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Jan 14, 2005
Hi :wave2: I am trying to get my soon to be spare/scrapbooking room organized to use. My room is a soft blue, long white scrapbooking table, black and white small side the bed dresser, large comfy chair that I want slipped covered, rug I don't care what colour it is(stays for now).
I want to make a simple patch work quilt for the single bed. What colours can I use? So far I have blue walls
black and white
Oh, my theme is Disney/Tinkerbell.


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Sep 7, 2000
Do you still have a paint sample/chip from painting the walls? Blues are really very difficult to match sometimes - we had to do our master bath twice because the soft "powder" blue looked like a lilac on the walls when we were done instead of a soft "sky" blue which actually is on the green/yellow side of blue.

Take that paint sample to a fabric store and then look for a ginham print that has your blue, a bit of black and then a light green and even a butter yellow (Tink's outfit and hair-but they don't have to be as bold as her colours). Once you have that ginham picked out, you should be able to find other prints and solids that go with the ginham.

Your project sounds really fun.



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Apr 29, 2001
I agree with my fellow Laurie, blues can be so hard to match. You never realize how different the undertones are until you put them next to each other.

If your blue is a warmer blue with yellow/green undertones, you can operate off of a spectrum of "sea" based colors.. just think of the ocean and the aqua blues, seafoams, etc. This would go really well with the Tinkerbell theme with her dress color.

If your blue is a cooler purple/red based blue, consider adding some lavenders and greys into the mix. With this color I can see you working maybe pictures or posters of the castle into the decor

If you can't get a chip of the paint color to take with you, go to the fabric store and pick out a few of your favorite fabrics. Ask them for a swatch of the fabrics to bring home. See which goes the best with your wall color and take it back and use that as a base to pick your quilt fabrics :)

Have a blast making your quilt and be sure to post a picture of it when you are done!


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