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    Hi everyone,
    Make sure you book enough days as you might potentially need with the Canadian rate tickets. My daughter was sick on day 3 so we took turns taking my other daughter to the park. For day 4 of our 4 day hoppers we opted to return the following week when she was feeling better instead and decided to add a 5th day to our hoppers. 4 5-day hoppers are only a total of $50 more (for all 4) at original time of purchase. At the parks they were going to charge us $103 US a ticket to add an extra day. They take the amount you paid for the ticket you have and put that amount towards the gate price of the ticket you want essentially revoking the Canadian rate discount you received! We opted to spend our money elsewhere instead of adding a day.
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    Jun 24, 2010
    Yes, this is how it works. Change the ticket, lose the discount. Since these tickets are bought through Disney, there is no bridging. As soon as you modify, they know exactly what you paid. You’ll pay the difference between what you paid and the full sticker price of the new ticket.
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    So I wonder if they know the price of the Airmiles tickets we get?
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    Feb 12, 2017
    Yes, unfortunately that's the way it is. I still have a set of 7 day non-expiring tickets that aren't hoppers and I'm 99% sure I want to change them to hoppers when we eventually use them. I will just have to suck it up and lose the Canadian discount I got when I purchased them. With SWGE opening, we will definitely want to spend a good 3-4 half days at DHS, but there is no way we want to spend the whole day there, so hoppers it will have to be.
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    Nov 7, 2017
    We used our 2016 Cdn promo tickets this past December. When trying to add a day (to our existing 8 day tickets), the CM at Guest Relations told us it would be $260USD per ticket (i.e. $780 for two adults and one child) to get that extra day. No joke. Feeling incredulous, I asked her to confirm the math, and that she was quoting a per-ticket price, because there's no way that made any sense even with the ticket price increases to date and revocation of Canadian promo discounts. She reiterated the same number, which would've been 2.5x more expensive than if we just each bought new single day tickets!
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    March 2017 we went to WDW using Canadian discounted ticket(5 day passes) we bought prior to arrival. Before we eve stepped into a park we went to guest relations in Disney springs to activate then and upgraded the tickets to 7 days. Cost me $20 per ticket so $60 to add 2 days to 3 tickets.
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    Nov 13, 2017
    The problem is when you're using old tickets and there's been a price increase since then, Disney knows how much you paid for the original tickets and you're paying the price increase as if you were buying a new ticket on that day. If you bought the Canadian discounted tickets and there hasn't been an increase between when you purchased and when you're going, then you would just pay the upcharge according to the same prices you bought at. We still have Canadian resident tickets from 2017 that don't expire but we've purchased 2 sets of tickets after that because we wanted to go for more days than the tickets we had and it was fairly expensive to add on those days to the 2017 tickets. We'll just save those for a trip when we want to go that number of days.
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