1. M

    Popcorn kernel stuck in throat

    So just to my luck today I decided to try one single piece of my friends "nacho cheese" flavour popcorn and the kernel is stuck pretty far down my throat. I have tried drinking it away, I have tried bread and I have tried to fish it outa there with my fingers. NOTHING has worked as of yet...
  2. K


    Hello Everyone! We’ve just made our favourite and memorable Walt Disney world treats at home for my YouTube channel! I’d love it if you checked it out ❤️
  3. T

    Resturant recommendations in Disney Springs?

    The first night of My stay onsite I need Restuarant Recommendations in Disney Springs. I seen Homecomin is pretty much booked for the evening of September 7th.
  4. N

    Takumi Tei alone?

    So I’m dying to try this Omakase tasting menu at Japan’s newest restaurant “Takumi Tei.” Problem isn’t no one seems to want to go with me. I don’t mind going to Disney alone and go have a meal at a restaurant, but I usually sit at the bar. If anyone has been there, tried the tasting menu, or...
  5. P

    Mardi Gras Food Porn Please!

    Please show me your photos of the available food/snack/drinks for Mardi Gras BONUS points if you can let me know if they are part of the Mardi Gras lanyard or cost. TIA
  6. T

    DDP Question

    So I am planning a 10 night stay at WDW next December. I will have 2 adults and 2 children (4 years & 18 months). I have never considered the dining plan because my daughter (4) would definitely not eat enough food to cover the costs. This visit will be different though, I won't have to pay for...
  7. T

    Dining on a Budget (with a picky eater)

    I have to admit, dining in Disney World used to be a favorite part of my trip. However, since I’ve been to Disney last... about 6 years ago... much has changed including prices! I am now going back with my 6 year old and the grandparents. I have never stayed off site before but I am this time...
  8. T

    Restaurants with 4 toddlers

    Scary title, am I right? 🤣 We’ll be making the trip next September with some great friends. Between both families we will have 3 girls (4, 4 & 3) and a boy (18 months). In the past we’ve done Cinderella’s Royal Table, & Be Our Guest this past January and personally I thought CRT was nice but...
  9. tangledmermaid

    Unlimited soft serve?

    Heyyy! Does anyone know of any QS restaurants other than Contempo cafe that has that amazing unlimited soft serve? We're staying at AKL then POFQ so anything nearby either of these would be brilliant. Thank you x
  10. BigBadDisneyDad

    Dinner shows?

    Pre-planning for my 40th birthday. Anyone have suggestions for dinner shows? We loved the Spirit of Aloha show, but wanted to try something new. Any suggestions?
  11. H

    The Great Snack Adventure

    MY family and I are headed back to WDW for our 10th vacation and now being older and a well educated foodie im looking to find the best snacks in all the parks! I'd love suggestions as i am putting together a list to impress my family with. were on a dining plan so well have snack credits for 4...
  12. S

    Making Dining Reservations for 6 night Stay

    Hello! I am going on a 6 night trip with my significant other and staying at POR. We made a list of reservations we want to score, but wanted feedback. Sorry for the long post but here is what we have picked so far: Arrival day- Lunch- QS at POR or POFQ Dinner- Somewhere at Disney Springs...
  13. Tyler belden

    Need help picking!

    When me and my family go next trip we usually do two all day epcot days and will be doing sit down meals. My brother and dad really want to do biergarten even though ive already been there, so im picking the other meal. Also I’ve been to via napoli as well!
  14. BaymaxFan78

    can't find cat??

    I have 4 cats. one is 8 years old two are 7 years old and our newest one just turned 2. we can't find the 2 year old and I've searched every inch of the house. she isn't outside because I saw her after we last shut the door but now shes just missing inside the house. any advice? we tried treats...
  15. TreAntDeu

    Be Our Guest vs Todd English's Bluezoo

    Which one is a better overall experience for dinner right now? We are a group of 4 young adults, 3 of whom did Be Our Guest with its old menu awhile back and none of us have never done Bluezoo. These were the 2 places the member of our party who has never been to either mentioned. Since I have...
  16. mummahustle

    Eating around the world. Budget style?

    Hi Everyone, Less than 1 month 'til a 1 day trip with me and my husband. Doing MK in the morning and then monorail over to Epcot to snack/drink around the world. I have seen lots of different posts on this, but how about one that is budget friendly? We are all about splitting...
  17. BriLovesDisney

    For the First Time in Forever... December 2017 Dining Report

    Seasons Greetings! We, sadly, just got home from our amazing Dec 19-27 trip to WDW. To help cope with my PDD (post Disney depression) I've decided to embark on my first ever dining report! My mom, grandmother, and I stayed at Disney's Pop Century resort and had the Deluxe Dining Plan. We...
  18. J

    Candy From A Stranger? You may want some

    Hi, I will be at the Disneyland Half Marathon next weekend, I'm running the 5K (say hi to me, I'll be Slink in a sea of Incredibles). My daughter and son in law are running the half. For that race I plan to cheer the rest of you on around mile 10. I plan to have food for runners to get you to...
  19. zebrastreyepz

    Looking for a grocery store near Old Town Area

    Hi! I was wondering where the best place in that area would be to pick up groceries for breakfast stuff?
  20. M

    Most Filling Meals at Disneyworld!

    Ok, so I was able to go to Disneyworld once, on my honeymoon about 3 years ago. My brother also went for his honeymoon last year. We're all going together in October. SO. My brother is a bean pole, but has a hollow leg. I swear he eats 3 times more than the average human being. His complaint...


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