1. M


    Hello, i am in search of the sword in the stone globe limited edition of 600. If someone has it or knows where can i find it please let me know. Thanks.
  2. T

    Questions in regards to the DCP

    I already posted this on Reddit but I figured I'd post it on here as well to get as many opinions as possible Hello, So I mostly made this account just so I could ask questions about the DCP. I am currently a sophomore in college and next year for my junior year, it is required that I do an...
  3. V

    Postcard southwest getaway scam

    Be aware of this classic scam marketing ploy targeting Senior Citizens This company has nothing to do with Southwest Airlines, they just use a similar name on the postcard to get your attention so you call in and attend a travel show. Presentations are held in various hotels around the country...
  4. itbesjaime

    30 Days of Disney

    Freeform is holding a contest in which you have to watch the featured Disney movie every night in September to get a code word. Entering the code word on their website will allow you one entry towards an Aulani vacation! But obviously, it'd be pretty challenging to watch every night to get the...
  5. B

    Character Audition Callbacks

    Hi All! Just out of curiosity, if you’ve been to a character performer audition, how long until you received a call back? I attended and they said we are all in their hiring pool (whoever made the cut), and I was curious if anyone heard from them and how long it took. Thanks :)
  6. T

    New D23 Expo Superthread! (6/24/2019)

    After a snafu with the old Superthread (repairs under investigation), here is a new, shiny Superthread. Post away, DISers!
  7. G

    HELP! I'm not creative and may have procrastinated....

    HI! We're celebrating 3, THREE BIG birthdays on the Disney Dream THIS Monday August 19-23rd. I just found this page and am so thankful and hopeful I can use it this trip, but know it will rock in the future! On my research, I saw someone who had posted an awesome DCL logo word cloud and I'm...
  8. M

    Double stroller and umbrella stroller? Or just double?

    Okay so I’m stuck! I have a double stroller and an umbrella stroller. We’re going to Disney with a 4 year old and 3 month old in December. I’m planning to wear baby as well as put in stroller but days when we wear baby should we use the umbrella stroller or just bring the double?
  9. RachelleBeaney

    Disneyland Dining - Online Bookings

    Hi wise and all-knowing DIS Disneyland experts ! :tongue: I'm hoping some of you can help answer a question I have about Disneyland Online Dining bookings. We will be heading to Disney in early October, and I was under the impression you could start booking dining 60 days in advance. However...
  10. L

    Disney's ESPN Spring Training HELP!

    The high school I coach at has participated in the ESPN Spring Training Program for several years, but we took a break from participating the last four years. We were finally getting excited to start planning to go back for the training program and our team was all on board for the fundraising...
  11. L

    Disney Store 90th Anniversary Mickey Collector's Key

    Hi Everyone! New to this site and need some help. I have a Mickey 90th collectors key currently for sale online because I am not collecting these. My question is, how much could it sell for even if I have a tear in the middle of the tag? If my math is correct, there are 387 Disney Stores and...
  12. cuteandfluffy626

    I'm super excited to share my Disney Wall in our first home!

    Some advice to share in regards to hanging the headbands and ear hats. Nails are your best friend for the headband but 3 thumbtacks did the trick on the ear hats!
  13. Z

    Brothers Trip | Maxing out Disney before Star Wars. PTR (in depth) Aug 17-26 2019

    ~ The last “slow summer” Maxing out Disney before Star Wars. Aug/17-26/2019 (In Depth pre-trip plans and thoughts) Basic Universal plans at end if interested. Resort: Yacht Club (Club Level - Water View) Fast pass: 42 Booked (6 days CL fast passes) Dinning: DDP Booked (16 table service w/...
  14. ShootinForMyOwnHand

    Disney Fan Community Jackbox Game Night

    Disney fans of all ages invited! If you’ve never played Jackbox games, here’s your chance to try it! Every Monday night 6-8 PM Central time, I will be hosting a Disney community game night on my Twitch (Poohbaer77 ). Jackbox is a party game setup- family friendly- where anyone can play remotely...
  15. F

    Yes, I'm talking about THAT magnet

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this. I've actually never been on any discussion board website in my life (I'm only 19 years old). Basically, I'm here to ask a favor. To those of you who choose to continue reading, I thank you in advanced for your time. Basically, my grandparents...
  16. Weese's Pieces

    Wouldn't it be awesome if they had a Finding Nemo Ride?! Trip Report! UPDATED 6/10 PART 5!

    Well hey there! I'm actually pretty new here, but thought I would jump on board and show my most recent trip to all of you wonderful people! It was great, it was real, it was fun, but it wasn't real fun. Yeah okay, that's a lie! Our trip was amazing and we made so many wonderful memories along...
  17. Weese's Pieces


  18. Bradster1067

    Convert Quick Service Credit to three Snack Credits at Front Desk?

    Hi, So I know you can convert a quick service credit to three snack credits at a food location as long as your getting the three snacks right there and then. I was reading this post off the Disney Parks mom panel, and I saw this...
  19. Biceratops

    Play Disney Achievement Guide (WDW)

  20. R

    My Introduction

    Sorry if I don't have a profile pic(as of this writing), but I'm here to say Hi. I'm a really big Disney fan, and I'm going on my next Disney adventure in about a few weeks from now (September 25th-October 1st at Walt Disney World)


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