Any other Canadians planning a trip?


Aug 22, 2012
This will be our first trip ever to DL Paris. We’ve been to DL and WDW many times though. I’m a bit overwhelmed with the planning. I understand that there are different European country sites and each offer different pricing. I’m just wondering if there’s any other Canadians that have recently booked and if they have any advise? My head is already hurting from comparing everything and trying to do the money conversions. I’m not sure if we’ll stay at a Disney hotel, with the exchange it seems so expensive. Leaning towards maybe booking a partner hotel and tickets separately. Although the free meals or half board I think they call it could be a good deal. Any thoughts or advise?


DIS Veteran
Nov 3, 2004
I don't have a ton of great advice but am a Canadian that was just there two weeks ago for only a day. Day trip from Paris. I just bought a one day/two park pass right on the Disney website. It was a bit cheaper because it was a weekday. I just printed off the voucher at home before I left. It served as my pass for the day. I was unused to this as I have always had little cards when attending the parks in North America (but that was 5 or so years ago last). I just scanned the paper for park entry and fast passes. Had a great day overall!


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Jun 28, 2017
You can easily do conversions using Google. Just type {price in Euro's} eur to cad and you get the price in Canadian Dollars. Same if you're on the UK site {price in pounds} gbp to cad. No need to break your head about it and do the conversions yourself ;)


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Feb 5, 2012
Just because I love Excel, I would create something like below. Use Google or a website like to convert all to the same currency.

I think you can make it as complicated as you want. There is not one best way. I would first make a decision between do you want the convenience of a package deal, or save money by booking things separately. Although, you would first have to figure out if booking separately is going to save you money ;-)



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