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  1. AnnMichele

    Disney+ won't play on 2016 Samsung TV - Had to pay extra $ to continue watching

    I am pretty disappointed with Disney+. I had no issues watching Disney+ on my Samsung smart TV until a few weeks ago. All of a sudden, I started getting this 1016 - APP_CONFIG_ERROR message upon startup, and the app would not open. I googled the heck out of this and it seemed that I was not the...
  2. Bushando64

    Star Wars watch order?

    Howdy folks, as someone who isn't a huge Star Wars fan--I've only seen the original trilogy about a decade ago and don't remember much about them--what would you personally recommend as far as watching the titles available on Disney+? Chronologically, as they were originally released...
  3. Carol_

    Disney+ hacked user info??

    https://www.zdnet.com/article/thousands-of-hacked-disney-accounts-are-already-for-sale-on-hacking-forums/ I'm contemplating canceling my credit card...


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