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Mar 2, 2005
We will be redecorating our playroom/tv room shortly. When DH says we could do the whole room in Disney theme..but just that one room. He got nervous when he saw me looking at Mickey toaster & cannisters for the kitchen. Anway its a small room..about 10 by 11. We keep the kids toys in there & a tv with a vcr & the gamecube for the kids. They call it the "playhouse" so now it will be the Disney playhouse.

Anyone have any suggestions to help us decorate or any photos you are willing to share of your Disney room? I have no idea where to start. Thanks!

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Oct 9, 2005
You can look at what we did in our DD's room .

Look at the link in my SIG - TINK ROOM


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Aug 18, 2005
We have been finishing our basement & it's almost done.
It will be a Disney family room with a Nemo bathroom also.

It's been painted in the Mickey colors from Home Depot.
For the bathroom, we used the Nemo colors from Home Depot.

We ordered a Disney door (Mickey on one side, Nemo on the other) from Home Depot last fall. Presently, Home Depot is not offering these - something about copyright with Disney - but they should be again soon. If you look on the website, they are still showing a few, but not as many (and not the ones I chose) as they were previously.

From Disneyshopping.com:
Mickey coffee table
couch pillows
blanket throws.
2 magnetic whiteboards (I'm going to put all my different Disney resort/park/character magnets on one...postcards on the other.

The contractors built a big bookcase into the wall - here I will put all my snowglobes, pic. frames, stuffed animals, etc....anything from Disney!

We got a Disney clock from Kohl's.

DH owns a frame shop & he is going to frame all of our Disney pics (Chef Mickey's, Photopass, etc.)

On Friday we check-in for 8 nights/9days at CBR. :cool1:
We're going to go to the Kodak PhotoLab in Epcot & get some posters/pics made there for DH to frame also.

Have fun decorating your room!!
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Feb 27, 2006
:goodvibes Here is my daughter's (she's 5) princess room! She tells me how she feels like a true princess in her bed!! princess: Notice the spongebob tv?? Someone thought she should have that instead of the princess!?! Oh well!!



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Jan 12, 2004
Here is my DS(5) Buzz Room:

And here is my Dining Room:

My Kitchen:

My Guest Bathroom:



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