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Apr 26, 2005
I'm a high school special educator, working in a program for students with Intellectual Disabilities, plus I have a small private tutoring practice with elementary and middle schoolers. My new school where I work is 1:1 iPad, so I'm having a lot of fun exploring different options for using the iPad to support my students in different ways.

Some apps I'm enjoying

1) Switchamajig: I just got this with one of my students who has profound CP. I love that I can set it up with 1 or 2 switches and put them exactly where I want them, and move them around easily during a session. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to actually try the APP with her because she's at the beach.

2) Haiku deck: I've been using this app to make presentations with my students with ID. It's so much simpler than Powerpoint, but the presentations come out looking very dramatic with lots of pictures and great fonts.

3) Virtual math manipulatives (there are a couple different apps depending on what you want). I love how easy it is to set up and clean up, and combine manipulatives and drawings or graphic organizers. I also love that I can project while I'm playing and let the whole class see. My older kids also appreciate that they're using the same tool as their peers, rather than "babyish" manipulatives.

Anyway, I'm wondering what apps you've found that you love and make it easier for you or a loved one with a disability to do something.


Mar 10, 2010
Bitsboard!! Has been great in helping my 2.5yo son (ASD) with language acquisition, and I've heard that some people even use it as a digital PECS. I've saved some of the pictures to Dropbox, resized them, then printed them out for use during therapy sessions or to create visual schedules.


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