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  1. Smallywood1

    DVC Rentals

    Hey everyone! Ive been working on booking our honeymoon trip, and I keep getting tempted to use one of the DVC rental web pages. A few of them are showing a cheaper cost for staying with the rental than any of the value resorts on the main page. Has anyone used any of the rental websites? Were...
  2. ramo141

    CLOSED: CCV 156 available for rent or transfer $17 per point

    Hi, I have been a DVC Owner since 2018 and have used my points multiple times and this is my second time renting my points. My 156 points are available right now (62 points from use year December 2019 + 94 points from use year December 2020). My reservation periods are CCV 11 months and 7...
  3. K

    First time DVC renter- questions!!!

    Hi all, We're new to renting DVC points, but we just had a reservation confirmed through DVC store for Beach Club Villas. Before we confirm (by Wednesday PM!) I wanted to run a few things by you experts to make sure everything works out. We're traveling with our 2 year old, so the whole...
  4. DVC Doctor

    CLOSED - 400 SSR & 330 OKW DVC Points for Rent @ $16pp

    I am a very experienced DVC member and renter (more than 20 years) and can book Old Key West and Saratoga Springs Resort for any available dates for the next 11 months (up to July 2020). I can book any available DVC resort between now and the next 7 months (up to March 2020). If you are...
  5. Simba1 come in

    Planning 2 trips in 2020, Advice?

    I am planning 2 trips for my family in 2020, one in May and one in November. We are regular Disney travelers, but for the May trip we are renting DVC points for the first time (might also do this in November but haven’t decided yet). We usually buy a package through Disney to get a room discount...
  6. JHank44

    BLT, VGF, PVB and SSR Points for Rent $15.5pp Dec UY

    I have 100 BLT, 100 VGF, and 75 PVB points for rent at $16.5/point and 170 SSR points for rent at $15.5/point. All Dec 2018 UY (Dec 1, 2018-Nov 30, 2019). I am able to borrow small amount of BLT, VGF and SSR to make a slightly larger reservation. I am an experienced renter and use a contract...


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