7 nights on Fantasy and 14 nights at Yacht club 2017


Jan 22, 2008
What a fabulous trip report! I'm loving reading it. We've been on all of the Disney ships except the Fantasy but haven't cruised for a few years and it's lovely to read about the ports where we've been.

We love the Yacht Club although we haven't stay club level there. Stormalong Bay is our favourite pool.
Thank you so much for reading along, glad you are enjoying it. Oh i would love to try all the ships one day :cloud9: We don't have a cruise planned for our next trip and i really think we are going to miss spending time at sea, such a wonderful way to see different places.

We were definitely spoilt at the Yacht club, it was a shame we had the dining plan as we really did not make much use of all the lovely food available, we are going to miss that place - next year its back to CBR as im hopeful most of the construction and room refurbs will be done.


Jul 6, 2006
what great trip report. Enjoyed all your pictures as well as the ship sailed on it a few years back & brought back many fond memories. Sounds like your trip was perfect. Thanks for sharing
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    Jan 22, 2008
    Day 14 - 28th September - 94 degrees

    Had an epic nose bleed when i woke up so we stayed in the room and slowly got ready once it stopped.

    We had an 11.40 reservation at Beaches and Cream - this place is so popular and i had to keep checking from 180 days out to get a table, its small inside so limits the amount of availability.

    We were served by Belle and seated in the middle of the restaurant

    Scott got chicken and bacon sandwich

    I got the same but no bacon

    Ma had the Turkey club sandwich

    The food was delicious but so filling, it did not leave much room for dessert which was a shame as i was really looking forward to a mini mickey sink.

    We couldn't come to an ice cream parlour without having an ice cream though so we got a two scoop sundae each which were lovely.

    Bill total $78.68 and we used 3 table service credits.

    We would definitely come back here on another trip and its easily walkable from Epcot so would be a nice place to book for an afternoon cool down break from the park.

    Suitably stuffed we waddled our way to Epcot in the heat slowly melting - it was a hot one today!

    Our first fast pass today was for Frozen so we headed to Norway having a look in the shops along the way,

    We got to Norway and Frozen was temporarily closed :eek: we had a look in the shops in Norway

    but it was still closed when we came out, off to China for a drink and of course a look in the shop - you will soon realise if you haven't already that we really like looking in the shops :rotfl2:

    It was time for our second fast pass which was Pixar short films, didn't need a fast pass for this but we always book 3 per day in advance, it was good to see all the films together and we really enjoyed it.

    We headed back to the room to cool off and get ready for tonight.


    Jan 22, 2008
    Day 14 continued

    After a cool down, showers for all and a snooze for scott we headed back to Epcot

    Our third fast pass of the day was Spaceship earth again no need for the fast pass.

    Dinner tonight was Tokyo dining at 8pm, we were so lucky and got a perfect window seat which would give us a great fireworks view.

    Scott got Nigiri

    I got Deluxe Udon

    And Ma got Vegetable Udon

    We all enjoyed our meals and for desert we had two Mango mousse cakes and a Ginger mousse cake

    Then it was fireworks time

    Total bill $139.63 we used 3 table credits, it was a lovely meal, a great view and we then had a nice walk through Epcot back to our room.

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    Jan 22, 2008
    Day 15 - 29th September

    Today was an Magic Kingdom day :) We got ready, hopped on a bus and we were soon there

    We walked through the shops and made our way to our 11.55 lunch reservation at Skippers canteen!! i was really looking forward to this one, it was newly opened and the theming looked fun.

    Ma had the steak

    I had the "Tastes like chicken because it is" it was nice but spicy.

    Scott had the noodle bowl which oddly i don't have a photo of :confused3 but he enjoyed it.

    Desert was a Kungaloosh

    Coconut bar with Pineapple basil compote and vanilla ice cream

    Berthas bahn bong lan cake with mango - lime sorbet

    Total $127.80 - used table credits. We all enjoyed this place, not sure we would go back again but thats down to menu choices not the decor or atmosphere.

    Time for our Peter pan fast pass, rode the people mover

    Next it was time for a cold drink from Cosmic rays

    We wanted to go on the railroad so headed that way

    but the rain started so into Dumbos tent to stay dry.


    Jan 22, 2008
    Day 15 continued.

