As part of the new Milieux institute, Concordia academics will host an inspired challenge to ableist


Earning My Ears
Mar 31, 2016
...assumptions from May 4th to 5th.

Interesting article from Concordia University Montreal on upcoming symposium.

“The lack of disability studies in academic discussions and research reflects the ableist attitudes of society as a whole,” says Owen Chapman, associate professor in the Department of Communication Studies, and chair of theCritical Disability Studies Working Group (CDSWG), housed in Concordia’s newly created Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology.

"We're working to change that"

More here.
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minnie mum

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Mar 8, 2011
Not sure how academic programs or studies ( or the lack thereof) has anything to do with visiting WDW with a disability.

SueM in MN

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Aug 23, 1999
Moving to disABILITIES COMMUNITY Board since it would fit there.


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