Earning My Ears
Oct 31, 2015
i'm tired of mean people trying to dissuade me.hi so i'm from missouri and i went to a convent and i think i was accepted now my mom is a serious catholic who sometimes gets to be very tyrannical and everyone in my family knows that but anyway i know that sometimes she has the best intentions for her daughter so lately i have been super nervous and unable to sleep (and yes--this isn't because of mental illness rather i like all other people sometimes come to a very serious and distressing moment in our lives where we have recured to all kinds of help none of which work) so a long time ago i was diagnosed with mental illness when i was still a young teen so i was told i was psychotic and had anxiety and was put on meds and now i talked to all kinds of doctors and they have been all really unhelpful and they just go well people cant read your medical records even though that's bs because even in the military they have the right to check your medical records anyway i was just wondering what should i do should i pretend like it never happened and risk getting kicked or try to explain to them that it was after a traumatic experience and let them shut the door in my face?? and again no mean answers because i feel like people on the internet only help those who will benefit others with $$$ and not with salvation and i'm just sick and tired of that


DIS Veteran
Jun 7, 2015
Okay, people can't read your medical records *without your permission*. YOU are entitled to a copy which you can share with doctors, clergy, or post on telephone poles it that's what suits you. (Don't do that! That's a terrible idea ;) )

If the advice you're asking for is whether to hide the information from the convent... I think you know in your heart that that's not a strong basis for a lifelong decision. Be honest, even if that means they tell you to find a different path to serve God. Enter this phase of your life open and honest and whichever way it goes, it will be the wiser path.

My God bless you on your journey and guide you to those who offer the words you need.


Oct 27, 2011
moving to the disABILITIES Community Board since this does not pertain to vacation planning


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Dec 30, 2005
I have no idea what you are talking about; not only is your writing muddled, but the lack of proper punctuation and sentence structure makes it impossible to reply. It does appear that your thinking is rather scattered. Maybe you should go back to your doctor and discuss your issues with him/her.

If you are asking if you should hide your mental health issues from a convent, don't. Believe me, they will quickly discover these anyway. Good luck.

BTW, yes, in the military your superiors can look at your medical records, but this has nothing to do with the laws for civilians.


Which way to the Hundred Acre Woods
Oct 22, 2004
You say your mom is tyrannical and you say that you have anxiety and have been told you are psychotic.

There may be two things going on:
1) Your mom is the one is the one with a mental disorder and is trying to discredit and control your (hence the anxiety). She may act like she has the best intentions, but she really doesn't.

2) You have some mental issues. Your mom is giving you some tough love.

Ask yourself why you are joining a convent? Is this what you want? What your mom wants? Is this to get away from your mom?

As far as the convent, it seems like you are being adversarial... you should work with them to figure out if this is a good fit for you and for them.
Have they asked about your mental health? If so, you should be honest about your issues and what meds you are on.


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