7 nights on Fantasy and 14 nights at Yacht club 2017


Jan 22, 2008
Day 8 - 22nd September - Castaway cay

Our last full day on the ship BOOOOOOOOOO where the heck has the time gone, we have loved every moment of the trip so far and we still have the wonderful Castaway Cay to enjoy.

We were awake at 7.30 and we had already arrived at Castaway but we couldn't go ashore until a it later as the crew have to go on first to get the food etc ready, so off to cabana's for breakfast Yum.

Yay time to get off the ship

It was at this point we realised we had left our postcard on the ship so Scott had to go all the way back for it - well you gotta send a postcard from here to our future selves right??

Last time we were here (2015 our first trip) we walked to serenity bay but after following the same route we found cabanas blocked the way, so we tracked back and got a drink then bumed into Phillip the bartender from O'gils who told us we need to go to the tram stop and ride that over there, so thats what we did.

Whilst taking this photo my hat blew off and disappeared into the distance :eek:

We found some sun loungers and headed into the sea to cool off

There were loads of fish swimming around us, we were in for quite a while as its so lovely - even for me and im not keen on swimming in the sea but this place is magical.

We are not really lie in the sun all day beach people so after we got out we dried off on the loungers for a short while, gathered our blongings, used the restrooms.

Got an ice cream from the self serve and then waited for the tram back to the family beach

It was lunchtime by now so we grabbed a table in the shade and went up to get food and drinks

We had a look in the shops and tried to buy a Bauble but much to our embarrassment our card was declined - oops think we had too many drinks in O'gils or too much Bingo :rotfl2::rotfl2:

The lovely cast member had the Bauble sent onto the ship so that we could pay our bill and then buy the bauble back onboard :jumping1:

We carried on to the post office, bought a stamp and sent our postcard

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    Jan 22, 2008
    Day 8 22nd Sep continued

    Back on board we showered and then watched Bedtime stories, we packed our cases, got ready

    It was looking a little dark and stormy outside

    and then went down to pay our bill at guest relations

    Our bill totals

    Alcoholic drinks from Bars and at dinner $ 301.93

    Bingo $ 210

    Excursions x 3 $ 558

    Preludes (popcorn and water at theatre) $ 24.33

    Merchandise $ 75.12

    Internet $ 19.00

    Bottles of water $ 44.85

    Photos $ 84.95

    Total $1,317.60 worth every penny/cent

    We went to shutters and picked out 4 photos, will return to collect them later.

    Off to O'gills at around 7ish, a 90's quiz tonight but we only got 22/30

    Just made it to Animators palette on time, we were given a paper place mat and a black felt pen to decorate our person, once done we gave them to sudin

    I had Trio palette, salmon and a cherry sundae. Scott had the same as me and Ma had Tomato meatball spaghetti soup, plain chicken with mash and veg, cherry sundae.
    I must admit the dinner did feel rather rushed tonight, whether that was because it was the last night im not sure or more likely it was because they wanted everybody finished when they played the animation video which is fabulous fun.

    We gave our servers their tip envelopes which we had already prepaid before our trip but we did put extra in each of them as the service was perfect.

    Ma had her photo with Sudin and Jamel - she is holding a fork because at two of our meals poor Sudin droped the cutlery down her back, he was so apologetic but we found it so funny

    And a photo with our table mates

    We said our goodbyes, whizzed back to the room to put our cases outside our room - we would collect them in the morning off of the ship, had a lovely chat with our room host Jaime and his friend Marlon.

    We got a drink from up on deck but it was so windy we went back to our room to sit on the balcony.

    Our last towel animal from Jaime

    Alarm set for 6.50am

    Tomorrow - check into the Yacht club


    Jan 22, 2008
    Day 9 - 23rd September

    :sad::charac2::sad::sad1::sad2: So its finally here, the end of our Fantasy cruise

    We woke at 6.30 and got ready as we needed to be off the ship at 8.15, said goodbye to our fabulous room, with the most comfy beds

    Up to cabana's for a final breakfast

    Off of the ship and collected our luggage from the Pluto section and went through portside passport/security control pretty quickly and straight onto a Disney bus at 8.30, the bus left at 9am - goodbye Fantasy

    After a few drop offs we arrived at the Yacht club at 10.45 and went to check in where we were told we had been chosen as family of the day, given two extra fast passes each and upgraded to concierge level!!!!! :cool1::dancer::dancer::dancer::jumping1:party:we were so surprised, we have never stayed anywhere at concierge/club level so were unsure what to expect.

