Animal Kingdom Kidani Room Request Question


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Jun 12, 2017
Are there any Standard View Rooms at Kidani that are a surprise view?

So perhaps a partial view of a Savannah or something other than a parking lot.
I had to book what was available, but thought I would make a request and see what happens.


Living the Mouse Dream
Feb 11, 2016
If you have a subscription to TP, they have a room views page and can help you narrow it down. I am not sure how detailed?


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Aug 19, 1999
If you want a chance for savanna view, request a room near the Pumba elevator. See this map: The front of the lobby faces west and the north wing is the one on the left side of the map having nine building pods. The elevators for the resort are at the red AED signs on the map. The Pumba elevator is the one between the sixth and seventh building pods from the lobby on the north wing, and those two building pods have standard view rooms overlooking the Pembe savanna (they were converted to standard from savanna view in 2012).. Note that if you get one of those rooms, you will have very long walks to the lobby and bus stop.


DIS Veteran
Feb 24, 2013
I would say subscribe to Touring Plans and start filtering. They get very granular on room offerings. I don't personally feel right giving out exact rooms because we used them, got the exact room we requested (we rented points), and it was right over the smaller Pembe Savanah but still a shorter walk to the lobby.

Had a great view for "standard", the keeper was right outside our room at times and you could talk with them about the animals. Not to mention had the "lesser animals" all around even though you won't see the Zebras and stuff.

You might be able to interpret what I said to know where we were located though. Don't get your heart set on it though I will say we also had a room right over the bus area and that was pretty great as well since it was a very short walk to get to the busses. (Split stay as we added on 2 nights at the start of our vacation because of Dorian)


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Mar 17, 2016
Yes, there are rooms that have a partial savanna view. We had one the last time we stayed there. It was actually a pretty nice view and there were frequently animals wandering around the area.


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