BLT Grand Villa for two nights - yahooo


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May 12, 2006
We have a May trip planned. 2 nights in a grand villa at BLT and then 8 nights in a 2 bedroom at Beach Club. Our two home resorts are Beach Club and Animal Kingdom and we mostly stay at them. Never tried BLT before. So what can you all tell me about BLT and will we love staying there? Will I want to add on at BLT after we try it?


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May 11, 2010
I have only stayed in a Studio there... and it was cramped. BUT, the grand villas look beautiful. I can't see how one wouldn't like it.
The things I liked the most about BLT was not too much walking to get to shops and food in CR. The monorail is very convenient. AND walking home after MK fireworks was easy and stress free.
I'm sure you will love it.


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Feb 21, 2005
The GV at BLT is wonderful! We spent a week in one a few years a go (we own at BLT). We had 10 people and there was plenty of space.

The walk to MK is priceless.

Enjoy your stay!


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Nov 29, 2004
I have only stayed at BLT one time but I liked it very much. We were in a studio with a lake view, I didn't find the studio to be too small for the two of us.

I loved the location to MK and the ability to access all the resort restaurants in the MK area, using the monorail makes that very convenient. We usually stay at BW so going to restaurants in MK area isn't as convenient.

I liked the skywalk from BLT to CR, very easy to get to the monorail that way.

I wouldn't mind owning points at BLT but my DH is a diehard BW fan and really only wants to stay there.

I'm sure you will have a wonderful time, enjoy! pixiedust:

Donna M

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Aug 8, 2008
Only you can answer whether or not to add on, but I don't know how you can't have a wonderful time in the gv.


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Dec 17, 2016
I only own at BLT and after staying at PVB and BWV, I am still very happy with my choice. I'll continue to hit some other locations once in a while, but I have never quite felt "at home" anywhere but BLT. It's very subjective, I know, and YMMV.

I did get to stay 3 nights at VGC, and that was a close second for me, being an excellent experience too, but DLR doesn't appeal to me as much as WDW.


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