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  1. M

    Changes to how Disney takes payment? Woah...

    Hello Disney people! We just got back from WDW and experienced a significant change in how we are able to pay for our trips. We thought we would post our experience and see if anyone else has experienced this, AND... Do you know a better way to do it? Background info... We are DVC members and...
  2. A

    Trading a Table Service Credit for a Quick Service?

    Can I currently trade a Table Service Dining Plan credit for a Counter Service credit at WDW? Thanks in advance!
  3. LanaBear-ox

    No more Ice cream! FD DR 14-22 October 2017 - COMPLETED

    Welcome everyone! Now, this trip was NOTHING like I planned, except the ADR's we got that was spot on. As you can see from the dates we experienced the amazing Food and Wine Festival.. Again, we didn't try anything. Can you tell we are good at this? It was our first time to WDW and I made this...
  4. Gisclair Disney

    DDP or TiW? Which is better option for DVC members?

    We are DVC members planning a trip to WDW in summer 2018. I'm trying to decide whether or not DDP is worth the money, and I just learned about the TiW Card. My husband and son insist on 3 meals a day, we enjoy character dining, as well as places like California Grille (higher end restaurants)...


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