Apr 8, 2016
im going too a new dentist on monday its a dentist that helps with autism and speical needs i hope it goes good the website says it uses iv sedation or general anesthesia when doing dentist work like fillings or caps or getting teeth pulled if needed thats good im very scared of dentists as a kid they use too strap me down on a papoose board i always got laughing gas as i got older or general anesthesia do you go too a dentist who helps with autism or speical needs whats your dentist like it is ok too be scared right i think im going do good at the dentist do you like your dentist ever needed any dentist work is it a kids dentist or a regular dentist some adults with speical needs can still go too pediatric dentists i hope my new dentist is caring because im scarred


Oct 27, 2011
Hi mikie. We chatted about the dentist the other day. We decided there isn't anything to be worried about this visit. You plan to have xrays and a check-up, but no real dental work performed. Do you have an iPod or something portable that you can use to listen to music? Will the dentist allow you to wear headphones and listen to music during the exam? That can be calming. And bring something familiar with you, even if it's a Star Wars figure or something tucked into your pocket. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow and hope the appointment goes well.


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