And here, my friends, is Sylvia


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Jun 25, 2000
I thought when I clicked on the link that the pictures would make me sad. But they didn't.

All of those pictures radiate love and family and good times.

I know through e-mails with Sylvia, that she had a very strong support system around her. Support that will be extended to Nick.

So I am happy that Nick has so much love and family around him.

Thank you Dans for sharing.


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Apr 23, 2000
Thanks to both Dans for sharing those wonderful pictures!


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Jun 24, 2000
A beautiful lady.......... We love ya Sylvia.
  • Pooh93

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    Sep 19, 2000
    What a beautiful person....Thanks to both Dan's for sharing. Can't even imagine what he and the rest of her family are going through.


    Such beauty, such love, such caring, such tenderness.......... and then the candle is snuffed out. Gina is right; life is indeed so unfair. Looking at these pictures, I experience more anger than sadness. The "Divine" order of things is askew; FAITH doesn't begin to explain the reasons for this poor woman's death.


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    Feb 4, 2000
    Thanks Dan for posting!!!
    Shes a very beuatiful lady...Ill continue to pray for her family.


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    Aug 24, 1999
    It took me until just now to be able to look....I knew she'd be beautiful, too, you could see that in Nick. The one of her holding him close is heartbreaking, brought tears to my eyes all over again. She had such a radiant personality and she was such fun to play with.

    They say the personality of a child is ingrained by the time they are 6 years old. Sylvia got to finish laying the groundwork, she molded the man he will become. :D
  • julie_yet

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    Mar 2, 2000
    Thank you for posting those pictures Dan. I'm trying to think of something even remotely coherent to say but I really don't know what to say.

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    May 15, 2000
    Thank you to both Dans for sharing these wonderful photos of Sylvia and family with us. They were very touching.
  • Dan Murphy

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    Apr 20, 2000
    Gee, I have looked at these pictures probably 10 times since I posted them, with the same results each time. :( She was a very special lady. :(


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    Aug 18, 1999
    Syliva was a beautiful woman both inside and out. She will be missed.

    Dan Murphy

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    Apr 20, 2000
    Just bumping up for those who may have missed last week's news regarding our friend, Sylvia, and are logging in for the first time in a few days here on Monday morning. Keep her in your prayers.


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    Jan 17, 2001
    Oh, I'm so sad again....the tears are streaming!
    Thank you Dan for posting those pictures of our dear Sylvia....She's so beautiful...and little Nick...What a gem. Let's not forget them in our prayers!!!! And I will surely say a prayer for her SO, Dan...he must be so heartbroken too. God bless them all!


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    May 14, 2001
    Thank you to both Dan's.
    She was beautiful.
    What a shame to lose someone so young with so much to live for.
    God bless you all.

    Cindy B

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    Oct 8, 2000
    Oh my, there is no words for this...

    How incredible, and just a little glimpse still makes my heart heavy.....

    Dan, thank you, for making the prayers and support more personal.


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