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    Ohana is Wonderful!

    My husband and I went to Ohana for a date night while the kids were at Pixar Play Zone. We arrived at 6:25 for our 6:35 dinner reservation. Since we were a little early, we went to the lounge for a lapu lapu and a smoked turkey. We ordered our drinks (which were strong and delicious) and we...
  2. ohana's


  3. Pluto Mickey at Ohanas

    Pluto Mickey at Ohanas

    Pluto playing Mickey Mouse during our breakfast at Ohanas.
  4. BBQ at Ohana's

    BBQ at Ohana's

    Fire! Lots of good eats here at O'Hana's!!
  5. BBQ at Ohana's 2

    BBQ at Ohana's 2

    The food is a'fire here at O'Hana's in the Polynesian resort! I highly recommend it!


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