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    We were last at the world in 2016. When we were there both my kids got issued DAS for different medical conditions. The still have the same conditions and difficulties so hopefully we will still get the DAS. If we do:

    We found having them both on the same family DAS wasn't working as sometimes my son wanted to go on the rides that my daughter didn't which meant we all couldn't go on and do a child swap with my daughter as we all had to go on.

    Could we request that my Husband gets paired with my daughter and my son and I get paired so at least we could split up.

    Sometimes my son says he wants to go on ( or my daughter) and when we get to ride he/she has an anxiety attack and we all then have to leave the ride. ( not wanting to abuse the DAS system.

    Do any other special needs family's split the DAS up like this?

    I haven't even tried to get a FP for flights of passage yet and as we are staying off site I very my doubt we will get one 30 days out. My question is if we had to get a return time when is a better time to do this? Probably a difficult question to answer but I thought I'd ask! Thank you very much.
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    Everyone can be on both DAS other than those with DAS. We were a group of 7 in June with 2 DAS. The five without DAS were options on both DAS holders. When we went for times, we just told which guests would be with which DAS holder. This made it easier as our DAS holders did not always ride the same thing.

    We also used FP+ to cover many things we could split up for so we did not have to always go out of our way for DAS return times.
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    and in a pinch, just swap bands of the non DAS holders. there are a couple of the big rides I cannot ride that do not have a SR line. so I get FP+ anyway then Mr jvb rides on his band then takes mine and rides it again in close succession.
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    As mentioned, your whole party will be “attached” to the DAS. When you go to get a return time, you tell the CM which guests will be riding. Each person may only have 1 active return time at any given moment. So you can’t get a return time for everyone on Bobby’s DAS for BTMR and also a return time for everyone on Susie’s DAS. But you can split the party different ways for different rides.

    Enjoy your vacation!
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