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Katie Dawn

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Apr 15, 2007
You would think that since I bake my husband’s favorite for him every year that he would get a clue. No such luck. 🙄
OP, if you want a cake, ask for it. I do think that spouses sometimes are just oblivious to certain things, especially if it hasn't been the norm of getting you a cake after so many years. He probably just doesn't even realize it's something you would want.
I also would recommend that you just ask him, instead of expecting him to put the pieces together. It took me several years of my 21 years of marriage to figure this out. When we expect our spouse to figure it out we set ourselves up to be hurt, and our spouses to be hurt by the way we act towards them, when it was totally avoidable.

Alternatively, if you want to splurge, and don't have a local bakery you love.... Publix's cakes are so good!
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Apr 23, 2013
Store bought is how I like my cakes. I like ShopRite's buttercream frosting a lot, so that's usually what we get. I didn't have a cake this year- my uncle had just passed away a couple of weeks before after a difficult and prolonged illness. Nobody felt much like celebrating.
  • TipsyTraveler

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    Jan 9, 2014
    Gosh, thinking about it, the last cake I can remember was one my friends got for me for my 16th. I’m 39 now. I’ve never much cared for cake so I guess I didn’t miss it all these years. I was the only kid at my 5th birthday party who turned their nose up at the cake. :snooty:


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    Apr 1, 2000
    Every other year, my birthday gets celebrated at my Dad's in FL, so I get a Publix cake. Yum! In the off years, it's either the day or two before we fly (my birthday is Christmas week) so I just get cupcakes for home, or the in-laws have cheesecake (if we have already flown in).

    Growing up, my Mom made cakes for extra money. So she always made me whatever cake I wanted.


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    Aug 12, 2006
    When my son was little, it was a themed homemade cake, a guitar, Mario, a big castle etc. now it’s store bought ice cream cake for him , typically store Bakery multi mini cakes bought for hubby’s day and a bought cake for mine. And I Always decorate with signs, banners and balloons for All birthdays. We also have a Bday Singing Mouse that plays drums for Every birthday ... tradition
    I decorate for every holiday.. just my thing🇺🇸


    May 12, 2018
    Growing up my family never had much money but my Mom always made a big deal about birthdays and a real bakery birthday cake. She would take us and let us go through their cake photo book for cakes for kids and choose our own. Anytime in my life I've lived near my Mom, she would ALWAYS bring me a small real bakery cake even when I was an adult. Last year she died unexpectedly and I knew I was going to have to face my 40th birthday with no one getting me a cake for the first time (my husband, like most husbands, just doesn't think to do it). So I asked myself, "WWLD"? ("What Would Lucy Do", Lucy was my Mom). I went BIG. I ordered myself a big a$$ real bakery cake, Haunted Mansion themed with the tight rope walker from one of my favorite local bakeries. My Mom would be horrified by a birthday with no bakery cake so it's not happening. Instead of thinking to myself, "I wish my husband would do this for me" I try to think about how I'm in complete control of the flavors and design of my cake and I can choose something that makes ME happy. I hope you can try that too. Get something that will make YOU happy, don't worry about what your family likes. And go BIG. Treat yo' self! 2020 demands it.
  • ronandannette

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    May 4, 2006
    I'm pretty handy with a piping tip and I do lots of cakes for people and their milestones. I usually make my own if I want one or on occasion friends have given me one as a gift. This year for the first time ever, DH and DS made me one because we were in full-quarantine at the time. It was a hot mess but it's the thought that counts, right? :cake: I don't expect they'll ever do it again and I'm fine with that.

    Bianca and Bernard

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    Jul 12, 2015
    I've gotten a cake or cupcake from DD#2 every now and then for my birthday; maybe 3-4 times since she became an adult. Before that, the last time I got a cake was when I was.....13, maybe? I know after I hit high school, I never got another one at home. then again, I don't do cakes for DH's birthday either, so it's fair. We both figure we're adults and don't need to wait for a special (or not special, depending on your view) occasion to have cake!


    Apr 30, 2005
    We have three family birthdays within two weeks of each other. Mine is the last so usually we are tired of cake by the time my birthday rolls around. Sometimes I get a strawberry pie or key lime pie,


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    May 31, 2006
    I’m the birthday baker but this year my daughter did make me cupcakes.

    Usually my son wants a birthday big chocolate chip cookie( pizza pan used) really easy. Than piped with the icing from my chocolate brownies.

    Daughter this week wanted chocolate cheese cake with brownie toppings.

    My husband wants pie. I hate making pies but for him I do Favourite is rhubarb only no strawberry mix.

    My daughter asked about blowing out candles this year...since well when you blow out candles your bound to have droplets.

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