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Feb 10, 2012
You don't think they have Hispanic or Latino viewers? Or French viewers? Wow. Narrow point of view...

As a Hispanic person, I find it incredibly tragic that these people, who live in ORLANDO, FLORIDA, of all places, cannot even attempt to learn how to pronounce some Spanish words when they do a food review of a restaurant serving that type of cuisine. It's embarrassing for them and shows a complete lack of regard for any ethnicity different from their own. It also points to the larger issue of a complete lack of diversity among the team, but that's another discussion that they obviously don't want to have.

For the record, I am not offended, and honestly am about the least "PC" person ever, but this just makes them look really ignorant. I'm surprised they don't care about that.
You didn't like how Steve thought empanadas = enchiladas?

Cornish Lad

Oct 16, 2017
‘Here’ being? I have eaten some amazing food in Cornwall. I have a little holiday home in Pendeen. Too much delicious food in Cornwall to waste time eating profiteroles. 😂
Being a Cornishman born and bred I agree with the fabulous Cornish food but even so you will still find the good old profiterole on many menus even in Cornwall me 'andsome.

Tigger in a kilt

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Mar 15, 2018
I noticed in more recent videos, maybe Food and Wine, that Fiasco was doing better with the pronunciations, so I suspect that he has taken some of the comments on board.

I actually like Fiasco and his presence on Patreon doesn’t bother me at all - before he joined, we got less content there, so it’s not like he is edging others out. I remember being one of the only people in a thread who didn’t hate Charles when he arrived, and I think that people will start to like him more and more over the next few months.

Ryno ordering more vegetarian and vegan options has been great. I appreciate seeing a range of different tastes represented, and that’s one of the reasons that I think Deni is a great addition to the dining reviews.


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