1. 1

    Reservations for Ohana and Cape May Cafe

    I am planning a trip in September and trying to decide the best time to make reservations. On the day we go to Magic Kingdom, I would like to go to Ohana for dinner and then make it back to the park for fireworks. Do you think a reservation anywhere from 5:30 and 6:30 would be enough time? Is...
  2. ParksPixar&Pizza

    Tambu Lounge-Ohana Menu

    Hey everyone! I heard a rumor that at Tambu, you can get the fully Ohana menu, but I don’t see it on the menu. Can anyone confirm and say what the process is? Thanks!
  3. eiblehs

    Our Incredible Summer in WDW!

    Hello there! My name is Shelbie and this is my second Disney trip report. (Click here if you're interested in reading about last year's trip!) My boyfriend, Bradley, and I visited Walt Disney World together in late July of last year. The day after we left, I began asking Bradley, "When can we go...
  4. X

    Ohana is Wonderful!

    My husband and I went to Ohana for a date night while the kids were at Pixar Play Zone. We arrived at 6:25 for our 6:35 dinner reservation. Since we were a little early, we went to the lounge for a lapu lapu and a smoked turkey. We ordered our drinks (which were strong and delicious) and we...
  5. TeaForTulips

    'Ohana means... EVERYTHING! A sentimental Sept/Oct 2018 PTR - Update 9/15

    Hello! Welcome to my first PTR. I've been a DIS member for many years, but mostly as a lurker. It was many, many moons ago that I attempted to come out of my lurking shell. It did not go well. This PTR will be full of fun and silly things. Maybe a little informative? A warning that it will be...
  6. StarWarsMomofGirls!

    Mojitos, Night Shows & 40 Attractions! A September 2017 Trip

    Welcome to my trip report! This trip was full with lots on new things for us even though this was our 5th trip to Disney World. It truly is why I love Disney. I put a lot of planning into this trip, I did my first Pre-Trip Report for this one. You can read about it here if you want...
  7. kruel

    PTR: An Epic Anniversary Celebration- September 2017!

    Welcome everyone to my Pre Trip Report for my husband and I's One Year Anniversary Trip! This is my first PTR and when our trip is over, I plan on reliving the memories through my first Trip Report. My husband and I were married on August 27th, 2016. This trip is going to be just the two of us...
  8. absolutmey

    A little dark side, a little Disney - August 2017 TR - updated 9/27x2

    Hello! Welcome to my super short (mostly) dark side PTR/TR. A little PTR info Me (Megan), DS9 (Q) and my mom (Debi) will be spending one day at Universal, to experience the WWoHP and the other stuff they have there too. :) We'll be in FL visiting my grandparents and I talked DS and mom...
  9. TheInvernessie

    Two Jersey Girls Go To Disney: A May 2017 PTR *4/17 Update*

    Hello DisBoards! My name is Tori, and this is my FIRST EVER Pre Trip Report. I've never been responsible for any planning on any of my previous family trips to the World until now! A few months ago (September to be exact) I got this literally insane idea to go back to Disney on my own dime...
  10. Raeven

    Sept 2016-F&W, Club Villain, & Gluten Free Reviews-Completed 11/9

    We're back from our 2nd Disney trip, and ready to give you our food reviews. We review food from both an allergy and a non allergy perspective since Josh is gluten free and I'm not. If you want to follow along on my TR it's here: "I've been waiting a quarter of an hour"-September 2016 Couples...
  11. Ohana-026


    Ohana Photos at the Polynesian Resort
  12. Ohana-025


    Ohana Photos at the Polynesian Resort
  13. Ohana-024


    Ohana Photos at the Polynesian Resort
  14. Ohana-023


    Ohana Photos at the Polynesian Resort
  15. Ohana-022


    Ohana Photos at the Polynesian Resort
  16. Ohana-021


    Ohana Photos at the Polynesian Resort
  17. Ohana-020


    Ohana Photos at the Polynesian Resort
  18. Ohana BBQ

    Ohana BBQ

  19. O'Hana sign

    O'Hana sign

  20. 'Ohana means family....

    'Ohana means family....


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