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Earning My Ears
Jun 1, 2014
My husband had a stem cell transplant in January, 2014 due to Hodgkins Lymphoma.
He has had 5 different chemo regimens, as well as radiation. He is currently in remission, praise God! but now has neuropathy. We have been gifted a trip to DW by some amazing friends. He is unable to walk or stand for long periods due to the neuropathy. We will most likely be bringing a transport chair for him. Will we be able to access handicap lines? I do not care about the wait, I just want him to be able to sit while waiting. He is 46 years old and looks healthy. I'm also concerned about comments and meanness from those who will think he is fine but he truly is not.
Any advice or suggestions? We leave in 3 days!! thank you!!!


DIS Veteran
Jul 1, 2005
If he is in a wheelchair or ECV, he will be able to sit while in line.

That being said, make sure with his doctor if he needs to minimize contact with other people due to a weakened I'm une system. This happened with my dad, so we got him a DAS at Disneyland. This allows for him to get a return time and wait elsewhere or go on something where it won't affect him, then go on the ride after the length of the line. This may or may not be necessary, I would ask his doctor before going to be sure.


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