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  1. mFont23

    A Jolly Holiday with Masseys: THE TRIP REPORT - WDW Dec2019

    HI! HI! HI-YA! *quick… guess that movie reference* But seriously, HELLO! And WELCOME to: A Jolly Holiday with Masseys THE TRIP REPORT Now, I’m admittedly a terrible Dis’er. But I do love to write and I do love to tell stories, and I really love to share what I’ve LEARNED. Oh, and I...
  2. T

    Restaurants with 4 toddlers

    Scary title, am I right? 🤣 We’ll be making the trip next September with some great friends. Between both families we will have 3 girls (4, 4 & 3) and a boy (18 months). In the past we’ve done Cinderella’s Royal Table, & Be Our Guest this past January and personally I thought CRT was nice but...
  3. mFont23

    Oh it's a Jolly Holiday with Masseys, a Pre Trip Report

    HELLO! And :welcome: to our (me and my mom @vamassey1 ) PRE TRIP REPORT! Now, this is my very first PRE trip report, but we have just completed our first trip report together (my first one, ever) from our February 2018 trip to WDW. Blended Ohana Trip Report- Feb 2018 We've done most of the...



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