Dinner during MNSS Halloween Party?

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    Aug 1, 2009
    I have dining reservations at MK during a Halloween Party night. I am not planning on attending the party. Will they kick me out of the park/restaurant if I am not done dining? If reservations are after the party starts, will they let me into the park even if I don't have a ticket to the Halloween party (I have AP for park admission, but not Halloween ticket)?
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    To get into the the park for dinner you will need a ticket to the event.
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    OP is an AP holder. If they are in the park before the party, they do NOT need a ticket to the event as it doesn't start until 7. But if their ressie is after the party starts, then yes, you will need a ticket to the event.

    OP- depends on your ressie. The party starts at 7 so if you are not at your ressie before then, you will be asked to leave. I would plan on an early dinner no later than 6 pm. If you are still dining when it starts, they won't kick you out but they will tell you to leave immediately after. They do check wristbands for the party.
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    1. If you made the dining reservation through the restaurant's regular reservation page, it will only list times that can be booked without party tickets (e.g. Be Our Guest dinner is 4:00 to 6:00 on a MNSSHP night).

    2. You won't be asked to leave mid-meal, but once you are finished dining you will have to leave the park if it is after 7 PM. Depending on which restaurant and the time you might be escorted to the front gate by a castmember. You will not be able to stop at any stores or food venues so do your shopping before dinner. You also won't be able to stop at a bathroom so go before leaving the restaurant.

    3. You will not be allowed in the park after the start of the party unless you have a party ticket. For dining reservations at a time that requires party tickets you have to book it through the "MNSSHP Dining page and it will say multiple times on the first page that party tickets are required for every reservation made through this page.

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