    After 15 minutes or so the rain was still coming down so we bought $10 poncho's and headed out

    Off to space mountain for our next fast pass but walking past Buzz it was empty so we couldn't not go on it , all three of us squished in one car :rotfl2:

    So off to space mountain, my first time riding this for around 10 years - it was quite bumpy and not great for your neck so not one i will be repeating but the other two ride it every visit, time to head back to the resort in the drizzle to get ready for tonight :cool1:

    So tonight we are off to the Hoop de doo revue :jumping1: we have never been before and are really looking forward to it .

    We took a cab from the front of the Yacht club to Wilderness lodge $14.80 plus tip

    We had a look around the resort of course checking out the shop :thumbsup2

    Took the bus to the campground and joined the queue at the check -in window in the drizzle but scott spotted another cast member and asked if we needed to queue and they said no need to check in, just wait for the barrel to be brought out at 8.20- 8.30, so we went into the bar to grab a drink, we chatted to some friendly campers too.

    Out to the barrel for 8.20 then into Pioneer hall where we were led to table 39 to the right of the stage, it was a good spot :goodvibes

    Food was lovely, simple but sooo tasty, show was great i did not get many photos mainly because my hands were full of food popcorn:: unlimited beer, soft drinks, chicken, corn, ribs, mash, beans, cornbread, its a show we would go back to, so all in all the day was great. $201.00 we used two table credits each. We took a bus to Magic kingdom and a bus from there back to the Yacht club.
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  • meldobe

    Jan 22, 2008
    Day 16 - 30th September

    A lazy day today, its a Saturday so we rarely go to the parks as its far too busy for us lightweights! We put some washing on, it was our first time using the new machines that only accept cards.

    Me and Ma went shopping in Disney springs whilst Scott watched a Chelsea match and collected the washing when it was done.

    We got lunch in Wolfgang pucks, we love this place and if you are on the dining plan its a great use of a counter service credit.

    I had Chicken ceaser salad

    Ma had Mushroom pizza

    We had a look in uniqlo and they were offering to write your name in Japanese, it was one per person so we got my niece and nephews names done for them

    We also used some snack credits to buy Ghiardelli chocolate

    Back to the Yacht club to get ready for tonight, we had The spirit of aloha booked for tonight and were hoping to go to Trader sam's too

    We left just before 6pm, we walked through Epcot and took the monorail to the ticket and transportation centre then walked to the Polynesian , it was so busy in the poly and sadly Trader sam's had over an hours wait so no good for us as we would be at the show.

    We checked in and then had a look in the shop, it was pouring down as we made our way to the show, luckily we had brought our ponchos with us, we got a table right at the front, great for the view not so great for rain splashes, we all enjoyed the show maybe a little cheesy, alot of people left early due to the rain.

    Bill total $222.00 we used 2 table service credits each. Trader Sam's had a 1 1/2 hour so we headed for home, monorail to Magic kingdom and a bus to the Yacht club.


    Jan 22, 2008
    Day 17 - 1st October

    Woke not feeling great after a restless nights sleep with a bit of a tickly cough, we got ready slowly and took the friendship boat to Hollywood studios.

    Hot and Humid today.

    First up was our fastpass for Toy story - scott won

    We had a look at the new Tap house

    And a bit of a wander

    Before deciding on lunch at Backlot express,

    2 Bacon burgers and 1 nuggets $44.68 - we used 3 counter service credits

    Fastpass time for Star tours

    We all enjoyed it

    Still not feeling 100% so we headed out of the park via the shops of course and a free taster from starbucks

    Managed to see the storm troopers on our way out

    Off to the friendship boats

    I got some cold capsules and we went up to the room, we had a rest and a bit later we got ready and headed to the Boardwalk

    We watched an entertainer and then got a drink in Abracadabar

    It was a nice bar and backs onto the Flying fish, not sure scott and ma would order either of these drinks again though.
    Back to the Yacht club where we hoped to grab some dinner but not too much choice in the Ale & compass so we shared Pannini's and feta lattice with a drink - $40.83 - 3 counter service credits. Not one of our better choices food wise.

    Up to concierge for a frre desert and a drink to take back to our room, we watched tv before sleep, i was so tired.

    Tomorrow its off to universal.
  • meldobe

    Jan 22, 2008
    Day 18 - 2nd October

    Woke at 8am, got ready, packed a suitcase and went for a free breakfast in concierge.

