DIS Veteran
Oct 7, 2005
Just a small rant I had a firm come round last week to get a quote on some work, its now a week later no quote. Contacted another firm they were supposed to come round last night but rang because were they supposed to visit me last night? I said yes they said could they come round at about 1300 this afternoon it's now an hour later and they haven't turned up or rung. I thought people wanted to have work but trying to get a contractor to a come out and b give me a quote is like getting blood out of stone.


DIS Veteran
Jul 14, 2006
If someone isn't bothered about getting your work in the first place I suspect they will be even less intrested in doing a good job. If someone doesn't get back to me when they should then they donl' get another chance. Try using the Tradinig Standards buy with confidence web site



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