A really massive Thank You


Aug 18, 2019
After more than a year of waiting we finally leave Portugal tomorrow and head for the UK before flying out to Orlando on Wednesday for a 2 week adventure at Universal (Hard Rock) & Disney (AS Movies).

When we booked the holiday we knew there was a huge amount to see and do and so we looked online to get as many tips, advice and knowledge as we could. We have watched hours and hours of YouTube videos and reviews and they've been great fun to watch and get excited about.

But then we found DIS Boards and Dis Unplugged and knew straight away that we had hit gold.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everyone involved in running this site and for all the members that we've interacted with. The help we have got from here has been priceless and even the smallest query, issue or concern has been answered and we've been able to help other people based on the information we've gathered.

I have all the links from here set up on my phone so will absolutely keep checking in while we're away. And when we get back I'll do some reviews and reports to help others and will remain a very active member.

We've not been to Orlando for nearly 20 years - so much has changed since we last visited and your help has been incredible.

Once again - a massive thank you to you all. Pete :love1:😍💕🤟


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