    Down to the lobby and we ordered an Uber on the App - it arrived instantly!! the driver had just dropped off at the yacht club :thumbsup2 we were on our way and soon arrived at the Hard Rock hotel $14.75 plus tip

    Checked in and our room was ready straight away - Room 6057, up to drop off the case

    The room was lovely, this is our second time staying at hard Rock - we stayed at Leows Royal pacific last time, both are lovely but Hard Rock is stylish, smart and sooo comfy.

    Now its off to Universal studios, after a quick stop to get our Front of line passes done at the machines in the lobby - we had bought 3 day explorer tickets in the uk from FloridaTix £657, they sent us the tickets in the post.

    Its a short walk to the entrance of Universal from the Hard rock

    Out the gate and turn right

    Then follow the walkway

    To arrive at Universal studios

    We walked in and went straight up so the first ride we came to was Jimmy Fallons Race through new york

    This was our first time riding this, it was ok, Scott liked it and thought it was really well done, ma thought it was just ok - she liked the shark bit but saw it as a one time ride which were my thoughts too.

    We watched the Blues brothers and Ma danced ( i videoed so no photos) we always try to catch the show at least once on our trip.

    Now it was time for lunch at Richter burger, the Big one for me and Scott , Ma had Aftershock. Rather annoyingly i can't find my receipt from here.

    And some fixings from the fixings bar

    It was pretty quiet in here which was nice.

    We walked towards Gringotts and checked out some Horror night props along the way.

    We went on Gringotts bank and got 1st row, love this ride.

    Men in black was good fun as usual - Scott won, we walked through the Simpsons area - we never ride the Simpsons as turning green once was enough for me and Ma :sick: Scott was fine on it.

    Chocolate bacon bar which we bought for my niece and nephew - they still haven't told us what it was like!?

    A quick stop to see Gary

    Round to ride Terminator 3d for the last time as it would close permanently on October 8th, Ma was very sad about that.

    Continued on next post
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    Jan 22, 2008
    We went back to Diagon alley to check out the wands and get a frozen butterbeer.

    Transformers was next and then onto Minions

    Ma danced with a Minion

    Onto Shrek

    We had a look in the Halloween shop

    Ma and Scott rode the mummy and we had a look in the shops before heading back to the hard rock around 6ish

    A quick game of connect 4

    Ma's roll away bed had arrived - think the horror night props had gone to Scotts head

    Had showers and walked to Bubba gumps

    We got Garlic bread, a shrimpers heaven and a stuffed shrimp to share between us, 4 buds and refillable diet coke.

    We had a $25 birthday bonus on our Landrys card so with that taken off the bill was $55.55 plus tip.

    We popped into Toothsome chocolate emporium and got six chocolates which were $18.06 - bit pricey but they tasted nice, we took them back to our room.



    Jan 22, 2008
    Day 19 - 3rd October

    Woke at 8am, got ready and headed down to Abbey road to take the shuttle bus to Volcano bay

    We had just missed a bus so went off to get a boat but the guy at the boat dock told us it would be quicker to wait for the next bus, so back to the bus stop and 15 minutes later it arrived.

    We were there quite quickly, off the bus through the tunnel

    Up the escalator

    And we had arrived

    As you can see we had brought the rain with us, it was a chilly, wet, grey day! through the gates and picked up our Tapu Tapu.

    Tapu Tapu and off we go - to get changed

    Now i am at Volcano bay - a water park! but i wouldn't be swimming as i left my swimming costume at the Yacht club!! :rotfl2:so its just these two checking out the park on this chilly day.

    We walked around and took in the sights, I found a seat and waited with the bags whilst attempting to stay dry and warm under an umbrella.
    Ma and Scott went on one slide which said it was a walk on but 20 minutes later they finally made it on, they both enjoyed it but the weather was not great and they were cold so we called it a day.
    Rented towels $5 each non returnable deposit, they had showers which they both said were clean and then we took a bus back to the Hard Rock to drop off bags and wet clothes.

    We had been trying to face time my niece and nephew finally got through on our walk over to Islands of adventures and we said we would be back in touch when we were in Harry potter land.

