Basic training and care packages-need advice please


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Jul 15, 2003
Sorry to drag you all into a minor marital dispute...but here goes:

My nephew(on DH's) side of the family) just started basic training. He is in the Army, I if that makes a difference.

We just got his address from my SIL. She sent a whole note that states-do not send porn, no drugs, tobacco or alcohol. Letters are encouraged, along with photos and news lips from home.

DH wants to send a care package. If this nephew were going to college, we WOULD send a care package. But-I am just thinking a care package to basic training just isn't a good idea.

I need some advice here. I can whip up a great care package, (DD is in college..I've had plenty of practice!:goodvibes). My intuition just says that a care package in basic is not going to go over well.

As far as family dynamics, this nephew is on DH's side of the family, so DH gets final say. I just need to give him some great advice, whether a care package is appropriate for someone in basic training.

Thanks all!

ETA: I found the info I needed, which - as you all probably know - no fun care packages for the duration of basic training. My DH is bummed - but that last thing we want to do is get our nephew into trouble!


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Mar 7, 2014
I'm glad you were able to find what you were looking for!

I went through basic training just about 12 years ago, and care packages were highly discouraged. Mainly because there is literally NOWHERE to store anything non-essential. I'm not sure how it is for the Army, but for the Coast Guard we had one upright locker to store all of our uniform items (dress blues, work uniforms, etc), shower kit, PT gear, shoeshine kit, our piece (demilitarized M1 garand rifle), study materials, and rain/cold weather gear. Not much room for anything else. They have coffin racks for storage now (beds with a locker under the mattress, as opposed to upright lockers of yesteryear), but the capacity is rather the same.

That being said, those that were sent care packages (we had a guy whose parents sent him cookies for his birthday, which umm hello, that's food!) were usually made fun of in front of everyone for being "babied" by their families. Care packages of fun stuff/contraband is a distraction from training, which is their primary focus for the duration of their time there. Letters and pictures from home are just fine, but anything beyond that I'd save to send to them at their first duty station.


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