    Our room wasn't ready yet but we were taken upstairs, checked in and told about the concierge lounge which would have free food and drinks at certain times throughout the day, we were given our magic bands , left our cases with bell services and then headed to Epcot.

    Walking to Epcot from the resort was so nice and something we would make the most of as Epcot is our favourite park.
    We entered the park at world showcase between France and the UK, we headed towards The land pavilion as we had a fast pass for Soarin.

    Goodbye Ellens energy adventure - we didn't go on it every trip but its was good for a cool off

    We had 40 minutes until Soarin so had lunch in sunshine seasons, Caesar salad, spicy chicken, sweet & sour chicken - 1 counter service each ($34.88)

    Soarin time and we asked for 1st row - fabulous view of the new film, loved it.

    We walked round to Club cool and enjoyed a few tasters

    We had a look in the shops

    next up was a fastpass for spaceship earth - one of my favourite rides, living with the land rounded up our fastpasses.
    We got an email to say our room was ready so headed back to the Yacht club after a stop in canada

    Room 5229 - we loved it, Day bed and a balcony.

    We rang Bell services for our luggage and 30 minutes later we called again :confused3 and they came up with them a little while later, after unpacking and getting changed we went back to Epcot for our dinner reservation at San Angel inn, would be our first time eating here

    We didn't have to wait long and were soon seated right at the back by the volcano :jumping1: perfect spot.

    Tacos Al pastor,Enchillada pollo, Carne asada tamp, Chocolate mouse, Crema bavaria, Dulce de leche, a few diet cokes as mine was quite hot and two beers for my amigos - 3 table service credits but would have been $129.36 + $21.92 tip. We really enjoyed the meal and atmosphere in here.

    It was super busy in Epcot tonight so we strolled back to the resort

    Collected our mugs and then popped into the concierge lounge to get a brandy and diet coke for scott. Back at the room we rang for sheets to go on Ma's day bed, watched the fireworks from the balcony :thumbsup2 watched some tv then time for sleep, we had had a wonderful day.

    Tomorrow - Animal kingdom
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    Jan 22, 2008
    Congratulations on the upgrade that is fantastic
    We were so surprised - although i think there may have been a conference on as we saw lots of people with the same lanyards etc so maybe they needed the rooms but either way we didn't care as it was fabulous and the first time we have ever been given anything :yay:
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    Jan 22, 2008
    Day 10 - 24th September

    Animal Kingdom and Boma

    Awake at 8ish we all got ready and left for Animal kingdom - our original plan for today on my planning sheet had been a day at Disney springs with lunch at the Rainforest cafe and then over to Animal kingdom to ride Navi river journey but on check in we were told we had some extra fast passes that had already been allocated to today for animal kingdom and tomorrow at Hollywood studios so last night we checked the App and were able to swap our Rainforest booking to the one at Animal kingdom.

    We only had a 10 min wait for the bus

    Animal kingdom was not too busy crowd wise, i think everybody was in Pandora as the queue for Flight of passage was 245 minutes most of the day day and Na'vi river journey was 90 minutes.

    We walked in and went right, went over the bridge and saw a new shop so of course we had to take a look and bought some keyrings for the dog boarders

    First fast pass ride was Dinosaur


    We walked back to Its tough to be a bug, we do it on every visit and enjoy it.

    Then it was time for lunch at the Rainforest cafe

    We checked in and were led to a table by the mushroom bar :cool1:

    I had coconut shrimp and Key lime pie that was to die for

    Scott had Taste of the islands and Mango sorbet

    Ma had primal steak and Mango sorbet

    Bill was $134.09 - we used 3 table service credits.


    Jan 22, 2008
    Day 10 continued

    Rainforest cafe was lovely, we had a look in the shop and i bought a t shirt

    It was now time for our Na'vi river journey fast pass, We really liked the new land

    We loved all the detail in the area and the shops were interesting too, we joined the fast pass queue the normal queue was still 90 minutes

    It was a nice ride but felt really short, i think if i had queued for a long time i may be a bit disappointed, don't get me wrong the animatronics are fantastic and it is very immersive but just too short, Scott did a survey as we exited the ride he gave it a good score but did mention the shortness of the ride.

    We used the next one of our extra fast passes on the safari, there were plenty of animals about and we really enjoyed it.

    We got a iced drink each from Starbucks- 3 snack credits and took the bus back to the Yacht club for a short rest.