    We walked through the park and straight to Jurassic digs for lunch, we always sit outside here but it had started to rain again so we sat inside, burgers, chicken strippers and onion rings. $50.61

    Oh and the cheese sauce that Ma loves

    Now the photos are a bit scarce here, i think it rained on and off and we face timed quite a bit so apologies for the lack of visuals :confused3:scratchin:goodvibes:goodvibes

    We rode Kong for the first time, we used our front of line passes and the queue wasn't too bad around 15 minutes, when we got on there were 3 people ahead of us in our row as it holds 6, but when we climbed up my seat was missing i had a metal bar half a seat and a gap:confused3 :eek: :crowded: , im guessing it should have been 5 to this row but we were on, the door was closed and it was too late to complain so i perched :laughing:

    Being in the middle of the row is not great on this ride, i enjoyed it but think it would be a better experience on either side, we all gave it 8/10, next we rode forbidden journey - we all enjoy this one, round to spiderman and then a look in the shops, Ma wasn't feeling too good so we got some headache tablets and headed back to the Hard Rock in the wind and

    Up to the room to chill for a while before getting ready and going to city walk, plan tonight was to do dinner and golf as we had done it two years ago for $21.95 each, sadly they no longer have the offer only a film and dinner, could have played golf but it was $16 each so we decided to go for just dinner instead.

    Dinner was in Margaritaville - its a lovely place with a live band playing requests, one day we may be brave enough to put in a request :o

    We had Jerk pasta

    Fried chicken

    Bama breeze cheeseburger

    Three beers, a 5 o'clock cocktail and a virgin mango daiquiri $108.48 plus tip.

    Back to the hotel for a drink from the bar before bed.
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    Jan 22, 2008
    Day 20 - 4th October

    Awake at 8.30, got ready and packed our suitcase, Hotel bill room only $845.
    Bye room.

    We checked out, left our case with bell services and walked to Islands of adventure passing Toothsome along the way

    First up was a ride on Hulk for Ma and Scott, it was closed on our last visit in 2015.

    Next we all rode Spiderman

    We all rode Skull island again and it was much better ride sitting on the outside as you can see more of the screens plus i actually had a whole seat!

    We walked to harry potter and took the train across to Kings cross, we rode Men in black and had lunch in Mels drive in

    There is a good view of the dragon from here

    We got Burger, 2 chicken fingers , chocolate shake and diet cokes - $55.42

    It rained quite heavy whilst we were having lunch but thankfully had stopped when we were finished so out in the dry it was off to ride Transformers, had another go on Men in black.

    We face timed my nephew again and showed him around Diagon alley, through the front of line queue at Gringotts too, we got second row which is ok but a much better ride in the first row.

    We got a frozen butter beer, bought some goodies for our niece and nephew.

    I got a couple of t-shirts too

    Back to the Hard rock to collect our case and order an Uber to the Yacht club, didn't have to wait long and it cost $17.74.

    We really enjoyed our time at Hard rock, universal and Islands of adventure, i love Disney but must admit i do enjoy the smaller crowds at Universal and the Front of line passes as you can have multiple rides on things.

    At the Yacht club we unpacked and got ready before heading to Epcot, we had a 7.05 fast pass for Test track, it was a great ride and had changed a bit since our last visit.

    Our plan had been to use snack credits and eat from the stalls but they were all starting to tidy away and Ma was wilting a bit so we went to the first 3 stalls and got 1 snack from each to share.

    Cheese soup from Canada was really nice.

    Shrimp which was nice too but i can't remember from which stall

    And Tuna

    After our snacks we got Fish and chips from the Yorkshire county fish shop in the UK - our first time having fish and chips from here, it was almost fireworks time so not many places to sit so we went behind the uk shops and got comfy on some benches.

    All was going well until a RAT ran from the middle maze straight towards me and under my bench!! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: We all put our legs up to finish our food - it did make us laugh.

    We finished our food just in time for the fireworks, stood on the bridge between the UK and France to watch them - Fantastic as always - Scott and Ma both got bitten, Scott on his toe which turned bright red, we went back to the Yacht club for a drink and desserts from concierge along with some piriton :rotfl2:



    Jan 22, 2008
    Day 21 - 5th October

    We woke at 9.30 after a fairly good nights sleep, it was raining outside but our first fast pass wasn't until 12.30 so we got ready slowly hoping the rain would blow away - it did for a short time but came back when we were waiting for the bus to Animal Kingdom, Got to the park and bought Ma a new poncho from the Rainforest cafe - we needed it as it was still raining.

