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    •The Official COPPER CREEK VILLAS & CABINS Owners & Lovers Group•

    :welcome:to The Official Copper Creek Villas & Cabins Owners & Lovers Group! Feel free to come in and discuss your upcoming CCV or DVC Resort vacations! **ATTENTION NEW CCV OWNERS** If you'd like to be listed on page 1, under the Owners Lineup, please post your information string like this...
  2. Wilderness Lodge safety drill

    Wilderness Lodge safety drill

  3. Wilderness Lodge 2

    Wilderness Lodge 2

  4. Wilderness Lodge 1

    Wilderness Lodge 1

  5. WL Lobby Christmas tree

    WL Lobby Christmas tree

  6. Wilderness Lodge pool

    Wilderness Lodge pool

  7. WL_Club_Wishes


  8. WL Club Room - Wishes

    WL Club Room - Wishes

    Limited viewing of Wishes and furthest rooms from the club lounge. This photo is not cropped so people don't perceive a better view than it actually provides.
  9. WL DVC Entrance

    WL DVC Entrance

  10. WL honeymoon Suite Tub

    WL honeymoon Suite Tub

  11. WL honeymoon Suite

    WL honeymoon Suite

  12. WL Honeymoon Suite

    WL Honeymoon Suite

  13. WL honeymoon Suite

    WL honeymoon Suite

  14. WL 7th floor view

    WL 7th floor view

    Our view from the 7th floor of the WL--DH feeding the bird.


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