1. U

    Magic 5622 vs 5126

    Hi. We are booking 3 cabins & deciding between 5126, 5128 & 5130 OR 5622, 5624 & 5626. I’ve read lots of reviews that all 3 on the 56 side have the hydraulic pump noise but on the 51 side I’ve only read that for 5126 has anyone had that experience in 5128 & 5130? Also, does anyone know if all 3...
  2. M

    Characters in Very Merrytime Cruise

    Hi. I am going to a 7-night Very Merrytime Cruise from Port Canaveral this holiday season (on Disney Fantasy), and I would like to know what kind of outfit Mickey & Friends will have for the cruise. When I had my another cruise (which was a regular 4-night Bahama cruise on Disney Dream), a...
  3. J

    First time Disney Cruiser!!! Questions galore!!

    We are cruising January 2020 with our boys who are 11, 13 and 14. The 13yr old will turn 14 while on the ship. I have a Lot of questions about the Edge/Vibe stuff and how it works. I read somewhere that cast members will pick up kids at the dining area, but is that just for you get kids? Does...
  4. 4407mark

    Renting a car and cruising

    DW and I will be in the parks for four days in early December and then a four night on the Dream to celebrate her birthday and then one night back at Disney post-cruise. We are flying and I am contemplating renting a car vs using Disney transportation. My wife's argument against is that we would...
  5. Peaseblossom36

    Embarkation to Airport Process

    Hello! I was hoping someone could run me through the process of debarking the ship in Port Canaveral, getting on ME and going through MCO. We’re flying Southwest, so I know we have to take our own luggage from the port to the bus but do I then need to take it from the bus to a Southwest counter...
  6. Sherrilatte

    Jeep Excursions in Nassau reviews needed

    We are contemplating the Funky Jeep Excursion through DCL. I am not finding much info on it except for a few in TripAdvisor. Has anyone experienced this excursion and is it worth the 3 hours?
  7. gilsan

    Westbound Transatlantic Cruise and 6 nights in London 2018 ** Updated July 12 Sea Day

    Hi everyone, I have been meaning to start a trip report for our cruise in September. I always think I will start one as soon as I get back from the cruise, but I think it is a little bit of post-vacation depression that keeps me from starting. With our next cruise still over 7-months away I...
  8. Shrfleen

    A Merrytime Cruise, 4 Park Challenge and MVMCP OH MY! -Disney Dream 12/10-12/14 (Sea & Land Report)

    Hi everyone and welcome to my trip report. My name is Shauna and I will be doing most of the reporting. Joining me on this adventure was my twin sister Sarah (@SarahSnow), she may chime in from time to time. You can check out our pre trip report for this adventure, here. A little background on...
  9. E

    Advice on best cruise

    We are planning our first Dis Cruise with 2 kids 5 & 8. At least 7 nights. Would love your expertise as to which was your favorite (& why) during summer months? Thank you!!
  10. WebmasterJackie

    Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast: First Impressions of Celebrity Cruises | 09/17/18

    In this episode, John and Kevin discuss their first impressions of sailing on a Celebrity cruise!
  11. D

    4 Adults in 1 Stateroom?

    Hi all, First time cruiser here, so forgive me if this question seems obvious. My SO and I are attending a wedding on a Disney cruise this fall (a 3 day cruise on Disney Dream). Two friends of ours, also a couple, want to split one room between the four of us in order to save money. How...
  12. Sam L

    Stateroom Door Decorations

    I just started creating our stateroom door decorations for our first Disney Cruise. Any suggestions that you really like? We might want to try and change it up a bit each day, and I have a stack of magnetic paper to work with!! Here's what we have so's not much but we just started...
  13. A

    SIX MONTHS UNTIL CRUISE let the pound shedding begin!

    So after realizing I only have about six months before I cruise :boat: on the Fantasy I have decided to get really serious about losing the weight. I have a lot to lose. I want to be able to feel better about myself when I have to get on the plane and later into my swimsuit. Last trip I took...
  14. KGmomoftwins

    Eastern Vs Western on Fantasy

    Debating an August 2019 cruise either doing the Western or Eastern 7 night on the Fantasy. We will be traveling as a family of 4 our twins will be turning 7 on the cruise and have never been on one before. My thoughts on the Western cruise is you get less days at sea, which leads me to the con...
  15. KGmomoftwins

    First time cruise help/split stay???

    In looking at what we want to do end of August 2019 I'm looking into doing a Disney Caribbean cruise. However, I have 2 big worries number 1 since we are new to cruising we would be last to reserve dining, meet and greets, and also I think excursions so I'm afraid to spend all that money and not...
  16. T

    Remy dinner for non-dessert lovers

    My husband and I have done Remy before and loved it, but I am not a very big dessert fan no matter how great the dessert is.... My question is can I or has anyone else ever asked for an additional savory course in place of their dessert? Thanks!
  17. Carey_B

    Disney Dream September 28th 2018 3 night Bahamian Halloween on the High Seas Cruise

    Hi, it doesn't look like anyone has started a thread for this one yet so here goes... We've just booked and this is our first Disney cruise (first cruise ever in fact). We're really interested in taking part in the FE for this cruise and as I have limited experience with this I'd be totally...
  18. kittyklawz

    Advice for Cruising with an Infant

    My fiancé and I are thinking of taking a cruise for our honeymoon next year. It will be our first cruise and we will also have a 1 year old with us (currently pregnant, due in August). I would love to get people's advice who have cruised with a baby of similar age. We are thinking of doing...
  19. WebmasterJackie

    Watch and listen as the panel discusses Royal Caribbean Cruise Line tineraries

    In this episode of the Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast, the panel discusses different and unique itineraries that are available when cruising on Royal Caribbean! Enjoy the show! popcorn::
  20. Bridget B

    Disney Fantasy Wedding and Port Orleans Riverside Trip Report!

    Day 1 | Feb. 24, 2017 | Flight from Chicago to Orlando and check-in at All Star Sports A little back story on this day: my first wedding screw-up (of many, just you wait) is that I put the wrong date down on our marriage-license-by-mail application. Instead of February, I put April for some...


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