pool is free and for everyone. I wrongly had the impression that we had to pay $27/$13 to attend it. Apparently, that's just the cost for the Backyard BBQ Buffet that's offered DURING the Pirate Party. I just thought it was all the same thing - the buffet/party going hand in hand for the cost. Nope. Doing it all over again I'd absolutely eat something else before the party starts. It was standard buffet food, although, the BBQ ribs were a nice treat. Unfortunately, since they start at the same time, the kids missed the first few games and festivities because they were eating - and not eating well, since they were anxious to get started while watching everyone else playing games and having fun.

    Once they finally started participating, they had an absolute blast. Skyler is special needs, so it's always kind of a toss up on how she will react to new things like this. She was timid, and got kind of a slow start, but she really enjoyed it.

    There was music, face painting, lots of different games, dancing, and obviously food. I really just can't say enough about the different things and the fun everyone had.

    The first thing the girls did was pick a bandana. Skyler also chose to sport an eye patch for the evening which I thought was hilarious. SHIVER ME TIMBERS!

    They went over to B'Lou and he made them each a balloon animal - a parrot, and stuck it on their shoulder. Because every pirate needs a parrot companion!

    Next, they went over and got their faces painted. I don't know why, but every time my kids see face painting they go absolutely nuts with the desire to participate. They want to do it here, at the zoo, at Disney, at the carnival... 'oh, is that someone painting a lemonade stand sign in their front yard? Maybe they'll paint our faces!' Whatever. It's better than being fixated on American Girl dolls I suppose.

    We had to really make sure they understood that the paint was going to wash off as soon as they started swimming again. There was a moment of panic, but they accepted it.

    We had signed the girls up for the 'treasure hunt' and the 'ice cream drop' (which was called something else without the name ice cream in it). They wouldn't participate in the dancing which always annoys the heck out of me. Danica will perform dance routines in front of hundreds of strangers but refuses to let loose and have some fun in front of 20 people. Y'okay.

    The treasure hunt was first, and I neglected to take pictures because I unfortunately became uncontrollably competitive and at that point, nothing else matters. Kids are set up in pairs of 2 around a plastic tub full of sand and buried trinkets. They have a laminated story paragraph that reference different objects and have a picture. Example, it said 'By the light of the (insert picture of a white moon here).' There were about 12 or 15 little items the kids had to find in the sand using ONLY a shovel and a sifter. Let me emphasize the rules, using ONLY shovel and a sifter. Because the older kids just dug in with their hands, found everything, and won. Ask me how annoyed I was.... go ahead... ask me. The kids still completed the mission, following the rules, and we reburied our items for the next group.

    It was now time for the most hilarious event of the night - the ice cream drop. There were TONS of people signed up for this and it takes place right outside the pool area, in a straight row by the fire pit. The whole idea is that one person lays on the ground with an ice cream cone in their mouth, and the other drops big chunks of ice cream from a distance and tries to make it into the cone. Fun right?!

    Neither one of the kids wanted to be on the receiving end of the ice cream, so we did the only fair and mature thing we could do to choose... Paper, rock, scissors. And Skyler lost... so she was the drop recipient. I was a little worried about her reaction. Once Skyler hits meltdown mode it's all over, but I was really pleased that she took it all like a champ. Once she realized that she'd get to wear a bib, goggles, and we'd wash the ice cream off of her face immediately after she was fine.

    As I watched this spectacle go down, I realized that the only reason Skyler remained so still and so calm was because she had bitten a hole in the bottom of the cone and was sucking the ice cream into her mouth. Disgusting or creative genius? You be the judge.

    The lifeguards gave prizes for lots of different things - cleanest, messiest, most accurate, etc. They had noticed Skyler's initial hesitation/discomfort and told the girls to grab a prize out of the prize box. I'm not sure if we technically won anything, but it was a really sweet gesture. Danica grabbed a pirate bracelet and a pirate necklace while Skyler got washed off and we all met back up in the pool area.

    While the kids continued to swim and sing to the music Tim the lifeguard approached me and asked if I had anyone participating in the sword fighting tournament. Nope. Sure don't. My kids do enough fighting at home. I don't need them being encouraged with play swords, thank you very much. Little did I know that Tim was setting me up. 'Oh great. Would you mind being a judge then?' :eek: I, uh, well I, uh, sure, I guess.... Tim handed me some scoring cards and told me to meet him over by the DJ booth in a few minutes.

    For the next 5 minutes or so I internally panicked. I was sure that after the judging was over I would be pushed into the pool. Or showered with chocolate ice cream... or something. SOMETHING.

    So Tim asks me a few questions - 'where are you from?' 'what's your name?' and then while still in my panic he asked me a simple question that really threw me for a loop, 'what's your favorite Disney movie?' My mind completely blanked. I had a full mental argument with myself:

    'How can I pick just one?'
    'I love to sing Frozen songs.'
    'No, that's too cliche.'
    'I love so many.'
    'OMG. He's staring. He's waiting.'

