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Aug 24, 2003
Last week, I went to Guest Services at Epcot. I have gotten a DAS for our annual trip to WDW. We have always been treated with respect. I have nerve damage from a surgery that went bad. I have trouble standing long periods of time in line. My Dr does not want me in a wheelchair. When the CM asked how the DAS would help I explained how. I was really surprised when the CM stated “You need to be in a wheelchair”. In fairness, He stopped when I said my Dr doesn’t want me in one. I just thought it was very tacky to tell a guest “You need to be in a wheelchair”. I guess I am being sensitive just frustrating.


Oct 27, 2011
Sorry the CM was blunt and rude; that’s not right. However, using a mobility device is the standard accommodation for such needs. You do not have to sit in it all the time, you can push when needing to walk. Or maybe a rollator would be more preferable for you. Most queues are slow-moving rather than standing still the whole time. Good planning of FP+ helps as well. But the CM could have explained it to you better. In the future, i suggest you plan that DAS may not be available.

Enjoy your vacation!


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Feb 12, 2017
Sorry to hear you felt the CM was rude, but there are very, very, very few places to sit down at WDW and they remove more of them all the time. They recently removed the planters/seating in Tomorrowland over by Space Mountain as of last month.

I have trouble standing long periods of time in line.
DAS won't be able to accommodate your issue because no matter what, you're going to be standing somewhere at WDW, unless you are sitting on a toilet or at a restaurant LOL. Most of the outdoor seating at restaurants now requires that you be holding a meal (and yes, the CM's do patrol the area now!) You can't sit down on the concrete anywhere for safety reasons, and yes, the CM's do patrol the park asking people who are seated to stand back up. DAS provides you a way to stand off to the side of the actual queue and not be considered line-cutting if you jump into the line closer to the loading areas. The CM was correct in that you need to bring your own seating, whether that be a wheelchair, a rollator, an ECV, etc. Camping chairs and portable chairs are not allowed at Disney as per park rules, so that leaves you with renting/bringing your own mobility device.

I am certain that if you told your doctor that you were planning to spend 8+ hours on your feet on a hard asphalt surface, walking averages of 8-10 miles each day in high temperatures and humidity, they would agree that a mobility device (used in short bursts/periods of time), would be much more preferable to the pain and damage you will cause yourself.

North of Mouse

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Mar 31, 2011
I feel so sorry for the CMs that are automatically jumped on when someone feels slighted. The CM was absolutely correct in their answer, even if it was a little blunt. Everyone doesn't have finesse when answering, some sound brusque, but that doesn't always mean 'rude'. They face this so many times a day and some guests are lots more rude to them. Please, people, cut them a little slack whether you like their answer or not. :butterfly

As janejudy said OP, you will much more comfortable with a rollator or similar, then you can sit and rest whenever you feel the need. Have a good vacation.


Oct 17, 2005
I hear you! I have the same problem. I can’t stand for any amount of time without my back locking up in agony. I have to keep moving and have room to pace. I can walk forever but 10-20 mins of standing place or shuffling will kill me. A wheel chair isn’t an answer for me I don’t need to sit, I have to keep moving.

I skip a lot of rides, parades and shows because of this.

I couldn’t tell from your post, but did you end up getting a pass?


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