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  1. Greg Lembrich

    "Let's Ride Every Ride at Tokyo Disney" - Daddy and Daughter's First Trip to Japan

    Greetings fellow DISers. This is my third trip report, and it will chronicle the adventures that my daughter and I had on our June 2019 trip to Tokyo Disney. I hope you will come along for the ride(s). My daughter Caroline and I both adore the Disney parks and love experiencing amusement parks...
  2. W

    April 2020 or May 2020? Help me figure out our vacation dates please!

    My husband and I had planned on going back to Tokyo and TDR May 14-23, 2020 (the most perfect week in my opinion) but his parents just told us they booked a cruise during that time (we can’t both be away at the same time due to pets) - so now we are trying to replan our dates. Ideally we wanted...
  3. bibbidibobbidibecky

    TDR Trip Report! Finished! (DisneySea, Disneyland, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Disneyland)

    Hi everyone! I thought I would post links to my trip report here since I got so much information on these boards before our trip! We had a fantastic time, much thanks to everyone who gave me invaluable info before leaving. I know when I was planning, I loved reading trip reports, so hopefully...
  4. Flossbolna

    An Engaging and Magical Asian Adventure - Update 6/10 We finally make it to Tokyo Disney Sea!!

    Introduction Let’s start with a warning: This is not the freshest of all trip reports. Our trip was in summer 2017. Life got hectic with many things just after our trip and now it is finally slowing down and I have many notes and pictures from the trip, so I hope it will still write a trip...
  5. WebmasterJackie

    Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast | Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea | 11/06/17

    In this week's episode of the Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast, John and Kevin discuss their experience traveling to Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, and Tokyo itself! Hope you all enjoy the show!
  6. jesterrific

    Culture Shocks and Disney Magic... in Asia!!! A TR on all Asia Disney Resorts! [Update Dec19!]

    !!! 18 Jammed Packed Days of Far Away Disney Magic !!! [ February 22, 2017 to March 11, 2017] (Click here to skip to Table of Contents) Hello all! And welcome to my newest TRIP REPORT!!! (I easily suspect this will be my longest one yet as it was full of travels and adventures!) Covering all...
  7. katt789

    TR(tdl/sdl/hkdl)-> This Is Where Your Dream Begins; A New World in Every Chapter. COMPLETED 12/8!!!

    This is a celebration of smiles and joy!! Children of all ages, join your Disney friends on a merry go round journey of joy & wonders, there’s magic to the brim, so let your magic begin, SMILE, HAPPINESS IS HERE! Feel it draw you in, let the wonder take hold, ready to begin, your story waits to...
  8. greenkai3000

    TDR TR

    Ok folks. I got back from Tokyo last month and wanted to tell you a bit about my trip to the TDR. Yes, the Resort is beautiful, and CMs are A-MA-ZING. Many, if not the majority of them. went above and beyond the call of duty to make our stay more than magical. We spent our first night in...



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