customer service

  1. AnnMichele

    Disney+ won't play on 2016 Samsung TV - Had to pay extra $ to continue watching

    I am pretty disappointed with Disney+. I had no issues watching Disney+ on my Samsung smart TV until a few weeks ago. All of a sudden, I started getting this 1016 - APP_CONFIG_ERROR message upon startup, and the app would not open. I googled the heck out of this and it seemed that I was not the...
  2. C

    Recent quality of the Magic

    Has anyone noticed the quality of service or the cleanliness of the Magic decrease in previous years? I sailed on the Magic about 8 years ago and remember it being an amazing experience. However, a good family friend (platinum level member) said they when they sailed out of Miami last year they...
  3. Chris Hamm

    Responding to bad service

    Pete's video about poor customer service (at the Grand Floridian) is really hitting home with me right now. One of my take aways from his post was that there need to be consequences for bad service. I love Tiki Bars, collect mugs, and love Trader Sam's. The Grog Grotto was sold out of mugs each...
  4. G

    DVC "policy" is costing me points!

    I have been a member since 1994, I love Disney and we go every year. Our home resort is OKW, but we added on a contract at SSR directly through Disney because we wanted more points and they had no OKW points at the time. DVC has always been flexible about our multiple contracts- in terms of...


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