    So I finally just blurted out 'Maleficent' and called it a day. Immediately after I said it, I was mad at myself. 'Hercules' is my top movie. And now I've let the movie down. I thought about changing my choice, but then realized I'd look like a complete weirdo having 'lied' about my favorite Disney movie and decided to just move on with my life and that everything would be okay ;)

    I was judging with an older couple who was from Kentucky. We decided that I was the Paula (friendly. Giving higher scores than people deserved because I didn't want to hurt their feelings), the woman next to me would give a 10 to anyone that went into the water during their 'fight,' and her husband would be the Len Goodman (tough, hard to impress). Before I sat, I confirmed with Tim that I was in for no surprises when judging was over, and he confirmed. Good man. Because the wrath of Arielle can be difficult to live through! Do not bring out the Cincinasty side, Tim. Just don't do it!

    As you can probably tell from the look on my face, I took my job as judge VERY seriously. I believe at this very moment I was scanning the lineup to see who I thought the top contenders would be. The sword fights took place on the little walkway in the front of the pool and each fight was about 20 seconds. They used balloon animal swords, which made it even funnier when they popped mid fight! And then, little Jack and Nora walked out to compete. Nora. That tiny little girl stole my heart for the rest of the trip. She was absolutely adorable. She had to be close to 3 years old and her brother was probably 4 years old. She just hopped around for a few seconds and they got a 10 from me. I'm sure her poor mother thought I was some super weirdo saying hi to her all the time after that, but darn it, that kid lit up my ovaries and had me considering a 3rd tiny flesh monster.

    In the end, Jack and Nora didn't win. But it was all good fun. The kids swam a bit since a lot of the activities now included publicly dancing, or repeats of the games they'd already played.

    But then, it happened. Reggie the Lifeguard put on a goofy hat and started calling for all the 'dads' to head out to the dance floor. Yes. YES. This was going to be glorious. Cecil stayed in his seat shaking his head 'nope.' But when only a few dads willingly joined him center stage, he started fishing for dads in the crowd. Cecil was plucked from his seat and escorted to the dad circle, and I was loving every minute of it!

    Each dad was given a goofy hat to wear, and Cecil scored floppy bunny ears. The man in front of him had on a Cheshire Cat face, one of my favorites. After getting all the dads in line, Reggie showed them the dance moves they'd be doing...but once the music started, that all changed. Over the speakers, the glorious sounds of the 'YMCA' blasted and you could almost feel all the souls of the men die a little bit. But at this point, they were all surrounded by their wives taping and laughing, so they really couldn't puss out and live with any dignity.

    As you can see in the background, Joey the lifeguard knows what's about to happen to these poor fools, and he's loving every minute of it! The rooms with a balcony facing the porch also filled up pretty quickly to watch the festivities. I thought, 'that'd be a really fun thing to do' and then realized that it's probably really loud inside the rooms every evening, too.


    After I was done taping, I asked one of the lady life guards manning the DJ booth if they do something for the 'moms' later. She said yes, and I suddenly came down with an allergy attack ;)

    At this point, it was around 8:30p and the party only goes until 9:00p. I grabbed a fresh drink, went back to the room, and settled in for the night. I think my only complaint here is that the dining portion of this area closes at 5:00p, but this is also the only place to get hot chocolate. I'd love a hot chocolate right before bed instead of in the middle of a hot summer day.

    The kids came back shortly after absolutely pooped. They grabbed a quick shower to get the chlorine out of their hair, and hit the sack.

    We decided to do a full pool day on Thursday and that we'd make that the day we go to Lawton Stables and Salty Dog Cafe. We planned on heading down to Savannah on Friday for dinner and walking around the area. All the plans were tenitive as rain was being forecasted. I will say though, that the entire week leading up to our trip it showed rain every, single day and it really only rained a few times and in short spurts, or in the evening when we were eating and done with the pool anyway.

    All in all, the Pirate Party is an absolute must do, but I'd definitely forgo the cost portion for the food and grab something cheaper and tastier.


    Feb 17, 2010
    Loving reading about your week. My boys are the ones on the other side of the volleyball net. They loved the beach and beach house.
    Are they? How fun! I LOVED the pool house and pool there. I don't get in the ocean so it was really nice it jump into and cool off! And it never seemed very crowded either!


    Feb 17, 2010
    We managed to hop up and get out the door fairly quickly again today.

    We had told the kids prior to coming on the trip about all the fun crafts and activities the resort was doing, and they were starting to ask why they hadn't done any yet :rolleyes2 The hardest part about some of these is that several of them are smack dab, right in the middle of the afternoon when I'd like to be at the beach. But, we made a game plan...

    For today, we decided we'd go to the beach in the morning and head back to the resort by 12:45p. The kids could do the 'vacation pillow' craft that day at 1:30p and each lunch afterwards. Later on the schedule that night was the campfire at 7:30p and then Toy Story 3 was being shown at the outdoor movie theater. We decided that we'd let the kids swim after crafts/lunch, grab Guiseppi's to go to eat at the pool, and then The Jood would take the kids to the campfire and the movie while Cecil and I went to the Christmas store in Shelter Cove to get our vacation ornament.

