1. ramo141

    CLOSED: CCV 156 available for rent or transfer $17 per point

    Hi, I have been a DVC Owner since 2018 and have used my points multiple times and this is my second time renting my points. My 156 points are available right now (62 points from use year December 2019 + 94 points from use year December 2020). My reservation periods are CCV 11 months and 7...
  2. maloned

    Vero Beach this Labor Day Weekend -- Tropical Storm / Hurricane Dorian

    Who else is going this weekend? I called DVC and we might be able cancel by tomorrow with no penalty (no points on hold). I really want to go. The storm is inching north. The center of the storm is projected to hit north of Vero Beach as a Category 2. Let's see what happens in 24 hours. Any...
  3. R

    New To DIS and DVC

    Hello, we are new to DISBOARDS and new members of DVC as of May 2019 at copper creek, and we couldn’t be more excited. We joined on here to absorb as much info and knowledge to better our selves with our newly found love for Disney!
  4. pkrieger2287

    Pete's DVC Resort Review: Copper Creek Villas and Cabins

    This week as part of the DVC 7 in 7, Pete and the team explore Disney's Copper Creek Villas & Cabins. There is an overview and walk through of the resort, as well as reviews for both Territory Lounge and Whispering Canyon. If you are a Copper Creek owner, share with us in the comments below what...
  5. shannie102

    My Purchasing Experience, with pictures!

    Hello Everyone!! I have been looking into buying DVC since 2016, stalking the resale sites and boards, and finally did it. While I was doing a lot of research I did not see anyone post exactly their experience from beginning to end. Lots of little snippets and quick reviews, but I really like...
  6. arissavolk

    Here is what happens when you upgrade a dining plan on Check-In day

    Just want to share our experiences as a cautionary tale to any who dare consider upgrading a dining plan on check-in day, even if the "your room is ready" text hasn't been sent yet. I now understand why they say a dining plan can be added up to 48 hours prior to check-in. My experience over the...
  7. C

    To buy Riviera or not?!

    Hopefully purchasing direct DVC contract in coming months. I keep struggling with which resort. I have my 3 favorite resorts, but keep going back to Riviera. Here's why: 1) It's brand spanking new and will be enjoyable to stay in. 2) Gondola system - duh! 3) Will be easy to rent out points and...
  8. M

    Changes to how Disney takes payment? Woah...

    Hello Disney people! We just got back from WDW and experienced a significant change in how we are able to pay for our trips. We thought we would post our experience and see if anyone else has experienced this, AND... Do you know a better way to do it? Background info... We are DVC members and...
  9. K

    Waitlist/Stalking... Hows my chances?

    I am attempting to get BCV 1 Bedroom for 2 nights the end September. I am literally obsessed, every 5 seconds I refresh the page. I noticed that a lot of hotels aren't opening up for the 2 dates I need. What are your thoughts that I will get it? I am 54 days out. I keep stalking. HOPING FOR A...
  10. J

    Rented points, Family Member visiting for one night

    Hello!! So I’m in a bit of a little pickle and haven’t been able to find the answer So I rented DVC points from davesdvcrentals.com and I’m all set for my studio at OKW! (Myself and my girlfriend) My girlfriend’s sister lives in Tampa and is going to meet us for dinner one night and then...
  11. D

    Why do Annual Passholders seem to have all the fun?

    I just feel like ranting a little bit. Am I the only one who feels like annual pass holders seem to get more perks than DVC members. It might sound petty but it kind of annoys me. The latest thing that annoys me is that annual pass holders are getting first dibs to see Galaxy’s Edge with AP...
  12. O

    Newbie from Abroad

    Looking to purchase 1st DVC prob staying in studio or 1 bed but like to have options for expanding grandkids. We plan to vacation every 2 years for 2 weeks during July availability at 11 months to 8 months seems not to bad for BLT ( where we would like to stay with TP views) But we are...
  13. David LaMarco

    New to DIS Boards & DVC

    A new member of the Boards and a new member of the DVC family. Just wanted to say hello. Purchased points at Copper Creek this past December and will be headed back down at the end of July....Yes, I know it is going to be hot! Looking forward to my first DVC stay. Any tips or tricks for a brand...
  14. D

    Will I even be taken seriously?

    Okay, so! I have been casually thinking about purchasing DVC for awhile now, and during an upcoming solo trip, I am thinking about finally doing the DVC tour and making my first step into serious consideration (and possibly purchasing). My "problem" will very like seem rather silly, but it has...
  15. bvolek86

    Waitlist Strategies

    Hi everyone, My wife and I just decided last night that we were going to try to take a little 2 night trip in November to check out the first stage opening of Galaxy's Edge and to see Food and Wine for the first time. We are looking at a check in of November 3 and check out of November 5. We...
  16. Katie2

    Buying Resale Contracts with Different Use Years

    So we have an offer out on an August use year contract, and found another small contract with a June use year. I have heard several times that I should stick to the same use year, but what is the reasoning behind this? Is it simply to make the math easier, or are there other unknown perils that...
  17. G

    DVC "policy" is costing me points!

    I have been a member since 1994, I love Disney and we go every year. Our home resort is OKW, but we added on a contract at SSR directly through Disney because we wanted more points and they had no OKW points at the time. DVC has always been flexible about our multiple contracts- in terms of...
  18. L

    DVC Travel Insurance from Disney

    Has anyone ever purchased the DVC travel insurance form Disney offered on the DVC site and is it any good?
  19. E

    Dvc expiration year

    Hello All, I’m fairly new to the research aspect of buying resale, learning so much on the forum! Can anyone clarify- when purchasing a resale contract is there a set expiration date on all contracts per each resort, or do they vary? I saw a poster mention that an OKW contract had a 2057 exp...
  20. WebmasterJackie

    Disney Vacation Club Member Only Cruises | DVC Show | 04/01/19

    In this episode, the panel discusses Disney Vacation Club Members Only Cruises and whether or not the value may be worth the premium cost.


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