Atlanta Solo/Adult Disney Travelers Meet-up?


Dec 12, 2018
So, I was thinking that maybe it'd be a good idea to organize a meet-up of solo and adult travelers who live in the Atlanta area. Given that "The World" is either a not-so-bad drive or a short flight away ("Delta's ready whenever you are!") away, I imagine that there are quite a few of us here on Disboards who are APs and get down to Walt Disney World quite frequently.

I think it would be cool if we just formed a casual group to meet up for coffee or drinks regularly and build some rapport and just chat about our mutual love for Disney and the parks in an in-person social setting.

What do you all think? (And if you're not in the Atlanta area, but think this is a great idea for where you live, feel free to steal my idea! ;) )


Earning My Ears
Jul 15, 2019
That sounds really cool! I’m down :) Don’t get to Disney too often cause I’m a student at the moment, but I’m always looking for ways to try to save and go!


Sep 15, 2005
Off topic, but wanted to make other solo travelers out there aware that I am cancelling an ADR @ Oga's Cantina for 1 person on 9/8/19 @ 1:10 PM. I put this on the September cancellation page, but PM me if you'd like to try to coordinate. Cheers!

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Earning My Ears
Jan 24, 2018
I don't get to go nearly as much as I like, but it would be great to meet some other Disney enthusiasts in the area and have a coffee!


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