1. E

    Question about queue for RotR

    Hello everyone. Quick question. I understand you have to be in DHS in order to join the boarding group for RotR. Do you have to stay in the park in order to keep your spot in the queue? My mom and I were going to go to DHS at open and join the boarding group and then maybe head over to DAK if we...
  2. newtandkaren

    DHS FP strategies for Jan 2020

    Hi! Spending ONE day at DHS on Tuesday, Jan. 21 and need advice on how to book my fast passes. I am only in the park from rope drop until early evening because I am hoping to head to Moonlight Magic at AK that same evening. Anyway, my goal is to be able to ride both Smuggler's Run and Rise of...
  3. M

    Where should we eat on our DHS day?

    I'm looking for suggestions for a table service meal on our DHS day - preferably for an early dinner so we can catch Fantasmic after. It doesn't have to be at DHS but could also be near the resorts our families are staying at - Pop and Carribbean Beach. We are a party of 10 w/ two toddlers, a...
  4. FunkyDuckToo

    Enough time at DHS Sci-Fi??

    I have a 6:10pm reservation for 7 people at Sci-Fi. Is that too late a ressie to eat and line up for Fantasmic?? Or should I go with an earlier time of 3:50pm? That seems so early for dinner but I guess if you are in the park from rope drop...dinner at 3:50pm might be just right...thoughts...
  5. TheyCallMeStacey

    No more Star Wars food at DHS?

    My son and I like to watch a particular food blog on YouTube and they recently mentioned all the Star Wars themed food was removed from the menus at DHS (I think specifically Backlot Express). My son was totally bummed because he was planning on some vader waffles. They said it was removed to...
  6. WebmasterJackie

    Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast | Toy Story Land | 07/09/18

    In this week's episode of the podcast, the panel discusses their first experiences in Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios! Enjoy the show!
  7. It's Lightning McQueen

    It's Lightning McQueen

    We were excited to see this!
  8. Star Wars Weekend

    Star Wars Weekend

  9. DHS Backlot Tour from 4-2011

    DHS Backlot Tour from 4-2011

    DHS Backlot Tour from 4-2011 - about to get wet.
  10. Queue from TSM

    Queue from TSM

  11. Detail of Buzz from TSM

    Detail of Buzz from TSM

  12. Fantasmic


  13. Fantasmic


  14. Fantasmic


  15. Fantasmic with my buddy Anthony

    Fantasmic with my buddy Anthony

  16. Shirt I liked

    Shirt I liked

  17. Witch spell

    Witch spell

  18. Mickey


  19. Muppets



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