dear lord, is there any such thing as a chair-height beach lounger?


Jul 29, 2010
you know what I'm talkin about? all of um. I swear, maybe 12 inches off the sand/pool deck. everywhere I go, lined up beautifully, shoulder to shoulder, too low for me to get up off of now. it's almost as though they're not sexy or something unless they're low. I've been staring at the ones at beach club, where I'm going next. I dunno.... should I inquire of them?

actually I don't consider this dilemma a function of a disability. it would be more an acknowledgement that there are people in their 60's who are very much still active, vital, interested people who can and want to fully participate but may need something to be a little different now.


Do all the good you can, to all you can.
Aug 8, 2000
. . . maybe 12 inches off the sand/pool deck . . .

The low seat has definite design reasons . . .
. . . when sitting higher, you are closer to the sun and can get burned more quickly
. . . when sitting higher, there's an increased risk of bodily injury when tipping over when drunk at the beach
. . . when sitting lower, people struggle to get out and go into the water less, thus reducing overcrowding
. . . when sitting lower, people's rear ends can't sag the chair strands as much, since droop is halted by the sand



Oct 27, 2011
Yes, there is! My husband has one. At first glance it would appear to be a standard folding lawn chair, but it has a reclining back and is actually quite nicely padded seat and back. I'll try to find out the brand name (if I can even find it on the chair now) -- if I recall, he bought it in Stone Harbor, NJ several years ago.

Moving this to the disABILITIES Community Board...


DIS Veteran
Oct 10, 2007
Are you only looking for loungers that have your lower body flat or are ones where the entire seat tips back okay? (Most have some level of leg extension as part of what they do, but it's not like a traditional beach lounger.)


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