An Aussie on a Wine & Dine 2019 Mission - Comments Very Welcome


Dec 31, 2015
Don't cancel your touring plans! You should be fine as long as you don't have a goal to PR, and even then, it's still possible. I ran all 3 races during Star Wars Weekend and I park hopped with the family every day, all day, all week, and felt fine. In the next few weeks, you could practice by being on your feet for most of the day, especially after long runs.
Nope no intention to PR at any of these races. I'm very much approaching them with a relaxed sense and intend to enjoy every mile and as many character meet and greets/photo stops as possible. With all the money you pay to participate I think it'd be pretty silly to rush through. Plus I'm anticipating big crowds so it'd be pretty hard to PR anyways :)


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