    We made our way round to the Nemo show but we were too early, cast members told us to come back at 1pm, still pouring down so we decided on getting an early lunch at Restaurantosaurus to get out of the rain.

    Chicken burgers and nuggets - $47.84 - we used 3 quick service credits.

    Whilst we were in here we cancelled our Nemo show fast pass, our next Fast pass was Flight of Passage at 2pm so we took a slow walk to Pandora and had a good look around outside and in the shops, thankfully the rain had passed over.

    It was soon time for our second flight and it was "AMAZING" hands down this is now our favourite ride at Disney, we all had smiles on our faces for the entire ride.

    The ride vehicles

    Ponchos back on we walked out of the park looking in the shops along the way, back at the Yacht club Ma and Scott had a snooze whilst i attempted to organise my receipts and write up my trip report notes.

    We got ready and took the bus to Disney springs, we had our ponchos with us but thankfully the rain had finally gone, we bought gifts for friends and family and shopped until it was time for our ADR at Raglan road 8pm - our first time eating here.

    It was very busy inside but we were given a buzzer and were seated at 8.15 right next to the small stage and facing the large stage, it was a great experience, alot of clapping and smiling which makes eating difficult but we managed it as the food was lovely, we would definitely come here again a really great evening.

    Scott had Shepard's pie

    Ma had Braised beef

    I had Chicken pie

    Dessert for Scott Peach crumble

    Ma had Lemon cloud

    I had Dessert flight

    I videoed some of the show so no photos to put on here, it really was quite dark in there though as you can see from the food photos and i didn't want to disturb others by using the flash.

    We had 2 Stellas, 2 Heinekens and a diet coke with the meal, Total $136.34 plus tip - we used 3 tale service credits.
    We left very full and all clapped out, quick stop to get some more Ghiardelli chocolates as snack credits then took the bus back to the Yacht club.

    A few of the gifts we bought



    Jan 22, 2008
    Day 22 - 6th October

    Had showers and some breakfast and got ready for Epcot, We stopped at the guest services kiosk on our way into the park to ask about the possibility of getting a fast pass for Frozen as we missed out on our one on 28th September due to it being down all day, the cast member very kindly put one on our magic band which was really nice of him.

    Our first fast pass today was for Soarin at 11.25 so we headed there, we joined the fast pass line and when we got to the front Scott asked for the first row and they said yes and directed us to the next line they would be filling - love this ride when you get first row.

    A very busy park today so we decided to grab lunch in sunshine seasons

    Caesar salad for me and Ma

    Mongolian beef for Scott

    And a Strawberry shortcake for me - i was willing to share but these two are more savoury then sweet people

    Total $44.34 - used 3 quick service and 1 snack.

    After lunch it was our fast pass time for Spaceship earth, big queue so glad for the fast pass today, this is my must do ride at Epcot!

    Bought some dog collars from the big mickey store next, before going in we put on some bug spray (figured it was a good idea after yesterdays bites) but after leaving the store the blue started coming off of the bags onto our arms, legs and onto Ma's white shorts - she was not happy so a quick stop in the toilets to turn the bags inside out and wash off the blue.

    We went into the "light Lab" and got an RGB, a T =c2 and a Glownut - they were quite nice and it was cool to see them glowing. We used 3 snack credits.

    We walked round to world showcase and went into Mexico to ride the Grand fiesta tour of three Amigos as we call it but the line was too long.

    So onwards to frozen, our first time riding it - Me and Scott liked it but Ma was disappointed , i think she expected a bit more from it as none of us wanted the Norway ride to close for Frozen.

    We got some bags of Haribo from the Germany pavilion as snack credits, really dark clouds outside so it looks like rain is on its way

    We got a drink from the american pavilion just as it poured down, lasted around 20 minutes and was still drizzling when we headed back to the Yacht club to drop off bags and get dry clothes and shoes.

    Back to the park for our 6.45 reservation at Biergarten

    We shared a table with a family of 4 and a single German lady from Berlin, we chatted to her whilst we enjoyed the buffet, the food was nice, entertainment was good fun, our server was really lovely but slow and it took an age to get our bill.
    Total for 3 buffets, 2 beers and a soft drink $146.97 - we used 3 table service credits.

    We bought some werthers as snack credits, scott got a tshirt and we went back to the room for a night cap and to watch the fireworks from the balcony.