    We found these postcards in the room when we got back :)

    After a chill out in the air con we got changed for our dinner at Boma, we took a bus to Animal Kingdom then a bus to Animal kingdom lodge

    We had a look in the shop and outside then checked in.

    Scott had the beer flight $11.

    All the food was great and we had a lovely evening
    Bill came to $167.48 - used 3 table service credits - $30 tip and $29 for drinks.

    We took a bus to Disney springs and a bus from there back to the Yacht club.


    Jan 22, 2008
    Day 11 - 25th September - Hollywood studios

    Up at 9 and we popped along to the concierge lounge for breakfast, a nice variety available - fruit juices, tea, coffee, pastry's, cereal etc

    Now down to the pool, i'm not much of a pool person me in a swimsuit is not a good look so i had a wander around the resort and a go in the arcade, also got some throat sweets as my throat was feeling quite sore :( whilst ma and scott made use of the fantastic pool, they really enjoyed it.

    When you go into the pool area you are given a wristband to wear

    Up to the room to get changed then we took the friendship boat to Hollywood studios

    It was a quick and enjoyable journey

    Our fast passes for today were Tower of terror, Muppet vision and Toy story but we had the extra fast pass from check in day so decided to use that on Toy story too

    Scott won with 196,000

    We had a look around the great movie ride area which had the new signs for the upcoming change to a Mickey themed ride

    Lunch today was in ABC commissary - $40.89 - 3 counter service credits, no TV's in here any more?

    Tower of terror time and we all rode after we had a few photos

    Ma and Scott rode Rock n roller coaster with the other extra fast pass and then it was round to Muppets

    We tried to get a drink from Pizzarizzo but it had just closed so we got a frozen cherry from Backlot - $14.39 - we used 3 snack credits.

    Rode Toy story and scott beat us again , into One mans dream

    Toy story Land which is now open

    Now off to meet a Wookie, wow he is tall !!! Ma was in awe, she loves Chewbacca and she's only 4ft 9 so to her he really is enormous!!

    Continued on next post
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    Jan 22, 2008
    The queue to meet chewbacca took a while and so we had to make a dash across the park for our 6.50 Sci fi dine in reservation, we made it and took a seat to wait for our table, they were handing out small pots of popcorn which were very nice.

    We love this place, its a little bit dark inside but watching the movie clips is fun and the food is nice.

    We had BBQ burger, Southern burger and a Caprese sandwich, 2 diet cokes and a cookie milkshake, the bill was $80.83 and we used 3 table service credits.

    As we walked back towards the theatre we realised there was a huge crowed all waiting for something so we found a spot and waited
    WOW the star wars show was fabulous, fireworks, lasers and lights loved it!

    A slow walk back through the park as we let the crowds leave, we managed to get some more photos

    Time to head home to the Yacht club for a night cap after a fun filled day.


    Jan 22, 2008
    Day 12 - 26th September

    A nice easy morning, we got breakfast from the lounge and ate on the balcony.

    We took the bus to Disney springs as there were plenty of changes since our last visit in 2015, some lovely shops although not many in our price range :scratchin but then we are cheap :rotfl2: It is so lovely and fresh looking though. We had a wander through the shops on our way to Wolfgang pucks for lunch

    Pesto and goats cheese pizza for me

    Chicken alfredo for ma

    Pepperoni Pomodoro for Scott

    Pepperoni pomodoro

    Lunch was lovely as usual - no frozen yoghurt from now on though as its not included with the counter services meals any more Total cost $55.49 - we used 3 counter service credits (oddly the no dessert thing had no effect on our waistlines compared to other years but i think that may have something to do with all the table service we had on this trip too, maybe next time we will notice our waistlines expanding a little less by the end of the holiday :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:)

    Tweedledee and Tweedledum were gone from outside the Christmas shop and replaced with Frozen.

    This afternoon we were headed back to Animal Kingdom as we had a fast pass for Flight of Passage :jumping1: we were really looking forward to this ride, So we took a bus to Animal kingdom lodge then one to Animal kingdom.

    Into Animal kingdom and straight round to Pandora for our 4.15 fast pass - Oh my goodness :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: the absolute best ride - almost the only ride we have all said we would queue for more then an hour for!! which means alot as we wont join a queue longer then 20 mins, We had a smile on our faces the whole time we were on the ride - ok so the glasses were a bit slippery but wow wow wow i am so pleased i managed to get another fast pass for another day.

    After the amazing flight we got ourselves a Night blossom drink from pongu pongu - i think they were $6 each - used 3 snack credits, they were yummy and the little balls on the top were bursting with flavour.

