Best resort at Christmas-time?


Glad to be a test subject
Mar 17, 2008
Thank you all so much for your advice! Our school is always closed that Friday the week after Thanksgiving and since they have the whole week of Thanksgiving off they never have any major tests or projects due that week, making it the best time for us to go around Christmas and avoid the crowds of holiday break. I had no idea it would be one of the most difficult weeks of the year to rent DVC! I guess I will make a normal reservation through Disney at a resort and then cancel that if we are able to rent DVC. How do I try to find an owner and work out the details prior to the 11 month mark so that they can try to get us a reservation at 8am that day?
Look on the Rent/Trade board here and you'll want to look for an owner renting out points that are at the resort you decide you wish to stay at since it will be a home resort booking. They also will have to be offering points that are valid to be used for booking those dates. And ready the rental board stickies on things to do and not do when renting.


I'd rather be at Disney
Mar 17, 2016
When will the resorts be decorated for Christmas? Will be there through the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Will any resorts be decorated by then?
A couple of years ago we were there in Mid Nov. Some of the parks were partially decorated, but the resorts hadn't started much of their decorations yet. When we asked, they said the decorations would be done that coming weekend. So we just missed them. Given that timing, it's my thought that they probably try to have the Christmas decorations up at the hotels the weekend before Thanksgiving.


Mar 18, 2019
Did a family vacation the first week of December, 2018 and it was great. Huge tree in the lobby and big fire place which we took advantage of after magical hours at the MK.


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