    Jan 22, 2008
    Day 23 - Saturday 7th October

    We didn't wake until 8.50 today, we really were in relaxed holiday mode just a shame the hoilday was almost over! we started packing and getting ready, phoned Bell services at 10.40 and they arrived just after 11am, we said goodbye to the luggage and the room.

    Then it was off to Epcot, it was absolutely heaving with people but we made our way to Nemo as we hadn't ridden it this trip it was a cute ride, we had plans to pick up the few souvenirs we each wanted today and any last minute gifts so had a good look in all the shops.

    Lunch today was in Electric umbrella, Bacon cheeseburger for Scott and nuggets for me and ma.

    Now off to the Grand fiesta, the queue was at the top of the ramp leading down into the market/ shops but it did not take long to go down and we were soon on one of our favourite rides.

    Seemed a fitting ride to end our holiday on.

    We went to France for Ma to get get some soaps for a friend and we picked up Baguettes for the airport , usually on airport day we go to Disney springs for last minute shopping, to have lunch in Wolfgangs and pick up an airport sandwich from Earl of sandwich, with hindsight considering how packed Epcot was it probably would have been a better idea, it was far too busy for strolling.

    We walked back to the Yacht club, spent some time in the arcade

    Then it was time to wait in the Lobby for the Tragical express :sad::sad::sad:

    Onto the bus

    We arrived at the airport B side so made our way over to A side, got changed in the toilets and checked in, my case was 23kg oops.

    We went to passport control which is always chaotic and it did not disappoint today, we were ushered (shouted) along queues that hardly seemed to move, finally made it to the front - shoes off - laptops/ipads out - new for this year all food had to be taken out of your bag including chewing gum and put in its own tray, Our queue stopped then there was a shout of "indigo" and all screening stopped, we did eventually get going again and went through.

    We then got on the wrong shuttle - first time ever, they have more food options over there but we didn't stay we hopped back on the shuttle to our usual side, had a look in the shops, bought some sweets and water, found some seats to eat our baguettes.

    We boarded and took off on time, watched some tv shows and movies, dinner was pasta for all of us

    I swear they only give you 10 minutes to eat before they want the tray back, always seems like such a slow flight on the way home, i wish there was a seating area where the lights are left on in the cabin as i would definitely book that - i can never sleep on the plane.

    About 2 hours before landing they brought us a chocolate croissant, melon and a yoghurt.

    We landed on time, through passport control and collected our luggage and travelled home.

    Next day we collected our dogs from the dog sitters



    Jan 22, 2008
    So you have reached the end of our trip - if you made it this far well done and thank you for reading along.

    We loved our trip

    Highs :
    The whole of the cruise it was just so relaxing, interesting and fun - we are now officially cruisers :sail:

    The Yacht club - Concierge was fantastic and a great surprise, even without concierge though we loved the Yacht club, it was so nice to just walk to Epcot and it was so relaxed there, the view of the Boardwalk was great too and the friendship boats to Hollywood studios - if we could afford it we would stay here every time.

    Flight of Passage - Amazing, definitely our fast pass must for any future trips

    For ma - the Star was spectacular fireworks show, she loved it she even shed a tear!!
    For ma - Meeting a wookie she was in awe.

    Lows :

    Just the one and that was getting a cold which meant our energy was flagging on a few days.

    Now its on to planning the next trips

    First up its Eurodisney in October for my 40th birthday :bday: it will be our first visit in 20 or so years!! some disappointment already as i have discovered Rattatouille and Phantom manor will be closed, but i just know we will have a great time anyway.

    Then its Florida in January :teeth::teeth::teeth: our first time visiting in January (we wanted May but our dog boarder is moving to spain so we had to get a trip in before she goes) so we don't know what to expect weather wise, managed to avoid the marathon crowds we hope though, no cruise this time which i think we are really going to miss and we are back at Disneys Caribbean beach and are hoping apart from the gondolas most other construction will have been completed.

    A trip in the pipeline for next year is Disney Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong kong but that all has to be worked out so we may go 2019 or 2020.

    So once again thank you for reading, our other two trip reports are in my signature if you fancy a look :flower:
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    Jul 1, 2008
    Really enjoyed your report, shame you were ill but glad it didn’t completely spoil your fun.
    Enjoy Paris next month.


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