    During lunch at wolfgangs we cancelled our 3.15 fast pass for Safari and changed it to Dinosaur

    Dinner was in Restaurantersaurus chicken nuggets all round - 3 counter service credits, it was 92 degrees today and the heat was getting to us so a lovely sit down was great, ma got 13 nuggets!!!!

    The rest of us got a nice normal 8 pieces

    Our plan was to watch Rivers of light this evening so after dinner we walked back around to asia

    We got a couple of drinks and found a seat

    The seats were soon filling up but boy were they hot to sit on


    Jan 22, 2008
    Day 12 continued

    The Rivers of light show was ok but im not sure we would watch it again, maybe on a cooler day we would think differently

    We walked back through Pandora to check out the bio luminescent effect - i didn't manage to photograph it very well

    We took the bus back to Yacht club for a night cap.


    Jan 22, 2008
    Day 13 - 27th September

    Sore throat still today and a bit tired maybe a bug from the ship? Last night we changed our fast passes to later in the day so this morning we went to the arcade and had a good look around the resort.

    Ma and Scott went swimming whilst i chilled in the shade - another hot one today 92.

    Lunch was from Hurricane Hanna's which is just outside the pool gates, we sat opposite the ship slide

    This little fella joined us

    I had the Seafood sandwich

    Scott had the Pork sandwich

    And Ma had the Veggie pitta

    It came to $48 - we used 3 counter service credits, it was very nice.

    We went back to the room to get changed and then took the bus to Magic Kingdom :cool1:

    Headed to Haunted Mansion for our fast pass - passing by this little guy on our way it was nice to see him as Splash mountain was closed for refurbishment

    Next up was Big thunder mountain, we don't usually do this one as we always use our fast passes for Splash - we really enjoyed it.

    It was time for a pit stop to get out of the heat so into Pecos bills for Churros, Tortilla chips, 2 lemonade + strawberry slushes and a coke $22.90 - we used our snack credits.

    It was lovely to get out of the sun and the snacks were lovely, off we went to ride Carousel of Progress - its a great big beautiful tomorrow.
    Time for a look in the shops through Fantasyland

    Round to ride Ariel

    It was Fast pass time for pirates next

    We came out to fireworks and had a great view

    Time for our 8.30 reservation at Be Our Guest

    We were seated in the main dining room on the same table as we had in 2015 when we came for lunch.

    Now i have to apologise as i cannot find my food photos - only dessert but we had - Braised beef, Pork tenderloin and Chicken, 1 grey stuff and 2 eclair a'lorange
    2 beers and a coke $119.29 - used 3 table service credits.

    Our lovely server offered to take our photo

    And then of course it was off to meet the beast.

    We left there and took a slow stroll out of the park

    Got a bus straight away and were back at the resort just gone 11pm


    Irish Princess because Cinderella said so!
    May 18, 2010
    Great updates. The food all looks fab. I'm currently trying to pick adrs for our next trip, we haven't been in 7 years and I've no idea where to be going now cos every trip report I read I see somewhere else that looks good and I think we should go to :rotfl2:

    Those little balls in the drink from the Pandora area look weird though!

    Is Na'vi river journey a slow ride like small world?


    Jan 22, 2008
    Great updates. The food all looks fab. I'm currently trying to pick adrs for our next trip, we haven't been in 7 years and I've no idea where to be going now cos every trip report I read I see somewhere else that looks good and I think we should go to :rotfl2:

    Those little balls in the drink from the Pandora area look weird though!

    Is Na'vi river journey a slow ride like small world?

    We found it so hard to choose ADRs, it was our first time on the table service dining plan and we really hadn't done many table service before even though we have been 10 times before - we had only tried Boma and Rainforest, just trying to plan what park you will be in 180 days out so that you can book is hard enough :eek::laughing:

    The balls look weird but are so fruity, perfect for a hot day, i have since found them over here in a garden centre but they were £7 for a small tub so im yet to buy them.

    Yes Na'vi is a slow ride just like Small world but much shorter, make sure you look up when you are on it too as the detailing is fabulous.

    Off to read you Pre trip report.
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    Apr 29, 2012
    What a fabulous trip report! I'm loving reading it. We've been on all of the Disney ships except the Fantasy but haven't cruised for a few years and it's lovely to read about the ports where we've been.

    We love the Yacht Club although we haven't stay club level there. Stormalong Bay is our favourite pool.


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