    We got to the beach at 10:00a, right on schedule by some miracle. We figured that we'd just fill our mugs with fresh deliciousness at the drink station on the beach. They start serving food until 11:00a, but we figured the drink area would at least be readily available... WRONG. We walked in and started rinsing our mugs when an employee walked over and advised that the 'drink machine is not turned on/open until 11:00a. And they weren't even sure why the doors we came through were unlocked yet.' Well, alright... I guess I can live for an hour without a beverage. I GUESS. But I'll remember this, sir. I. Will. Remember.

    Naturally, once 11:00am hit I was also hungry. I ended up with another tuna salad sandwich for lunch because it's delicious... and apparently completely ordinary after I asked for the recipe. Let's just pretend there is some kind of edible pixie dust sprinkled in there and call it a day. Shall we?!

    Since I am literally the world's slowest eater, we let the kids enjoy the pool for a bit shortly after they were done.


    I swear, I could save a ton of money on beach trips and just take them to the pool... it's kind of annoying actually. We're at the friggin' beach. Acknowledge it. Embrace it. And darn it, you'll like it.

    The activities do require advance sign ups, so we knew we were on a deadline. We let the kids stay in their swimsuits and cover ups to do their crafting pillow which took place in Community Hall. They got to pick their fabrics and the cast members helped them cut and tie the ends. This was the kids' first taste of personal attention from some of the staff and they completely ate it up! From this point forward they would say hi to the CMs they recognized, wave and point them out, and talk about how much they liked them.

    The whole thing took about an hour, which gave them a few good hours of pool time before we needed to eat something for dinner. Cecil ran and grabbed Giuseppi's, and we all met him back at the room to eat instead of eating at the pool. By the time he made it back with the food we figured we could eat, the kids could grab a quick shower and change of clothes, and everyone could head out to the campfire.


    Giuseppi's was something we had planned on getting at the suggestion of other Disboarders in the HHI thread. And it did NOT disappoint! I didn't have any of the pizza, but Cecil raved about it! He liked it a ton more than the pizza we had the first night at La Fontina. The kids really enjoyed theirs as well. The Jood and I both had salads, and OMG, the Cobb salad was amazing. I kid you not, I have literally been eating a makeshift Giuseppi's cobb salad at home for lunch, and sometimes dinner, every single day since we've been back. Nothing compares to their balsalmic dressing... but I'll take what I can get.

    Everyone quickly showered and got dressed for their evening activities. We took the kids over to the campfire to enjoy it a bit before we went to the Christmas store. We showed up around 7:15p, and I was pretty surprised that there were only 3 or so other families there. What seemed like a really quiet event, turned into a huge affair. By 7:35p the area had really filled out. All the seats were gone and people were gathered around behind them standing.

    The CMs really get the kids and parents into it with songs, and chants, and goofing around. We saw a bit, but left before we could be drawn into the madness! We left the resort to grab a surf shirt for Skyler since her arms were getting a good burn. By the time we got back, Shelter Cove stores were closed. BOO! We made a mental note of where the Christmas store was located and their closing time for the future.

    The movie was moved into Community Hall in anticipation of a nice rainstorm, and they were right! It stormed a bit just as we made it back to the room. I took the opportunity to catch up on E3 happenings and read my book. I made an ill fated attempt to read outside on the porch in the storm, but after about 20 minutes I had swiped 3 - 4 ants off my book and my body, so I called it a day.

    The kids came back just as I was starting to wonder where the heck they were. They raved about the campfire and the smores they made. We all agreed to make Thursday a pool only day. We'd stay at the resort and swim at the pool all day, go to Lawton Stables, walk around Harbour Town, and eat dinner at Salty Dog.

    SC Minnie

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    May 18, 2001
    Do you remember a recreation/lifeguard CM named Catherine?


    DIS Veteran
    Feb 21, 2007
    Were there any problems with jellyfish while you were there? Several people were stung last July when we were there, including my son :(.

    I love the vacation pillows. We all did Mickey tie dyes last summer- loved them!


    Feb 17, 2010
    Do you remember a recreation/lifeguard CM named Catherine?
    No, not off hand. There were a few we didn't get to interact with since they didn't help with the events.

    I'm better with faces though - it's entirely possible she's someone we interacted with and I would recognize her with a picture. There are a few that I remember loving but can't for the life of me remember their names. The lifeguard in the campfire picture for example - LOVED her, can't remember her name (Danica said it's Caitlyn).

    If she works there, I have no doubt she's absolutely amazing and fun!


    Feb 17, 2010
    Were there any problems with jellyfish while you were there? Several people were stung last July when we were there, including my son :(. I love the vacation pillows. We all did Mickey tie dyes last summer- loved them!
    We did see a few on the beach that were already dead. Cecil actually swam right up to a small one on accident and just kind of hung around watching it. When he got out of the ocean he had bright red streaks across his chest, so he must have gotten stung! It was just a little guy, and he didn't feel it at all, but it was kind of freaky to know that it could happen that easily.

    Perfect example of why I don't go in the ocean!


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